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  1. The link did work, although I used it once on May 19 and a second time May 23. Got emails for each credit certificate and OBC immediately showed up in cruise Planner.
  2. Royal said that it would take 24-48 hours to apply OBC to a cruise using the online link. Actually took 8 days, but the OBC certificates I entered on 23 May were applied to upcoming cruises today, May 31 (Sunday?). So I went ahead and used the OBC for Cruise Planner purchases today. Worked fine, just took a while. Not sure what happens if this cruise is cancelled - my guess is the OBC (with 125%) will be restored for a future cruise. Doubt they would add another 25%.
  3. J&B Lodge and Black Pearl Hotel refunded full payment within a week or so. Both had been fully paid in advance.
  4. We got refunds from Lagoon Services, Bruno and Marc's within a couple of days of cancelling their excursions. J&B Lodge and Black Pearl took about a week to get back to the credit cards. Really hated to cancel, and these folks were so nice about it. Still waiting on refunds from April cruises that got cancelled.
  5. Watch out when trying to use those seat upgrade credits with United. When I tried using one seat credit and a regular flight credit together to book a new flight the system hung with the value of both credits zeroed out but the new ticket not bought. Using JUST a flight credit (or two) works fine but don't try to mix with seat credits. Even cancelling the flight we attempted to book didn't restore the credits. Four hours on phone hasn't fixed problem yet. They WILL combine multiple credits into a single credit if you call them and I would highly recommend that. If you book new flights that cost less than a credit you keep the credit with whatever amount wasn't used.
  6. In US ports they have to "zero" the ship, so generally anyone who wants to get off and right back on meets in a central location until all departing passengers leave and then you are escorted off the ship, through security, and back on. Sometimes they bring the Immigration folks on the ship and the process is done there. You can also leave on your own (with suite escort) but can't get back on until general boarding starts. Usually you get your new cruise cards during this process but you may want to print your second cruise boarding passes out, especially if you have a drink package.
  7. Many of the independents will take bookings through Shore Excursioneer, Shore Excursions Group or Viator. Look up your cruise on these. If a tour is offered through them but NOT available for your cruise (the operator has an exclusive agreement with the cruise line) the site won't let you book it. I've seen the Rum Bus on these consolidators but haven't noticed the other.
  8. Wish we could get those prices. September Harmony are $499 and $799 for two weeks in a row for South Beach and start at $799 for anything else. It varies a LOT between cruises. Over the water are near $2000 for both weeks.
  9. Grand Cayman generally uses shore-based tenders that are fairly large. We have seen a few scooters on them, but at max 2 on a tender. Pretty tough getting on and off the tender as well. Fine on the shore end but on Vision you had to walk down some tight stairs to get on and off. I think they took the people that couldn't handle stairs to an interior elevator, though. If the waves are moving the tender around they won't allow scooters.
  10. Since you have the certificate number you can use the link on the page where you log into a cruise that says "Redeem Your Future Cruise Credit Now" to apply Cruise Planner Credits to a future cruise as well (phone agent told me how to do this). That said, I have done mine twice and still haven't seen them show up in the new cruises and have not received the email that is supposed to come within 24-48 hours. First time I tried was almost a week ago, last time was yesterday. Link: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/reservation/future-cruise-credit I am a bit concerned about this credit - the fine print says that this is non-refundable OBC and has to be used on the new cruise even though the original money was from credit cards for purchases. I would hope that if the new cruise is cancelled it would again be turned into a certificate, but who knows?
  11. If you made MTD reservations for the same time every night they will seat you at the same table with same wait staff every night unless you ask to be seated at different tables. We let both the waiters and checkin folks know if we won't be there the next night (or if we might be late so they will keep the table for us). If you buy a specialty meal and the time conflicts with a MTD reservation the system will let you pick one or the other. If you buy a package of multiple meals you generally only make the first night reservations and it SHOULD tell you there is a conflict. Once onboard you make the rest of the reservations at any dining room or the dining desk and they will see your MTD reservations that conflict and help you cancel them.
  12. Plus they do occasionally put the luggage outside the wrong door. Worthwhile checking the hall occasionally during delivery and the area outside the crew elevator where the luggage is coming up from loading. Different crew members bring luggage bins up to the passenger floors, unload them into the hallway, and then deliver to outside your door. If your luggage loses a tag (rare) it will wind up at Passenger Services. If you put something in it that looks like a prohibited item it will wind up in the "Naughty Room" and you will eventually get notified to retrieve it.
  13. For those that elected to get 125% cruise planner credit instead of refund of purchases, the email looks similar to the FCC email and in our case went to both passenger's email accounts. Somewhat disturbing conditions - says that the credit is non-refundable and must be used on the cruise it is applied to. Essentially purchases have become non-fundable Onboard Credit when in the past purchases were refundable OBC. Second point. There is a link on the log into your cruise page to Apply Your Future Cruise Credit Now that points to this page: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/reservation/future-cruise-credit This allows you to enter your 125% FCC without having you or your TA call Royal. I called Royal to add my Cruise Planner Credits using the number on the email and was told I could use the same link to apply Cruise Planner Credits. The link did accept ours but we have not received either an email acknowledgement or the credits appear in the new bookings but it has been less than 12 hours. Will report back when/if it posts.
  14. April Harmony cruises were cancelled by Royal end of March and we received the FCC 10 days ago, followed by the email that they had been calculated wrong and the FCC was applied by Royal to our new cruises today. Emails (to each person in booking) shows a table with booking, name, credit number and amount. We still haven't received the refund of taxes/fees and had to pay these on the new cruises. Got the Cruise Planner credits last week. If you get the email you can apply the credits directly without using your TA. On the page where you log into the cruise there is a link that says "Apply your future cruise credit now" that allows you to enter the credit numbers. And, after calling Royal to apply Cruise Planner Credits the link also works for that (at least is said it was successful although mine haven't showed up in the Planner yet).
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