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  1. On the newer ships the ac turns off when you open the balcony door so it makes no difference
  2. We used to quite enjot the pub lunch on a random sea day, has anyone heard anything about if it will ever return
  3. She should be thrown overboard St night like they do with all the other garbage
  4. That's better, I was worried then
  5. It's always good to see things returning to a bit more normal after Covid Since our last Cruise in March, to now, things I've noticed that are better :Crew working outside no longer need to wear masks : Passengers are now longer to participate normally with cruise staff and entertainers on stage :Evening cabin turndow is no longer by request :Bread baskets is back on the tables in dining rooms Hopefully the next thing with time the crew can be mask free,
  6. I'd do the test pre cruise, but I wouldnt tell Princess if I caught Covid onboard
  7. I thought they carried you in a chair, and threw rose pettals in advance
  8. Just read an update on Princess.com that you can now self test without video supervised option, obviously reduces costs of the test
  9. Why would something you don't use be an improvement to you. Traditional dinind was always full, and wait listed so obviously passengers want it
  10. What possessed you to tell Princess
  11. Are they still messing around with testing, no other industry is bothered
  12. In other words, greed and profit. The demise of cruising continues
  13. Great information on the tour, a history lesson in itself. All new stuff for me.
  14. What possessed Princess to get rid of traditional dining.
  15. Don't think he will be onboard if he's not vaxxed, how old is he.
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