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  1. Edit: D'Oh! Tricked into posting on an ancient thread.
  2. I check our folio every day on my phone. It's best to catch erroneous charges right away. I've had to clear up a number of charges that were incorrect. On one cruise where I had the beverage package the Casino Bar charged me every time I ordered a drink in the Princess Theater. It was quite annoying.
  3. Be aware that, if you are purchasing on a Sunday, there are severely curtailed hours in which alcohol can be purchased.
  4. Wow. That's definitely new and unexpected.
  5. I wanted the new license here in California. I had initially checked on getting an appointment and the soonest I could get was about 2 months away so I just took the chance and went in early one day. Showed up half an hour before the office opened. Waited until the doors opened and was sent right to a window. Quick and easy. A bit mind boggling actually.
  6. 😋😂😁🤣😅 Amen to that.
  7. Thrak


    If it's a California Coastal cruise or one with port stops in California you can do it in a port. Otherwise you are out of luck.
  8. You could give me a table where all the numbers were black. I would bet on black. I would still manage to lose. My gambling prowess is non-existent.
  9. Nope. It was on a cruise ship. He was sitting in the cabin and cutting it out and then he proudly showed how it worked in the machine. His parents seemed to think it was cool. Great parenting -- NOT.
  10. I have my own solution to the issue of these soda machines. I order straight scotch.
  11. I saw a video on youtube where some kid was showing how he cut the chip out and could then use it with any cup. People amaze me.
  12. I think you nailed it. Don't let it bother you. I will get the black card after my next cruise but will have to ask for it as the first cruise after that is only a few days later. I keep the card in my pocket so it's no more "flashy" than when it was blue. Some just like to hassle folks. Enjoy your cruise and, by all means, get the dang medallion changed. There is absolutely no reason not to do so and I can (almost) guarantee you that those who harass you about it would have it fixed as well.
  13. I always use my knuckle on the elevator buttons and I wash my hands when I get to my cabin, before I leave my cabin, and at the sinks outside the buffet. I'm actually fairly germ conscious onboard. At home... Not so much. EDIT: Oh, yes. I was being a total poop and picking on you. Sorry about that. I can't always be nice!
  14. OMG!!! I tipped up my chair the other day to vacuum under it and found a chocolate chip. I scarfed that sucker right down. Whatever have I done??? GAH!!! I will likely DIE!!!!! ---- Or not. People boggle my mind. There are germs everywhere. If you breathe the air - especially on a ship!!!!!! - you will likely suffer a horrible fate. Sigh... Maybe I'm just old but I really can't worry about all the stuff others seem to stress over.
  15. We're sailing from Barcelona to FLL in November. Emerald Princess will have Medallion Net and I'm hoping for decent speeds. We'll still only use our free minutes though.
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