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  1. Have you ever had a neighboring cabin leave the outside balcony light on all the time? Does it annoy you? We have sailed in balcony cabins where the people next door just left the outside balcony light on for the entire cruise. I don't even know if they were aware that it could be turned off as the switches are usually pretty much hidden behind the curtain. Am I the only one annoyed by this? I would love it if the stewards were required to make sure this light was turned off when they make up the cabin in the morning. It might well alleviate the problem as cabin occupants would have to find the switch in order to turn the light on and then at least one would know they were aware there actually is a switch and the light isn't just always on "automagically". I seriously think some folks don't know the thing can be turned off. It's pretty annoying to try to enjoy your balcony late at night when it's all lit up from the light on the neighboring balcony. I did once ask my steward if he would please turn off the balcony light next door as it had been on for days. He turned it off and it was never on again for the rest of the cruise which tells me the folks next door had probably just been "putting up with" having a light on all the time out on their balcony. Maybe I'm just being crabby but this seems to happen a lot. Sometimes one can look out along the side of the ship and see numerous balcony lights on in the middle of the night.