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  1. Interesting points. On a cruise ship, though, daily housekeeping is needed IMO in order to help prevent the spread of germs. Surfaces need to be disinfected in the staterooms. The stewards should wear masks and a new pair of gloves for each room, though.
  2. The Lift and Shift was a really wonderful idea. It would be awesome if Princess did the same thing!
  3. Happy for you! It’ll be worth the wait; we did that one last year, and it was quite fascinating.
  4. I’m in AK. The state is open with social distancing and masks, but the 14 day quarantine for all people arriving into the state still stands. They’re reevaluating constantly.
  5. If the laws changed, or they figured out a way to make this work, and it meant I could cruise when I normally wouldn’t be able to...I’d do a cruise to nowhere or a scenic cruising cruise because a big part of the fun for me is the onboard experience, and I know my best friend would happily go with me on that. My hubby, however, would NOT go for this because he is all about the ports.
  6. Waaaaahhhhh; Argentina is on there, and we are still holding SOME hope for our Christmas in Antarctica. The article did say that there’s still considerable time until the South America cruise season begins, so 🤞🤞🤞 everything works out.
  7. I already bring a slew of disinfection and medicine products, but now I’ll be bringing higher quantities. Masks and gloves will now be on the packing list even if not required in case of an outbreak.
  8. Oh I’m so glad you were able to go last year! You just never know what can happen in life.
  9. Me too!! I read them every night at bedtime to wind down. I still have about 15 left to catch up on , and then I’ll be finito. I think it’s cool that some people have started posting reviews on here of previous cruises they hadn’t yet reviewed.
  10. Good point, but they’re able to sell some of their merch like Stanley, ship mugs, etc. on their Shopify website.
  11. You’re right; it would also give crew a chance to earn some money before disembarking!
  12. I love using the casino onboard, so I’d hate for it to go away. It seems like it’d be easy to have one person’s job be to wipe the buttons of each slot machine after someone leaves. You could maybe press the “call attendant” when you leave to alert them the machine needs to be sanitized.
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