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  1. Everglades Holiday Park is a good tour - saw the lead person in the Gator Boys TV show handling alligators there. But you won't get to the airport until around 1 PM, so plan flight accordingly. Great for 4 PM flight. Taxi to FLL is much cheaper, but tour isn't all that more expensive than the Princess transfer. When we went they had at least four buses full (some going to FLL, some to MIA). Airboat is very large and not much view but park facilities were nice. Good food. Tipping jars everywhere.
  2. We first started sailing on Princess and still do, but they don't go to Aruba much anymore. Just some Winter longer sailings. And much less to do for kids on Princess ships.
  3. Prices vary all over the place even from day to day. So keep looking. Embassy and one of the Hyatts are adjacent to the Harbor Shops mall on 17th. Total Wine, Publix grocery and a bunch of restaurants there. We prefer Embassy but Hyatt, and both the Hilton and Marriott next to the bridge are also good. We usually get best price (although only first two include breakfast). Check hhonors web site for Hilton hotels and keep checking back - very easy to modify a reservation and we have saved over $100 on trips doing that. Note that ship features vary - iFly only on Anthem-class s
  4. Not exactly. At the moment they ban all cruises no matter what the length and that isn't likely to change even in November. But the actual rule is the cruise lines can't sell a cruise longer than 7 days - doesn't ban b2b. Other cruise lines ARE selling B2B, just not Celebrity on the new cruises (which are outside of CDC fiefdom).
  5. At the moment Royal could offer 10x points and it wouldn't cost them a dime. And they could even offer it to friends and family that are not sailing.
  6. And flights back to US - still have to get covid test or airline will deny boarding.
  7. Every airline that I have bookings with has been extending their "free changes" rules. But generally you can't just get a refund. If you cancel a flight you get a future flight credit. Given the cheap flights that are booking these days, I have had several cases where I rebooked a coach seat as first class on another flight and still have leftover credit.
  8. Correct - you don't need tests before flying out of the US unless the destination requires it. But they haven't changed the rules for flying back into the US - you still have to get tested before flying into the US even if vaccinated. So their "guidance" is intentionally misleading. They tout the self-quarantine comment but didn't change the January rule at all.
  9. While we prefer Ft Lauderdale, you are not in the port long enough to make a difference. All three ships are great. We actually prefer Oasis class to Quantum but that is personal choice. You don't need the inside activities in the Caribbean. In general, longer cruise is better. And the ABC islands are our favorites of all the Caribbean ports. Our second preference would probably be the eastern ports, mostly because we have been to western more than eastern.
  10. We had one of the new cabins up on Sky deck. Internet was great on one side of the bed and signal dropped constantly on the other. But there are a ton of nooks and crannies around the ship where you could sit by yourself, especially near the atriums, that have excellent connectivity. Find one of these before your meeting and set up there. Many of the inside public areas are not in use during the day although some of the bars might be used for private get-togethers.
  11. We did this cruise a few years back and it was one of the best we have ever been on. Booked room through Princess (expensive way to go) - Blu just north of Tivoli. Tiniest room we have ever been in (you have to turn your feet sideways to get around the bed) and kind of like staying in an Ikea. Location good - travel agency next door where you can buy the Copenhagen Pass (includes Tivoli admission, buses, trains, canal boat and admission to most museums). Lots of fun traveling around the city for a few days before the cruise. Princess tour in St Petersburg was great - good lunches, great t
  12. The pirate ship kids play area is OUTSIDE of the waterpark and free. OP, if you have problems with booking conflicts use a different member of the group. As someone suggested you could use your daughter's name to book a beach bed and yours for a cabana in the water park. Although I wouldn't book both locations for the same day. But as others have said, just grab a few loungers with umbrellas for free. While a cabana inside the water park makes sense if you are spending all your time in the water park it doesn't if you are going to spend much time outside. In the past lines on
  13. OP question has been answered but we have also seen the link at the top of the Cruise Planner for any cancelled cruise.
  14. Correct. If you are going to sail a round trip route from the US mainland (typically Seattle), one direction is inside passage and one direction is outside. This is due to the long trip between Skagway and Seattle plus the need to stop in a foreign port (Victoria). The one-way Alaska/Vancouver cruises use the inside passage both ways because they don't need to make a speed run, and because they either depart or arrive at a foreign port and don't need to stop in Victoria. Generally all cruises hit Glacier Bay, Skagway, Juneau and Ketchikan. Southbound one-way trips c
  15. LeeW


    Air travel requires a passport. To cruise to Aruba you need either a longer cruise from the mainland US or a cruise that leaves from San Juan, PR. No passport needed to get there since this is a US territory. We prefer cruising out of San Juan because you can do more ports in southern and eastern Caribbean from there.
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