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  1. Wow, are on the Princess board, what do you know, please share
  2. Does this mean I should remove my tips whist docked in Civitavecchia
  3. As long as its not skiddies
  4. Elevator roulette is the highlight of any cruise
  5. On the transatlantic in March the Internet was non exist ant, you couldnt even send a email.
  6. You don't have to make reservations on the app, you can just show up, or you can speak to the restaurant manager and book a time
  7. The patter is now a single sheet of paper, so little details are missing, there are however screens at every elevator at every deck with the journey view technology
  8. What's it with emailing the ceo for every complaint these days, you know its not there real email address you get
  9. Looking at a cruise that has $100 pp excursion credit, does this just end up like regular obc that can be used on anything, as in casino hack etc. Thanks
  10. Never book a one way international flight, always book a return, and dump the return side. Saying that for one way tickets ezair is always cheaper
  11. Check it hasn't assigned a different captain circle number to the second cruise
  12. The 14 day transatlantic is counted as 1 cruise.
  13. What was wrong with the boarding process, how can they still be getting this wrong
  14. I know. I was just making a point in my earlier post.
  15. I think in the world of Princess, Covid no longer exists, and a passengers it encourages you not to report it
  16. If I put your cruise critic name in Google, it brings up lots of information, your name, your daughters name, where you live, where your daughter goes to University, your dog. Please don't criticise Princess, it took me 60 seconds to get this information and I'm no Internet stalker
  17. Absolutely agree, but if you post this idea on cruise critic, you get called a murderer by some.
  18. I would be very surprised with your view point if you ever cruise again. This will most probably be your last. Covid is here for good.
  19. Very strange, we where at the most travelled passenger lunch moments after the announcements, all officers had removed there's masks.
  20. Tracey I would not worry about, as soon as you use the Internet your 'privacy' has gone
  21. The kids clubs on the Royal class ships are far better than the older fleet. They even have there own exclusive outside deck space, its like a mini sanctuary
  22. If you have a choice, I would always avoid a ship on its first sailing after drydock. Lots of stories of ships returning to service not quite finished. Happened to us a few years ago on the Crown
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