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  1. My friend and I are going on a cruise to NE/Canada in September. She received an offer of a free Carnival Cruise from a local casino. She could book an inside cabin for two for the cost of fees and taxes only. We upgraded to an ocean view cabin. It is an incredible deal for a week. Honestly, it will cost us more to fly to NY than the cost of the cruise. Can’t wait!
  2. I had a mini-suite on the Regal (B414) both times and I have a mini-suite booked for our Sky Princess Cruise in January, 2020. If I were to choose a balcony cabin, I would want one with a sofa in the cabin. Here is a photo of the mini-suite we had. This picture was taken before the room steward had a chance to separate the beds. We had requested twins, but it wasn’t done when we got there.
  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree that the HAL Crow’s Nest is fantastic. I was on the Zaandam to Alaska ten years ago and I did love that. I also had a sofa in an interior cabin on the Zaandam, which was impressive. I think all ships have pros and cons, definitely. I think the fact that on the Regal I didn’t have to wander around the breakfast buffet endlessly to find a seat made a big impression on me. It was refreshing to get my food and find a table by the window. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  4. I am curious as to why you don’t care for the Regal Princess? I have been on her twice and really like the huge buffet area and the lovely Atrium. We had a mini-suite with an extended angled balcony and thought it was very nice and quite spacious. Food was fine. Crew was very accommodating. Great cruise director. What is is it that you don’t like? No true Promenade Deck perhaps? Curious minds want to know. 😁
  5. Mixing them up is easy to do! I was on the Destiny almost 20 years ago. I will be on the Sunrise in September. It will be my first time sailing Carnival since then. I am sure it will be big fun. Looking forward to it.
  6. Yes, those Sky Suites look awesome! Unfortunately, I won’t be in one of those. But, I will be in a mini-suite, which I know will be nice. I had a mini-suite on the Regal both times. It was very nice. I am sure you will enjoy the Regal Princess.
  7. I have been on Carnival, NCL, HAL, Disney and Princess. My favorite ship so far is the Regal Princess. My favorite destinations are Alaska (2x) and Canada/New England (2x). I have two cruises in the works. Carnival Sunrise in September and the new Sky Princess in January, 2020. Can’t wait!
  8. The new Carnival Sunrise was the Triumph. The Sunshine was the Carnival Destiny.
  9. Hopefully, they aren’t lost and you will receive them tomorrow.
  10. Have you received the email advising that they have been shipped?
  11. We had no problems at all. When we arrived at the hotel, we signed up for shuttle service to the port in the morning. (Our shuttle left at 10:30). We were sailing on a Sunday, so traffic was minimal. Port Everglades was busy that morning, so it took a few minutes to be dropped off, but it was no big deal. The shuttle does not make any other stops. When we arrived at the airport, we called the hotel to tell them we were ready and they told us a shuttle would be there in a few minutes. We waited about 15 minutes. Again, no big deal.
  12. You’re welcome. FYI - I have reservations there again for January, 2020.
  13. I have stayed at the Hampton Inn in Plantation twice. They offer a free shuttle from the airport, as well as to the port. Decent free breakfast in the morning. You can walk to the mall and also to a wine store and restaurants. I can highly recommend. We had no complaints.
  14. This is exactly what we did on our port day in Bar Harbor.
  15. My cousin and I took the St. Thomas Food Tour in January, 2019. We enjoyed it very much. Our guide was Gerard and he was fantastic. I wrote a review on TripAdvisor if you want to check it out. I believe the open air taxi from the port to downtown Charlotte Amalie was $4 per person.
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