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  1. Most people don't even seem to realize the venue exists. It gets used during the day by folks reading or playing quiet games. There's a nice bit of deck with a door from Adagio (and Share as well) leading out there. I wish they would "open" Adagio earlier. They only open the bar in the evening and they don't really schedule many entertainment type things there so many just simply have no idea it even exists. We have been fortunate to catch some jazz from the ship's musicians fairly late in the evening but that's not something one can count on. If you just want a quiet place to relax in the day or a quiet drink in the evening it's a good place. They really ought to advertise it more though as I can agree the money really doesn't flow to that venue.
  2. It's unfortunate that Caribbean Princess doesn't have Adagio like Ruby, Emerald, and Crown. It's such a relaxing place to get away from other folks and have some quiet time and sometimes one can catch some jazz there at night if the ship's musicians get together.
  3. This seems oddly stated as all of those ships have the Riviera Deck added. I've sailed all 4 and had no issues at all with overcrowding.
  4. The Schwartz had nothing to do with Blazing Saddles. The Schwartz was from Spaceballs.
  5. I guess I need to revise my earlier posting. I had forgotten about Sapphire having the wide promenade deck and I absolutely love Vines. Given these lapses in my earlier considerations I might have to go with Sapphire as first choice. I do love the fore and aft viewing decks on Coral (and have a favorite cabin on that ship) The extra wide promenade and Vines really do make a difference.
  6. I just book my own cruises. Then I send the Princess quote to my TA. He sends back an email saying he will discount the cruise by x number of dollars. When final payment rolls around Princess gets the full amount but my credit card gets charged the amount the TA quoted me. Works for us. It's not a huge agency and I don't get a 10% discount like many others say they get but I do get a significant discount that is enough to make me happy.
  7. I'd love the same cruise moved to next year. 33 days Australia/New Zealand. Caribe balcony cabin. Included Internet. Included Gratuities. Included Beverage Package. $1,700+AUD OBC. No way will I get a deal like this again. At this point the only Australia/New Zealand cruises listed for late next year are a couple of 2 - 4 day "getaway" cruises. If they do actually offer these cruises again I would bet they will be a lot more expensive.
  8. I listed a couple of other drinks but do tend to drink a fair amount of Talisker straight up. My poor wife hates the smell of the stuff.
  9. I wasn't planing to buy a pillow. I just wanted to see how outrageous the shipping cost would be.
  10. PVSA (Passenger Vessel Services Act of 1886): Passed into law 1886 Jones Act: Passed into law June 5, 1920
  11. For a G&T I normally ask for Tanqueray but sometimes I do ask for Hendricks. It has it's own blend of botanicals with a special flavor. Try it with a slice of cucumber as opposed to the traditional slice of lime.
  12. I'm pretty doubtful about the cruises we have booked for next May/June. December of this year seems very unlikely.
  13. For me: 24K Gold Margarita - on the rocks and served in a Rocks glass with no salt on the rim Chairman of the Board with a twist (old recipe) For my wife: Lemontini
  14. No way in heck. I looked at what it would cost to by a pillow. ONE pillow shipped to California is crazy. The price of the pillow isn't bad but the shipping quote is shown below. Remember, this is for one feather pillow shipped to a California address. FedEx Home Delivery $25.15 Express Saver $79.84 2 Day $102.82 Priority Overnight $169.64
  15. The most recent webinar said they didn't have a mechanism in place early on to allow that but they have since figured it out and if one contacts them - a TA can use the online chat or one can call - they can now allow even a phase one FCC to be used as deposit.
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