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  1. No, you can not make a regular cell phone call using only WiFi. You can use WhatsApp or any other data based message app,vonage etc. You will need a reasonably good data speed though
  2. I'm sailing on the Discovery next month, my friend is currently onboard, I've given her 3 books and a princess tote bag to claim my deck chair. That's OK isn't it, its only 3 weeks off
  3. I'm just being honest, I would wear a N95 mask, I would not normally wear a mask. I would be considerate to wear I sat Etc, I would not use the dining room. But otherwise I would carry on
  4. I just move the stuff myself, if some one turns up I act dumb, I'm an expert at acting dumb
  5. Princess mentions government restrictions like Australia, they forget to mention you cannot travel to the usa unless your vaccinated
  6. If you are a couple and spend most of the cruise together you don't need 2 plans, you just need to hot-spot of the other person's phone
  7. Princess prizes, $20 a day automatically added to your room account
  8. If you touch the screen you are automatically enrolled, $40 instantly charged to your account
  9. It's currently on 3 ships in its original form, Royal, Regal and Magestic. It was changed for newr ships, its a terrible space, uncomfortable seating, red harsh decor. What happens in there is the same idea as Explorers and newer Live venues. They now and then attempt to film it like a TV show, this is embarrassing for the cruise staff and completely pointless. Princess should refit these areas going forward to the acceptable Prince Live 2.0 Why you would change from the perfect venue that was Explorers
  10. How can it be easier than giving a bag to your room steward, and have it returned all done, and hung up for you
  11. We take a plug in night light, I had to adapt it slightly at home so it would fit the shave plug
  12. That's completely unfair, you must have a skewed memory
  13. Loyalty benefit wasn't tied to be elite it was 21+ cruises
  14. Incorrect, all tips are pooled across the entire fleet, this makes sense as when a ship is based in the UK the rate of tipping will be less than in the USA. This information is available on about pooling tips is on Princess.com
  15. Why bother, just take it to check in. Takes about 30 seconds
  16. That's the most useful post on cc all week. Thanks
  17. Just thought the exact same thing
  18. With all the talk of Princess plus, CA you still buy the soda package on embarkation day
  19. Have you checked the captain circle number is yours, not a new one just for this booking.
  20. And if you booster is over 270 days
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