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  1. We book two cabins. 1 adult in each room one child in each room. She drinks I don't. We also both have shareholder credit and get it for each room.
  2. They are the correct size. Print, cut and slide in medallion holder. Also, I would be happy to create one for you. Simply post a link to an image and I will upload the finished file for you and others to use.
  3. Can not speak for others. but I felt safe to cruise in April 2020. Once I learned how insignificant Covid-19 is. Lets Cruise!
  4. Best one. Boulevardier Only available in the PES lounge.
  5. I love the Grand and will sail on her as many times as I can. Hate to see her move on.
  6. Like I said a few days ago. I'm in at $23.50. Until then I watch it continue to drop over the next 19 days.
  7. A pocket knife is an essential componant to many peoples EDC. Cruising should not change this. If you have carried a daily knife for years you will like me have a drawer or a basket full of low to mid range pocket knives. My cruise ship practice is to bring on as many of these knives as I have ports I have. Initially getting them on the ship is not the issue. Just place them in your checked luggage (100% success rate so far). When coming back on board from port, I just leave it in my pocket. 80% of the time it makes it aboard without issue. The other 20%of the time it gets confisc
  8. Finally found the Phantom Bridge. Sold out for this voyage. Will try again next week. For those wondering about the stairs between deck 3 and 4 for tendering, I saw in use today a wheelchair lift at the forward elevators that would take a chair from deck 4 to deck 3. I know many travel with scooters and chairs so this photo may help some.
  9. Merry Christmas to all my fellow pax today on the Sky Princess.
  10. Durring 'twaz the night before Christmas, Capitan Tuvo announced that Jan Swartz called to ask him to share with us that the Madrina of the Discovery Princess. It is our hotel manager but I failed to remember or note the name. I am sure someone will be along to correct or confirm.
  11. Checking in as well. Here for 14 days 12/21-1/04. MDR remains slow. Growing pains I assume as any other Princess trip we have been on had been very efficient. Ate at the CG last night and since we didnt have any Pub lunch on the first sea day I asked and was told no Pub lunch the trip. Said "we are really busy this trip". So whatever that means. CG dinner was great. Second formal moved to the Christmas day vs the second sea day. Looking forward to that night as it is the only formal of 4 formals we are attending in the MDR. Missed Rock Opera the first night and the comedian last night. Tonight
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