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  1. We have done it many times. Princess has stopped selling Moscato which is my wife's drink of choice. I usually just get a half bottle and never try to hide it, I just put it on the scanner and never have I been pulled up. If we were I'd just pay the corkage or get them to clean the decks with it. Dreadful stuff!
  2. I agree and we always order the water package. However for some reason only known to Princess you cannot pre-order water on Australian cruises. We are leaving Sydney on the Ruby on Friday and the option to order water has never shown in my Personailser, nor the 5 for 4 beer offers. The only thing there is the all inclusive bevererage package, but no plain old water.😕
  3. Thankyou. I'll feel safer opening up the link now.
  4. Can you please do me a favour and confirm it came from the same email address i mentioned in my opening post. Cheers.
  5. Thanks for the two replies to date. I'm not keen to open the link until/if I know it is real. If not these things may introduce malware and other stuff to your pc. The trouble is these things look so authentic it is hard to tell. A bloke at work had a program to run links through and see if they were spam but he was a pc wizz.
  6. In the past I have completed surveys sent by Princess following each cruise. Today I have received an email which looks legit with a survey link attached and asking me to keep the questions confidential. There is a link attached or the option to cut and paste another link in to my browser. The email has come from Princess Cruises <noreply@qemailserver.com These days I'm wary of clicking on any link or site I'm not aware of and the email address is different to other emails I receive from Princess. Is anyone aware of this email address and whether it is legit. Otherwise I'll delete. Thanks to anyone that can assist.
  7. My last word on this. I don't get mobile roaming charges. All I can say is I switch mobile data off and have done so for the last 10 years when I have been overseas and my phone can still be used as normal (albeit if I make/receive a call the costs are higher) and I have never incurred anything other than a standard bill. As I acknowledge, wifi is another option. I'll leave it at that.
  8. My advice is as equally valid as yours. If you want to go the wifi route as you suggest then fine. My observation from posts here over recent years is that people are scared off by the potential for large bills, but many also are not yet really aware wifi calling and that is why I made my comments which are correct. All the people that need to reach me know to call via Skype or Google Duo but I was trying to help those that don't use these methods. Many people are scared off and just put their phones in the safe. It is better to give all options so that people can keep their phone operable and in touch if they want to be contactable.
  9. As I stated earlier, all you have to do is disable data to avoid the large bills. Of course you don't get charged $5 a minute if you don't answer. I only answer if it is a number I know and a call that I need to take. Other than that I send/receive texts which you cannot do in airplane mode. If your phone is in airplane mode you cannot receive standard calls. If people know to call you using wifi well and good but most don't. Most of the time now I use Skype or Google Duo but I guess everyone does what suits them.
  10. Your phone does NOT need to be in flight mode, otherwise you cannot make or receive calls or make/receive texts. Many people put their phones in flight mode as it is the simplest but when you do that you essentially do not have a working phone in the traditional sense. What you should do is simply disable mobile data. Go to settings>connections>data usage>mobile data>select disable. That will stop your phone updating apps etc which are the causes of large bills.
  11. Exactly. Currency exchange desks at airports are a rip off. The last thing I want to do at an airport after a long flight is look for an ATM and that's why I always take a bit of local currency with me from home. In this Country at least there are a number of currency exchanges that have decent rates and no fees. Lets face it even a 2% difference on $500 is only 10 bucks. Hardly worth the bother, but at airports the difference is likely to be much larger.
  12. voljeep is the winner. I have completed 5 cruises and my next on the Ruby Princess in 2 weeks is already showing as Platinum on my Personaliser.
  13. It's not an App as such on a Medallion cruise. I can't recall what the Princess@sea equivalent was called but recently on the Royal (which was Medallion class) you still just entered something in your browser and there it was. There is a card in your cabin and the set up instructions were very clear and took about 30 seconds. There was also a button on that screen to access your internet if you had paid for it. In other words, nothing much different.
  14. Not what happened to us. We completed an Alaskan cruise in August which was our 5th and we had already booked our next cruise for late November. Our Personaliser is already showing Platinum. As you suggest, I'd give them a call.
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