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  1. Don't get a large - unless you intend to get 2 shots of Jameson - probably not the wisest way to start the day. A single shot gets "lost" in a large latte.
  2. I've never sailed on a Royal class ship but have sailed the Grand class and others a number of times. There is a bar next to the International Cafe. I get a Vanilla Latte and then step "next door" and get a shot of Jameson added to the coffee. It's a nice way to start the day. 😁
  3. I can't see how 'bubble shopping' could work. Try telling the local businesses that, "This store gets the cruse people spending money but your store can't have any". That would be sure to engender some pretty harsh feelings.
  4. It's sad. We were so excited about or visit to Oz in December of 2020. That went by the wayside. We skipped 2021 because, like many, we didn't foresee this stuff going on so long. Now it seems pretty certain that January 2022 is still too soon. (I have thought this was the case for quite some time but my wife tended to get a bit "testy" when I voiced my opinion so I have continued to hope.) Now my wife is starting to agree with me that our January 2022 cruises are "not likely" to sail. In another couple of months, if things don't change, I think she will agree with me that the cruises are almo
  5. Depending on how many times you have been to Ensenada and what your experience there was I could maybe see this. A zillion visits? Stay on the ship. A few visits? Maybe stay on the ship. Our first time there was kind of "OMG!" The market area by the ship was closed. The walk from the port smelled like sewage. Little kids were trying to sell us individual Chicklets. We were uneasy and unhappy and went back to the ship fairly soon. A woman we didn't know almost begged to walk with us back to the ship. The second time there we did a tour to a couple of wineries. Much bette
  6. We are booked for January 2022 - 26 days in Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania. (Replacement for a 33 day that was cancelled this year.) I really don't expect our cruise(s) to happen. Those countries are being very cautious regarding infection. They are "behind" the US in vaccinations but "ahead" in compliance of their citizens. If the government of those countries feels the virus situation is still too "iffy" they simply won't allow folks from the US (or elsewhere in the world most likely) to visit their countries. We were sooooooooo looking forward to our 33 days in that area last November
  7. Wow! Major score here... When my wife brought in the mail there was an "extra" item. The mail person delivered my neighbor's $2,400 "incentive" check to my mailbox. Sweet! Free money!! NOT!!! My wife took it next door and handed it over. I can only wonder how many of these things went awry in the mail.
  8. We mostly don't shop... In Alaska we like to go to the brewpubs. We're scheduled to visit Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania. I don't know that a ship excursion would be something we really are interested in doing. A quick glance at what is available leaves me with major sticker shock and a desire to do things other than what is described.
  9. We are supposed to board January 3, 2022. If things work out we will see you onboard when you get there on the 10th. We are "supposed" to be on Sapphire from January 3 through January 29. I'm not really counting on it happening.
  10. Drinks include almost everything you might want to order. There are a few high end things that aren't covered but "mostly" anything you want. The "price" quoted doesn't include the gratuities but they are included anyway so it doesn't matter. I often drink the Chairman of the Board and the 24k Margarita - both of which are around the top of the Princess pricing range. They are covered. What is Included The package includes all beer, spirits, wine by the glass and cocktails $12.00 USD and under as listed on our menu(s), or $16.00 AUD and under for voyages departing from and r
  11. Can you please define "expensive" in this context?
  12. Too convoluted to explain how the name came about. I originally used it when playing Dark Age of Camelot and then used it for Geocaching when I quit gaming and went outside into the real world. When I made an account here after our first cruise I just transitioned the name again. I will say that it has absolutely nothing to do with King Crimson.
  13. I shouldn't disparage spreadsheets. The first "killer app" that showed personal computers were useful was VisiCalc.
  14. Poop. I already have flights booked for January. I guess I need to redo them so I have an extra day before the return flight from Melbourne. (Assuming, of course, that Australia even lets us go there in the first place.)
  15. I realize that the current trend is to say, "Thank you for your service" and I totally understand (and agree with) that but... Please give your father-in-law a huge hug from all of us who are free today and tell him, "Thank you for saving the world". I know he didn't choose to be where he was when he was but he, and those of his generation, stepped up and are true heroes. He likely won't admit to being a hero but he most definitely is one.
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