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  1. My Out of Pockets request form was sent by my TA 5 months ago today. I wrote to them two months ago and Princess said I have to go through my TA which I sort of expected. My TA has advised on at least three occasions he has followed up and just gets apologies from Princess. Last night I emailed Princess and demanded a real update due to the time this has taken. I suggested that even if they don't want to respond to me, even though I am the customer, then at least give the TA some worthwhile response. I also briefly blabbed about loyalty, customer service etc but that would be falling on deaf ears by now. I have had the cruises refunded by now and this amount is only $2600 but enough is enough. Most of the out of pocket expenses are flights which were booked through EZair but Princess did not want to refund these costs with the cruise refund.
  2. I know that you will see plenty of ice on your cruise but we had a spare day in Anchorage and did the Portage Glacier tour which also stopped at the Alyeska resort - lunch and cable car included. The cruise out on the lake was great and you get very close to the face of the glacier, as per below.. The driver also stopped at a few special places along the way. We did the cruise and an 8 day Princess land tour but this tour was up there with any of the highlights.
  3. Couldn't agree more. We always stay at the IQ Hotel which is a fairly small hotel near Termini Station.. Great breakfast and rooftop bar and relaxing area and laundries if you need to catch up with the washing. About a 15-20 minute flat walk to most of the main attractions.
  4. VPN's have no relevance to this discussion. I will not try and explain how VPN's work but your last sentence doesn't make much sense, other than suffice to say, if you are doing banking etc on the net, then using a VPN is worthwhile.
  5. My thoughts - don't go near it. The 10% off means little as most cruise prices have been hiked up and the $200 OBC is chickenfeed in the overall scheme of things. Having waited months for refunds, as others have said, I will not be booking anything until the cruise industry is back up and running and without restrictions.
  6. In Australia (at least in my case) they are treating EZair refunds as out of pocket costs, which they were refunding during the early lot of cruise cancellations. In my case out of pockets were EZair, one night hotel costs, and a transfer from Yokohama to Tokyo and these costs were non refundable. MY TA filled out the appropriate documents and sent the claim months ago, when the cruise was cancelled. Princess advised that these costs would be paid by cheque (check for you US guys!) but I'm still waiting. Refunds for two cruises were paid a few weeks back.
  7. We did a rafting trip from Copper River via optional excursions. It was great, very easy and not really bumpy at all. It was great and I think was about 3-4 hours with pick up at the lodge.
  8. Finally refunded. Cruise cancelled early March and applied for refund early March. Just over 100 days.
  9. So...in that case you get the vaccination and have proof with you. I have no problem if hotels ask for this.
  10. They don't have to cover the whole world straight away. I think China could wait a while.
  11. No please don't call them and distract them. I don't want to derail the thread but I'm over 120 days without getting that word that starts with "R" and would like all their resources concentrating on those things. I've got my 3 points as well but I'd rather the 8k.
  12. Celebrity cancelled our April cruise in Feb and on the 29th Feb we applied for the refund - I have a copy of the refund acceptance message. So we are now around 120 days and not a word. Every day my disgust gets worse and blood pressure rises.
  13. Not a chance in hell in my opinion. Certainly not from/to any port in the US unless they want a suicide mission.
  14. Yeah but it looks like from the subsequent posts that they eventually catch up.
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