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  1. Nope - there is a bar by the adult pool but it isn't in the Sanctuary. That Retreat area is now surrounded by cabins and we had one on the first real cruise out of Port Everglades. That area is very hot because it is now recessed into the deck. No beds around the pool either - just a row of chairs up against the cabin window walls. The folks running the Sanctuary didn't like the new arrangement because it has little shade, more cabanas that folks don't reserve, and only around 24 loungers. In theory you can order drinks from your phone but this only worked when near the pool. Did not recognize location when you were on deck above the pool. Aft pool is a bit weird. Just a small pool set in the deck of the area outside the buffet. No loungers when we were there since this was more of an eating area than a pool area. Could change when cruising resumes. Actually one of the best things on this ship were new fluffy dark blue towels and lots of little cubbys where these were stored.
  2. The Princess Medallion will track you down to a specific deck chair location (so you can order from the app). But in most of the ship it is hit or miss. Even on Sky Princess, which was designed for Medallion. It was also hit or miss whether it would open the cabin door without actually touching it to the door pad.
  3. The 6 year old plans on spending her $371 remainder on Goofy Gummies. That is what is left after all excursions (estimated) and gratuities for her. Almost enough for a Bibbidi appointment! DW and I have $750 if we get a cabana (doubtful) and $1500 if we don't. Son and family have $2035. Other folks have complained that cruise cost for next year went up enough to eat the extra 25%, but for our 2021 cruise the cost is within $100 of this year's cost. So we are netting 1/4 of Disney booking costs as OBC. And they even transferred the taxes and insurance directly to the new cruise. Ken may have the best idea, although not sure people bring that much cash on a Disney cruise. We only do that when there is a casino.
  4. If it was the Allure hurricane it was certainly different. First cruise got extended and second one shortened and free. Similar problem coming up on Disney. The 125% FCC covered whole cost of new cruise and left around $1000pp. On Disney they don't issue a new FCC, just give it to you as OBC. Even after paying for all the excursions, gratuities and some spa will still have maybe $600pp left as OBC. Apparently we can use this for transportation, hotels and similar but anything needs to be booked as part of that cruise. We already have a Goport hotel/transportation reservation that was an FCC and airline that was an FCC so not much left to spend it on. Doubt we can get a cabana. Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks, Ken. That's what is supposed to happen, just hasn't always been my experience. But we have only done maybe 6 B2B so not sure if this happens all the time or was a one-time situation. Might have been a case where cruise went to different ports due to hurricane and all the excursions were cancelled. First cruise did show credit there that carried into second cruise. I stuck the large OBC on the third cruise because that is where I expect to spend the most. Worst case is I do casino charges if I don't spend it.
  6. I seem to recall that on previous B2B cruises my onboard account was not closed out after each cruise and we only got billed when we finally left the ship. So effectively any OBC from the first cruise just applied to the final bill and didn't vanish between cruises even if not spent. And maybe OBC on second cruise can cover a charge on the first. When we transferred our Cruise Planner Credit from three cancelled cruises to a future set of cruises each credit had to be applied to only one cruise each. So for a B2B2B we now have $50/$650/$1250 showing in the new Cruise Planners. Prior to sailing these are separate and we can only use a specific amount for purchases now. But what happens on the cruise? If I bought drink packages on the second cruise for say $1200 will the large amount of OBC on the third cruise cover that? It won't if I buy packages now but might onboard if the purchase on cruise 2 carries into the final bill. Your thoughts and experience with B2B accounts?
  7. Interesting that Dr Sands thinks unilateral government lockdowns just kill the economy and don't solve the problem. And he resigned way back in May as a result of his position. We need him at the CDC.
  8. Nope. This is the 125% booking FCC. Unlike other cruise lines, when you book a new cruise Disney converts the excess to OBC (default) or you can use it for other Disney stuff (tickets, lodging, airlines, gift cards). Does not have to be used at the same time as the cruise but not sure if it continues to exist after the rebooked cruise. If it was Royal, the excess would just be converted to another FCC. That would be OK with me.
  9. Other items in the Singapore list - masks while waiting in line for water slides and flow rider. Guess you have to tuck them in suit when on the ride? And they will tell you where you can get a covid test within 5 days of cruise... worldwide availability? If in port are they available same day or night before for folks flying in? Will see how this develops.
  10. These excursions are real, but you do need to consider you are spending at least 1 1/2 hours just on the ferry. New fast ferry is better but we saw lots of people sick just loading the old one at the Punta Langosta pier (our ship couldn't get in to the pier so they were using the ferry to move people 300 yards to the pier). Since the tour also includes shopping you are also going to lose at least 1 1/2 hours in Playa del Carmen. We have never found mainland tours to be worth doing from Coz, but if you do take one book through the cruise line. They will have a dedicated ferry.
  11. I did go back and look at the verification page. It says it can take 7 days to show up in the Personalizer. Currently mine expires at end of 2021 and doesn't show up in January 2022 booked cruise. Mine was also issued last time in 2011 and originally said 12/31/99, so this topic is a great reminder!
  12. Mine originally was good through 2099 (no expire). Just looked and it now expires 10 years after I last sent them the DD214. For quite a while I had to send it for every cruise, just like the shareholder information. Haven't looked in a while, but this expiration must be new within last 6 months. There is a link on the military benefits page to verify your status https://www.princess.com/military_benefit_program/ . Doesn't seem to update anything - you can already see your status and expiration date in the Circle Savings page under Onboard Credits. The link just said I was qualified but date didn't change in Onboard Credits.
  13. They are getting tons of media attention and huge dollars as long as they control things.
  14. That's why I opened this thread. Did a search and nothing came up although I had thought I had seen it in the past. Thanks for info! While my son thinks he can spend his family's $4500 onboard, I'm not so sure. Even with granddaughter buying out the Goofy Gummies in the store. And since nobody has sailed yet with large leftover OBC we don't know if it vanishes at the end of the cruise like most OBC does. Have to assume it does although Disney is unique among cruise lines in converting FCC to something else. Factoring in all planned shore excursions and gratuities he still has over $1600 left and we have similar amounts.
  15. We don't do surveys or polls, so just deleted the one I got. Never heard of the source before either, and that is always a red flag on someone trying to gather data.
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