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  1. My apologies. Not only did I not take into account the currency exchange rate but I (idiotically) based my assumptions in regard to Canadian prices based solely on my experiences in Alberta, British Columbia, and Yukon. There is obviously a LOT more to Canada than those provinces. In retrospect it's as foolish as trying to talk about gasoline prices in California as being indicative of gasoline prices throughout the US. Thanks for the correction.
  2. There is a penalty fee if you change your flight within 45 days of departure. Before that you can change. When you are 45 days or less from the flight you booked you will face a penalty for changing. This is in addition to the difference in the cost of the flight.
  3. I have often said that I think Princess recruits their IT staff from those who failed at their career as a Walmart greeter...
  4. STOP! If any of the folks in the group have never cruised with Princess and haven't yet booked a room please use the "refer a friend" option with Princess. For each person you refer who books a cruise both you and they will receive $25 OBC. Not a lot but it does add up and it's crazy to throw it away. My wife referred her former employer to Princess and failed to do the "refer a friend" thing. She lost out on $150 in OBC and so did her employer. D'Oh! (Yes, I mentioned it once. No, I didn't mention it again. I only look that stupid.)
  5. Just like the other industries I mentioned break the law and don't give a damn unless they get caught. I'm not in favor of any of them breaking the law and polluting but I won't be getting all self-righteous about one industry while ignoring the flaws of others. As for a pending "ban" of ships being allowed to port in the US... I'm not at all certain the judge has the legal authority to make a ruling that would have such a catastrophic impact on so many other businesses and so many people's livelihood. Even if the judge did make such an incredibly damaging (to the US economy) decision I'm certain it would be appealed and I highly doubt any "ban" would be enforced while the appeal was in progress. It seems that judges, like some politicians, are prone to make sweeping threats that they will be unable to carry out in the real world. Dang, I was doing so well at leaving this thread alone until now.
  6. Sooooooo... I assume that you will no longer be driving your vehicle or heating your house, etc. due to the fact that the oil industry and the natural gas industry are "raping" the environment. Surely this must cause you at least as much distress as the foibles of the cruise industry. I, for one, salute you as you walk everywhere and pile on extra sweaters to stay warm in your house next winter. Oh! Wait!! The textile industry is also polluting the atmosphere, etc. Don't wear those extra sweaters! ACK! How can you stand to live in your house after the way the lumber industry, etc. have tormented the planet. Perhaps you should live naked under an overpass. D'Oh! The overpass was built by the highway commission using materials torn from the earth and processed in a grossly polluting plant. OMG!!! Sheesh...
  7. Wow. Looked for your roll call and found one with only one post.
  8. Note: CP is Sea Princess. CB is Caribbean Princess. Not a big deal but...
  9. We're pleased to hear they are adding Planks and Steamers aft of the World Fresh Marketplace like they have done on CB. We found the breakfast offerings much better in those venues. We were able to get eggs and omelets made to order back there. Since most people didn't seem to know they could continue on back to those venues for breakfast there was always seating. We enjoyed trying the different lunch offerings back there as well. We didn't try Planks of Steamers on CB but will do so when we sail Emerald in November. I will order from Planks and my wife will order from Steamers. Since they just run together it will be easy to do and we will each get what we like. We also enjoyed the updated offerings at Salty Dog Grill. We didn't try the updated offerings at Slice.
  10. Interesting. Neither of us recall seeing Fish and Chips in the buffet but will definitely be on the lookout for it in May on our next cruise.
  11. We both boarded in Alaska feeling fine. By the second day of the southbound cruise a large portion of the passengers were suffering from a terrible cold that someone brought aboard. It was really nasty. We were docked in Ketchikan on July 4th and my wife was pretty sick. We were able to see the 4th of July parade go by out of the window of the cabin. Unlike many ocean view cabins the bed was nowhere near the window.
  12. If the coolest you can get is "very hot" then something is not right. You need to be able to get it down to "lukewarm" which, as others have said, is generally the coldest one can get. We never get cold (or even cool) water at the bathroom sink either except for sometimes if it's the first water run in the morning. Even then it doesn't last long. I wouldn't settle for really hot water in the shower as the coolest setting.
  13. You should be entitled to a "welcome aboard" glass of wine. We sailed in a window mini and it was great. The forward observation deck doesn't have furniture but it's just a few steps away from your door. It's the same size as a regular mini suite but the balcony area is included in the inside footage so there's plenty of room. We enjoyed the cabin. Have a great cruise.
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