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  1. That’s great! We did a Baja cruise on Royal when I was in high school. The more competition in that market, the better!
  2. This thread made me think more than when I originally thought, “definitely!” to wanting to do one of these cruises. It does seem risky that the 2 embarkation ports have limited hospital facilities, and since the US is clearly being bypassed for these cruises, I doubt any special exceptions would want to be made to bring the ship to the US in the case of an emergency. Also, in reading that the Philippines is experiencing a surge, I can’t imagine how they’re going to get enough vaccinated crew from around the world unless they plan on vaccinating them themselves. Has anyone heard?
  3. The sub-group of people who had the first shot and had an allergic reaction, causing them to not be allowed to get the second shot, needs to be addressed. The first shot provides 70% immunity, which is roughly the same as Johnson & Johnson, yet you’re considered fully vaccinated with J&J but not if you’ve had the first Moderna or Pfizer. IMO, that group should also be allowed to cruise. V
  4. I’d want them to buff up their training of their crew because the service has been inconsistent the last few years. It used to be consistently amazing, and there are still many wonderful crewmembers on board, but some of the new ones just don’t provide the same level of service.
  5. I appreciate that the two Alaska senators created this bill. They are definitely representing their constituents by doing so. I understand that regulation is needed for safety, but we are not talking about an unregulated industry. We are talking about cruise ships, which are already heavily regulated. It’s not like the safety of going on a cruise would be impacted this summer if an accommodation being made.
  6. Governor Dunleavy, Senator Lisa Murkowski, and Congressman Don Young have all expressed support for getting the AK cruise season fixed. It seems like Senator Dan Sullivan did, too, but I don’t remember for sure. With more and more places opening back up, surely there can be a solution found for cruising.
  7. I think this situation is completely different because it’s cruises for Israel’s citizens, not Americans. I believe the criteria is set by Israel, not Royal.
  8. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. What we encountered...My middle age brother, who was allowed to get it because he’s our parents’ caretaker, felt mildly fluish after the second Moderna. My elderly father, who has very serious health issues, had minor side effects. My elderly mother, who’s probably the healthiest person in the family but does have allergies, felt the most fluish of the fam and then got better. 8 days later, she woke up with hives all over, which she’s never ever had. They gave her a steroid shot, and she got better.
  9. I remember the “surely by the summer” and then “surely by our Christmas cruise” and then “surely by the next summer” and now “just hoping to pull off a cruise by the end of 2021”! As someone else said, I miss the planning, too. I’ve had to let go of planning in depth because for me, it’s a greater disappointment when it’s canceled. I look for fun occasionally to have ideas of what I’d want to do, and I’d apply an FCC if I felt hopeful, but that’s about it til cruises become more realistic. Now once they do, it’ll be full steam ahead on planning!
  10. What a dream to see a cruise ship! What a fantasy to be aboard one!
  11. My favorite captain was Ed Perrin. My favorite cruise director turned entertainment director is Ron Goldman; his professionalism and eye for talent are bar none. My favorite assistant cruise director turned cruise director is Dan Appleby, loved his sense of humor. My favorite cruise staffer turned cruise director is Matt O; no one could possibly have as much energy as him. Victoria Stevens was the most bubbly, energetic cruise staffer I encountered for years, but I haven’t heard or seen anything about her in years. Does anyone know if she still works for Princess? There are so many c
  12. I still think the major cruise lines aren’t going to require a vaccine. It would rule out too many pax. Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian would lose most of their demographics due to kids being unvaccinated. Plus, pax in their 30s and 40s are the next set of potential lifelong cruisers and have therefore become the new target market for cruise lines . If cruise lines turn them away now, they could lose their window to hook them. Not to mention, many can not get the vaccine due to medical conditions. Niche cruise lines can risk limiting their pax to vaccinated only, but I don’t
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