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  1. You could have fabulous weather one cruise and awful the next. You could see whales one cruise and eagles the other. You could hike a glacier one cruise and go salmon fishing the other. Alaska is so full of adventures and unpredictability that you can easily enjoy 2 of the “same” cruise.
  2. Fun thread! My friends and family call me the Cruise Queen because I love to cruise so much, and I never wanna stop cruising so forever was added.
  3. Wow, thank you for sharing your experience! During this precarious time, it’s not acceptable to me that a company would not refund money for a trip you’re unable to take due to the pandemic. Im so relieved for you that your cc did the chargeback!
  4. I fear my DH May have the same tipping point as you. I’m not thrilled either but will cruise because it’s my favorite way of traveling.
  5. It didn’t happen to me on the Royal, and it’s never happened to use on any of our other AK cruises. That’s not to say it hasn’t happened to others, though; I can think of at least 2 times I’ve heard of it happening.
  6. In what country do you live? That would guide my recommendation due to the pandemic.
  7. How exciting! If you do one or more of them, please entertain us with a blog of it/them!
  8. I understand; social media likes to remind me, “this time last year, you were (insert beautiful cruise destination)”, and 😩. I’ve had a few dreams of cruising at least; if I can’t experience it in person right now, at least I can in my dreams! I’m happy for you that you can focus on 2022 at least.
  9. I really hope those of you with holiday cruises from Florida will get to sail! I tend to think all cruises are going to end up getting canceled though for November and December. 😏 I’m trying to focus on our 2021 Christmas cruise, so I don’t get so sad about missing this year’s!
  10. This could be a really nice close-to-home option for next summer if we aren’t welcomed into Europe.
  11. Thank you for sharing that because I didn’t get an email but did discover an offer in my account! It’s not as awesome as those many on here are receiving, but I sure appreciate it!
  12. Boy, that’s a good question. We were port side and had great views, but I don’t know what we missed on the other side. It also depends which way the ship docks. From what I remember for ours, we mainly faced the water on “port” side. Happy planning; it was such a wonderful cruise!
  13. Maybe the port in Rome is offering more to cruise lines to accommodate the enhanced protocols. Maybe they’re thinking Barcelona won’t be open for cruise ships. I don’t know, but it’s a big change, and I feel bad for all who will miss out on ports they were looking forward to that have now been canceled! At this point, I just hope the European and Alaska seasons happen next summer!
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