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  1. There are a couple of simple steps you have to do but these are printed on a sheet that you'll find in your cabin. From memory you type something like login.com in your browser then you get a screen where you input your cabin number and maybe surname? It's been two years since I did it thanks to shutdown but it is dead easy.
  2. Why? We have often done some land based touring before a cruise and might need to do some washing. We would rather do this than take a bigger suitcase.
  3. There are machines in each laundry. You just put your Medallion against the reader and enter how many tokens you want and they are dispensed. There are tokens for the machines and dryers and also for detergent. The costs are charged to your cabin account.
  4. Yes, the App is a complete disaster and a poor reflection on Princess. I have cruised a few times with Princess and quite loyal to them. I have also been on a few Medallion cruises and am pretty familiar with the Princess procedures, however if you hadn't cruised with princess before and started using this App to check in you would be entitled to wonder what hillbilly cruise line you had booked with.
  5. Just an opinion champ. You have a different view and that's fine but there is no need to be a smart one.
  6. Personally, I like it loud. If you go to a live show on land it is always loud and I like it that way on the ship. Certainly in places like the Atrium where people might like to talk as well, I find loudness annoying but in the theatre I like it loud.
  7. If you take the equivalent replacement cruise, the price is locked in and all other benefits/promotions are carried over. If you don't take the equivalent cruise you either seek a refund or take the FCC option. No previous perks carry over.
  8. We had two Sapphire cruises booked for March. I am not transferring over to equivalent cruises in 2023 as I never book cruises 18 months out. By March 2023 I don't want to be locked in to Australian based cruises when I expect the world to be well and truly open by then. Obviously Govt indecisiveness led Princess (and others I would expect) to just give up on the Australian season. They had already lost a couple of months with no cruises to mid December so it just became too risky.
  9. No, to use the Medallion App on board you can use any number of devices. No payment required unless you want to access the Net (as against the Intranet). Don't stress, take it in your stride and if you have any problems just go to the Internet Cafe and ask questions. You have instructions how to access the on board Intranet in your cabin. Even with Princess Plus I go to the bars or flag a waiter down, rather than use the App. The phone stays in the cabin.
  10. Please let's not have yet another debate about tips. The OP's question was about the Princess Plus inclusions which includes tips but we don't need to divert in to a discussion about Specialty Dining and tipping. I think Princess Plus is extremely good value for us. A couple of drinks and the Wi-Fi inclusion covers the cost for us.
  11. Same here. We always buy some FCD's to use later. I have only once seen a cruise sale on one of our Princess cruises and it wasn't much of a sale. From memory just a bit more OBC but the fares were as they were printed in the brochure which I find is always higher than what I pay.
  12. No need to use the App to order. Just signal a roving waiter or go to the bar like we always did. I quite like the Medallion but never use it to order anything.
  13. The way your Premier is carrying on, we will be travelling to Paris before Perth. Our Premier is almost giving the same message about being locked down but once people start travelling internationally from NSW and Vic the pressure will be on to open up. The rest of the world is opening up with vaccination rates less than what ours will be by November, so they need to get in step. We have cruise from Hong Kong which is due to stop in Perth in September, so I am hoping for the best.
  14. Maybe I am being optimistic (and I will declare an interest as I have two Princess Australian cruises booked for March) but our Prime Minister has indicated borders will open when we hit 80% fully vaccinated, which is expected in December). Qantas has announced it will resume flights to LA, Singapore, and London on 18 December and Honolulu on the 20th. Flights to Tokyo and Fiji the next day and Hong Kong in Feb. Some Government ministers have said that if we are travelling to those places then overseas Governments would expect reciprocal rights for their citizens to come here. Fully vaccinated obviously. Hawaiian Airlines had a flight resumption announcement yesterday about starting up again, so things are starting to happen. The two States here that have major outbreaks (NSW and Victoria) have essentially thrown their hands in the air and have finally admitted that once we hit a vaccination target, then we are going to have to live with the virus, just as many overseas countries are now doing. The outbreaks in those States have caused our rate of vaccinations to rise incredibly quickly and we will have 70% fully vaccinated in October. I think over the next month you will see significant announcements about travel. My main concern is that Princess need time to get ships down here and the lack of lead time my cause them to just write off this summer and resume late next year. Hopefully not.
  15. While I can understand people wanting smaller ships for their Alaska cruise, we did Alaska on the Royal just before shut down. We never had a problem getting a good spot on the outside decks, despite the ship being at capacity. There are plenty of viewing spots and we were surprised how easy it was to get a good viewing area, after reading negative comments on this site pre cruise. There is a outside deck area on deck 7 where we were often one of about 10 people on it. A great, and generally unknown viewing area.
  16. They essentially already had this. It was called the Personalizer!
  17. I would use this instead of using my smart phone. Desk based stuff is just easier to complete. I'll save using my smart phone until we are on board.
  18. Another vote for flying in the day before.
  19. The OP has posted a link to the tour.
  20. There are a few earlier threads about this if you can find them, but they outline differences between the Connoisseur Tours and the others for example. We did a Connoisseur Tour which was wonderful. Included most meals and included the full day Tundra Wildnerness Tour you mention. Some say the Connoisseur tours are not worth it as you can take one of the other Princess options and sort your own meals and tours out. From our viewpoint we liked it as everything was arranged, the meals were tops (and you could choose the most expensive dish if you wanted it) and the full time guide was superb. We found all the Princess lodges great.
  21. I guess so... and jail for the TA. Of course that could happen but I'd rather that risk than offering my credit card details. If you book through a TA here, that's the way it is done - payment is via the TA.
  22. My TA doesn't have my credit card details. Every payment is a bank funds transfer to his company account and then he pays the cruise company or whoever.
  23. We did an Alaskan land tour prior to cruise in 2019 and we were in Princess lodges the entire time. No one in a group of 48 were in another hotel. We had booked a Connoisseur Tour which included meals and other tours so I don't know if it is as easy to split the group as it may be with other Princess land tours. I am also pretty certain that a few weeks before we left I received an email from Princess confirming the hotels we would be staying at.
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