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  1. I’m glad you guys are well no one can enjoy your next cruise! I hope you get the rest of your money back promptly!
  2. I like the Grand; a lot of people complain about it, and their complaints are warranted because it’s an older ship, but it has the classic appeal of a traditional cruise ship, and I really like that. There’s an indoor pool, burgers by the pool are really good, and you’ve gotta go to Crown Grill, the specialty steakhouse. Hope you like your cruise!
  3. I adore purchasing logo merchandise because Princess is my favorite brand in the world, and having cruise merchandise at home reminds me of being on a cruise when I can’t be on one. I don’t really care who operates the shops as long as the merchandise is worthwhile and affordable. I have found some very cute things on Princess and have had same-old experiences too, depending on the ship and the year. Celebrity’s shops were ridiculously expensive, so I didn’t buy as much. I guess we will just have to see how this all pans out, but hopefully it will not be a disappointing experience.
  4. Those are great prices! Though I definitely wouldn’t recommend an October cruise to people who haven’t been to AK before, it would be an adventure for those who want an unusual experience, who like rough seas, who just want a relaxing shipboard experience indoors, or who are just really desperate to be onboard a ship. I’d take one if my husband would be willing to go, but his exact reason for not being willing to go is “An AK cruise in October?! No way!”
  5. Both Rhapsody options would be good. The 6th gives you Venice, which is simply magical, but then the 13th would give you France, which is lovely.
  6. Overnight flights from Anchorage are the norm, but make sure you book your flight for the the date of the day AFTER your cruise ends! Seward, where your cruise ends, is about 2.5 hours by car/bus and 4 hours by train from Anchorage. The train is the most scenic method of transport and very relaxing, but the bus is much cheaper and still pretty viewing along the way.
  7. Dublin is a must on the British Isles cruise, IMO. We had an overnight there for ours, and we could have stayed longer because there are so many day trips from there.
  8. I highly recommend you fly in the day before to eliminate the risk of missing your cruise. If you absolutely can’t, though, the flight you chose would be the best option since it’s nonstop and arrives in the morning.
  9. I was hoping the same thing for the Majestic Princess, but it’s looking like repo coastal cruises aren’t happening this year. 😏 Maybe the crew will get to decompress a bit at least.
  10. Pacific Princess Christmas Cruise 2019 Not only was it the last cruise for us before Covid, it ended up also being the second to last sailing of that ship for Princess. 😢
  11. I’m sorry your fun plans were foibled. You have a great attitude about it, and it’s wonderful of Royal to cover everything for you guys. Keep us posted about the journey home.
  12. Princess offers elegance, consistency, tradition, and quality without the snobby feel.
  13. Thank you for explaining that. It’s so good it didn’t happen across other ships, too!
  14. Thank you for sharing! I learned something new about the origin of the duck tour vehicle. ☺️
  15. Geoherb has a good point. In Anchorage, you’ll for sure stay in a non-Princess hotel because Princess doesn’t own any hotels in Anchorage. The hotels they use are most commonly the Captain Cook and Hilton, both nice hotels.
  16. I think it’s just a fine print situation of there could be a case rarely of being oversold or some other issue that results in the need to use a different lodge. Princess prides themselves in their ability to give their passengers a Princess experience on land, too, and part of that is the lodges.
  17. In a time of pandemic, it makes sense that some things would be hard to get, but it still sucks. Bacon is something many of us really enjoy onboard.
  18. That’s so disgusting!! I sincerely hope they take good care of the crew who were affected and replace all their damaged goods!
  19. Your situation definitely sucks and can be used as a valuable lesson to others. Most airlines charge for luggage now, and since Southwest kind of does their own thing, I think it’s best to expect to have to pay. As for Basic Economy, I hate that concept and don’t think it’s right for a company selling a package to stick their customers with it. If a person wants to choose it on his/her own, have at it, but otherwise, I think regular economy fare should be the default. If you keep your current flights, at least you’ll have the benefit of many back-up flight options across the major airlines. I’ll never forget the Southwest Airlines reality show episode I watched years ago where someone missed his/her flight or it was canceled or something, and he/she asked to be rebooked on another airline and was told no because Southwest doesn’t partner with others. That person went to another airline to check the last minute fare, and it was outrageous; I can’t remember for sure but seems like it was $1,500 or something. Personally, I’d rather pay a little more to fly a major airline with a wide range of partner airlines; to me, it’s insurance. I wish you smooth travels and an awesome cruise!
  20. That’s stressful; I hope they can figure out a better option for you.
  21. Yes, Princess offers bus transfers, BUT they can’t guarantee you’ll make the ship because Vancouver has tricky tides. If there’s a delay driving or at the border, there’s a chance you could miss your cruise. I say this because we had a close call on the Princess transfer from Seattle to Vancouver many years ago. We checked in for the transfer at 9:00 AM as instructed, but so many people had flown in early morning that we are scheduled for the second to last bus! 😳 We departed, and at the border, they told us our bus was having mechanical problems, and we’d have to wait for the last bus to come and pick us up. That bus did save the day for us, but then we hit major traffic in Vancouver. They warned us that due to tides, they may not be able to wait for us. It was a very tense ride. We did thankfully make it, and we all raced onboard as the rest of the ship was finishing the Muster Drill. Ever since then, we fly into Vancouver the day before, just not worth the risk to us.
  22. So sad! As an Alaskan, I hear of too many crashes like this. I know that many flightseeing excursions are memorable and successful, but you just couldn’t pay me to go up in a small plane or helicopter in Alaska. The terrain is so rugged, and the weather is so unpredictable. It seems like there’s a major flightseeing excursion crash in our state once every 2 years or so.
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