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  1. The before and after storm pics were so fascinating! You really captured the seas! Thank you for taking us along!
  2. I had really wanted to like Virgin Voyages, but the bed and chairs remind me of IKEA. I don’t want to have to have my bed converted back and forth. I may want an afternoon nap on a real bed.
  3. Usually on the last sea day at lunch, they put out a huge, beautiful, and very popular display of seafood. If I remember correctly, it’s mainly shrimp cocktail and oysters on the half shell. There may have been hot options, too. I can’t remember. If you like shrimp, though, you’ll find the giant wok of it every day in the left side of the first station facing the front of the ship. It’s between the pasta and carvery. That’s at least current information as of my cruise last summer. 😉 I ❤️ Shrimp and had it every night!!
  4. Back in the day when a pre-cruise email was sent noting the captain, cruise director, and entertainment, it was fun to see who and what would be aboard. It’s not the end of the world to me to not know, but I do get excited when I find out that my favorite(s) will be on our cruise.
  5. Though it wasn’t on the PoA, we sailed another cruise line to Hawaii in March. We had great weather the whole time with the exception of rain all day in Hilo. The beach in Kauai by the port was discouraged for swimming, however, due to a recent storm churning up bacteria. We had a fantastic cruise and would easily go there again in March! On the flip side, my best friend went to Maui for 10 days in March and it rained the entire time!!!!!! They had a miserable trip.
  6. Oh how awful! I wish you the very best cruise to turn this vacation around!
  7. Another delightful blog of yours! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us, and I hope you put another one on the books soon for the sake of your readers! 😆
  8. It would be great if the new itin sticks, since you’ll still at least make it to Bermuda!
  9. I thought the neighborhood perks were a fun idea. If they replace them with something else that’s fun, cool, but if this is merely a cost cutting thing, not cool.
  10. Thus far, I’ve been disappointed with the 2021 itins. I was hoping for some new Europe ones but looks like it might be the right summer to venture to Asia or something else.
  11. Obviously food is quite subjective, but my personal favorites are...the eggs over medium, waffles, stollen, lemon danishes, crispy bacon they keep hidden under the counter, the giant wok of shrimp prepared a variety of ways throughout the cruise, Mongolian bbq, German night, and Grandma’s Chocolate Cake. Many love the chocolate buffet and seafood extravaganza; I love looking at them but not partaking of them.
  12. Watch movies under the stars or in your stateroom, bingo, casino, trivia, game shows, lectures, shows, swim, spa treatments, afternoon tea, games, etc. lots to do!
  13. What a joy to read a blog of yours again! I’m thrilled for you to be able to cruise again on any kind of water. I look forward to your next adventure!
  14. Guarantees are at the mercy of the cruise line, and it’s unfortunate that your daughter didn’t understand that. Really, she did get a technical upgrade. As a teacher myself, I’ll quote the age old saying, “you get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit”. To avoid that, you must choose a specific stateroom. I too feel the pinch of paying for holiday sailings, but they are so worth it! I hope your daughter will be pleasantly surprised and have a fabulous cruise!
  15. Though I don’t have personal experience with it, I’d consider it a roll of the dice. If it’s a substantial savings, it might be worth it to have the potential of a longer layover, more stops, and/or separate flights from tavelmates, but if you’d only save $100 pp, I’d choose my own. I’d think you could come close to that price independently.
  16. That’s very disappointing news for so many pax! To the OP, the good news is Alaska charges $125 pp to change your ticket, so the $300 will definitely cover that. The downside, which is the same for all airlines as far as I know, is that the ticket amount is good for 1 year. If you want to just straight cancel, you don’t get your money back. You can, however, change to a cruise from say, Florida, and use your ticket amount to fly there or anywhere else Alaska flies. Good luck to all of you affected!
  17. I would choose a bigger ship that would provide a kids’ club for your children. I adored my time in the HAL kids’ club when I was 8. Without one, though, HAL wouldn’t be that great for a child IMO. Is this the 14 day Alaska Cruise? I’m asking because there are so many ship options to AK, but I can see how it’d be tough if you want the 14 day itin. Late May weather can be very nice in AK. Earlier May can be hit or miss. I would be shocked if you ever see more than 2 people in the pool at once.
  18. I had a similar experience at Al Bacio getting cookies. The guy did give them to me but was very rude. The people in front of me ordered coffee drinks, and he treated them like royalty. We also had super hard sells of the drink package on Day 1, to the point that a bartender chased my husband across the deck to try to sell him again on it! Everyone looked at us like what did they do to have a bartender chase after them?! Classy service, it was not.
  19. I hope the problem has officially been solved, and everyone can enjoy the lead-up to their Galapagos experience!
  20. It’s my dream to retire on a cruise ship! If you love travel, the luxury of having your meals prepared for you, your stateroom cleaned for you, a home base that takes you around the world, and activities at your disposal 24/7, it’s a great option! We have a wonderful family but no kids, so it would work well for us. Our friends would be just a flight away, so no big deal to visit. Plus, you can take breaks from cruising whenever you want to stay on land for a while.
  21. So fun to read of your adventures onboard and behind the scenes tidbits! Thank you!
  22. And here I assumed the water park would be free! 😳
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