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  1. At least 14 days past completion of a primary vaccine series and no more than 270 days (9 months) from the date of disembarkation since receiving the last dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine. A booster dose is required for guests 18 and older if the last COVID-19 vaccine dose in series is older than 9 months (270 days) from the date of disembarkation. what does this mean, if my 1st booster (3rd jab) is over 9 months ago, is it a problem
  2. Ignore the arrival time, turn up when you want, no one tales any notice.
  3. Too much hearsay on here, and over thinking. Anyone who thinks Princess introduced the medallion app to annoy old people is clearly deluded.
  4. I think this is all speculation, nothing official has been announced
  5. Very odd location, not see that on a cruise ship before
  6. Is the horizon Court really on Deck 9
  7. It makes zero difference, no one checks and no one turns uo when it says
  8. Why would they be bothered how long between orders, once your 15 drinks are gone, they are gone
  9. If it's any help, there is a duty free shop after security at Barcelona
  10. It's possible to move status to another country, but not the credits. We tried to move ffc to USA, no joy
  11. WHO has said Covid is on its way out, 9 months is a life time away with regards to Covid
  12. It's popcorn time again, will anyone actually be happy
  13. Just let the adults get the child the drink. Simple
  14. What does all this really achieve, its endemic, you are nor stopping anything, Greece and Canada need to move on.
  15. What's the situation with a cruise starting in Italy but visiting Greece re Covid testing
  16. How would that work when you don't beed to wear masks
  17. Oh brilliant, it was so nice last cruise our room steward came in to talk to us, shook our hands etc. All small steps
  18. Thanks for the update, every time I read a quarantine report, the more I have decided I won't tell Princess if I test positive
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