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  1. We were in 11584 on the Gem to NE/Canada in 2015. We were very happy with that cabin. No issues at all.
  2. I agree with you. We were on the Sunrise 9/22-9/29 and it felt overcrowded. The Lido is a disaster in my opinion. The crew was great and we thought the food was good, but we will not sail the Sunrise again. I have not been on the Sensation.
  3. I was on the Sunrise recently (9/22-9/29). We used the Hub App to request a table and never waited more than ten minutes to receive a message that our table was ready. We usually requested the table around 7:00 p.m. The wait might have been longer between 5:30 and 6:00. I really can’t say, but I’m sure others will respond. Have fun!
  4. You are “requesting” a table on the Hub App, not “reserving” a table. In other words, you are telling them you are ready to eat. Once a table is available, you will receive a message telling you the table number. Head to the ATD Dining Room and you will be seated at that table. Simple as can be.
  5. The Hub App is free! The chat feature is $5, but the App itself is DEFINITELY free!
  6. The HUB App is free and worked like a charm for us on the Sunrise two weeks ago. If you want to add the CHAT feature, you can do that once on board for $5. That, too, worked well for us. We used the Hub App exclusively for Anytime Dining. We would request a table and never waited more than ten minutes. We would get a message that our table was ready and the Table #. Went to the Sunshine Restaurant, told them our table number and that’s it. Easy peasy. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. We were on the Carnival Sunrise last week and our last stop was Boston. We took the Old Town Trolley Tour with Hop on Hop Off. The tour lasted 90 minutes and took us around Boston. After the tour, the bus stopped near Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market and we had the option of staying on the bus which would take us back to the ship (one couple did that) or, we could get off, explore on our own and then go back to that stop where a trolley would take us directly back to the ship. This tour also offered the option of transferring to the Hop On/Hop Off tour. We were talking to one couple who transferred to the Hop On/Hop Off Trolley and the man said it was kind of stressful. The trolleys were often full and they would have to wait for another. After the 90 minute tour, we got off at Quincy Market, had lunch and walked around before we went back to that nearby stop where a Trolley took us directly back to the ship. Boston is a very nice city and I would like to go back one day to spend more time there. This was my first visit.
  8. I got off the Sunrise on Sunday. The drop off and pickup were easy. I don’t remember seeing any refreshments, but we are not Diamond or Platinum and we didn’t have FFTF. We arrived at 11:30 a.m. Check-in was easy and we really didn’t have to wait too long to board the ship. It was all fine. No hiccups.
  9. I used Carmel Limo three times while in NY for our cruise out of Brooklyn the week of September 22nd. Very reliable.
  10. I got off the Sunrise this morning. I am currently sitting at the gate at LaGuardia. I would probably never sail the Sunrise again. I have lived long enough to know that it is best to never say never, but probably not. This was my first Carnival cruise in almost 20 years. The Sunrise felt old and dated to me (in spite of the $200 million facelift.). It felt tight. The crew is fabulous and we still had a good time. But, given a choice, I would not sail her again.
  11. I got off the Sunrise this morning. Hub App worked great, including the Chat feature. We were notified when we had a message. We used it to check in for Any Time Dining and we could check our accounts daily. I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would stand in the “Check-In” Line (which was often very long) on Deck 5 to check in for a table. We never waited more than ten minutes using the Hub App. Am I missing something?
  12. Thanks. Yes, I have the Hub App on my phone, I just don’t see the Chat option.
  13. So, when do we download this Chat Feature? Once we are on board? Can we add it now? Thanks!
  14. Thanks for your review. I will be on the Sunrise in a week!
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