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  1. Personal choice, something I wouldn't do.
  2. I am aware and would just avoid him/her
  3. Simple solution is never never ever tell Princess you have covid.........
  4. I had my obc posted within 2 hours, I was shocked to say the least
  5. This is not exactly correct, Princess will almost give away last minute cruises to the local market. Cruises ex Southampton are extremely low priced in the UK as a last minute bookings, from the USA very high. I have access to USA and UK prices and there is no set rule on how cruises are priced.
  6. Prayers will definitely heal them, I'd wait 10 years if I was you
  7. I had about 40 bottles of water last cruise via Princess plus, all plastic
  8. Get a grip, its a bottle of soda, I'll send them the $2 if they loose out
  9. Bring them on, no body at security cares
  10. Do you really think the new president of Princess had the idea of removing a $2 bag of bathroom amenities
  11. Always use to book with us travel agents, even though I'm based in the UK. It's not a problem in any way
  12. I booked for years using US travel agencies, unless you have us earned funds, converting the price from $ back to £ all the cruises are more expensive. In fact the US customers should book here in the UK as its a lot cheaper for them.
  13. So reading all of your post, your only complaint is smoke in the casino, and poor Internet
  14. The date of the 6th of September is irrelevant, if you've had a total of 3 vaccines, Princess considers you fully vaccinated
  15. I had $950 of obc on the sky in March, every $ was taken of the ship in cash via the magic method. Why would anyone leave Princess to refund you
  16. The medallion accessories are sold through the photo shop, as far as I know elite discounts never worked in the photo shop.
  17. There is no reason for no chocolates on the turndown service, is Princess being cheap, what's the reason
  18. Ribena used to be very popular until hateful Jamie Oliver stuck his nose in everyone's business and convinced the government to bring out a sugar tax. Ribena removed the sugar, added some chemicals and ruined the taste
  19. That's correct, it's the best WiFi you'll get whilst on that ship. There's no alternative, so it is the best, and the worst.
  20. Security don't care at Southampton, you will be fine, place it in your hand luggage, you will be good to go
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