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  1. Ahh... I'm not too sure he is able to "make" you do anything. 😁
  2. In the US "old west" many things were changed. La Riata became lariat. The Purgatoire river became the Picketwire. Here in the US we can pretty much mangle anything. Heck, even things that didn't come from other languages. For instance the ads for "Lite" beers or for "XMas" decorations.
  3. Actually it was in November of 2018. The Platinum Studio was right next door but the golf area was still there. You are correct that it was all the way up on Star Deck (deck 19). Hopefully they have plans to do something with the area because it really was in in terrible shape. There were a couple of old putters lying on the floor like they had been abandoned there.
  4. Wow! Quite cool. It sounds like a great way to do things. Heh, I was just telling my wife about this and we were remembering how much money that used to be to us. For much of our marriage we were poor. For the late middle part we were okay financially. Oddly enough, now that we are retired, we can mostly do whatever we might want to do. Very odd... Heck, compared to flying both ways having the vehicle shipped and taking a nice drive back seems to be a great way to go!
  5. Actually, I thought Anke was a pretty name... Hey! You gave me a url for a site when I saw you last. I don't know if you remember or not but I have used that site a lot so many thanks. If you don't know what I'm talking about send me email but it's a freaking great site that, like I said, I use quite frequently. Many thanks! As for your granddaughter... I love all three of my granddaughters (actually all 5 of our grand children as well as our only great grandchild) dearly but, when it comes to talent, yours is beyond the ability of my entire family - probably going back hundreds of years - all put together. The word "prodigy" comes to mind... I know you both are proud but it's hard to imagine exactly how proud you must be. Obviously, I can't go into why you are proud but... OMG! You must have passed down some freaking amazing genes! (Of course I assume they came from your lovely wife...) 😁 I'm glad there won't be a new Renmar and that the "old" Renmar won't be going away. I sincerely hope our cruise next September happens. It's a drag you aren't getting to head waaaaaaaaay down south this winter but we're glad you are both keeping safe.
  6. Oddly enough, it's no longer called a "water hazard". Just as the "tenders" are now "water shuttles", the "water hazard" in golf is now a "penalty area". Whatever... 🙄 We stumbled on the golf area on Ruby. It was an indoor area with no natural light. The floor was fake grass carpeting that was coming up in the corners and had some places in the middle that appeared to no longer be firmly anchored to the floor. It looked to be a pretty poorly maintained area. Pretty sad overall.
  7. If you change your name then hopefully CC will "lock" the original name so we don't end up with a new Renmar. I once sold a gaming account where I had a very good reputation. The guy who bought the account turned out to be a total ahole and got the account banned after a fairly short time. So much for a "good name"
  8. Two Kentucky jokes. I got the second one from one of my wife's nieces who lives in Kentucky. 1: In a poll of Kentucky citizens 38% pronounced the name of the capital city as "Louie Ville". The other 62% said it was pronounced "Lovelle". Unfortunately, the name of the capital of Kentucky is pronounced "Frankfort". 2: What's the difference between a violin and a fiddle? A violin has "strings". A fiddle' got '"strangs". My sincere apologies to anybody from Kentucky. I live in California. Imagine the number of jokes about that...
  9. Makes one wonder why in heck they seem to be dragging their instead of just getting on with it and correcting the issues. Seems like the "grown up" thing to do.
  10. Northern California. My mom called everything "Coke". Perhaps it came from my grandparents. They were both from Pawhuska, Oklahoma. When I was older I always called it "Soda" which is what we call it today. We didn't call it "Co-Cola" and we didn't put peanuts in our Coke. I had never even heard of that until I was around 30 when an old guy who ran a food warehouse at the school district used to put peanuts in his Coke. (He "appropriated" the peanuts from giant cans the school district got from the government.)
  11. Well, it's the next day and I can feel the shot if I press on the spot but otherwise I wouldn't know it's there. The only reason I know I can feel it when I press the spot is because I just now tried. I've never really had any kind of issue with flu shots.
  12. Used the Patient Portal to send a note to my doctor asking if the Senior Flu Shots had come in yet. Got a reply that they are now available and to come in today if I like. We immediately hopped in the car and went to the office. We both got our shots (no waiting) so, hopefully, we are good to go for the year - at least for the flu. I almost didn't even feel the injection so I was surprised when I saw the length of the needle and how far it went into my wife's arm. She didn't really feel it either.
  13. Seems to me the best course of action would just be to conform to the terms of probation and conform to the law. It seems like the only way to clear things up.
  14. I'm sure there were still nickel phones but I didn't make calls in those days. Information is all over the map as far as when the cost changed. I see one place that says the "official" change was in 1952 but there were still some that worked with a nickel. Other sources say it started to change in 1949 but, again, there were still phones that worked with a nickel. At least one source cites instances of nickel phone calls as late as 1962. I was born in 1953 I wasn't making phone calls during the 50's.
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