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  1. For awhile, when HAL switched to the Star program, medallions were not given out. We were caught in that time frame. After an outcry, HAL did start the medallions again and I emailed the Mariner Society and we were sent ours in the mail.
  2. I am wondering are passengers generally accepting of the lack of certain food and beverage items. I would think paying what they do for a World Cruise and not getting the total benefits might be a little upsetting or more. I know "Ship Happens" but wonder what the general consensus is among the passengers. Or maybe some don't even know. Hope the drop shipments arrive in Barcelona. As always, I love following along with you.
  3. I don't think one's cruise line status makes any difference to U.S. Immigration/Customs. Once you get through the security line and Customs, of course it does.
  4. I think Adagio is still on the smaller ships and Lincoln Center Stage on the Eurodam class and above.
  5. Glad you enjoyed your HAL cruise to the Mexican Riviera. The majority of my cruises are either on HAL or Princess but more on HAL lately. I agree about the set up of the buffet on HAL. It is the best of all cruise lines I have sailed .
  6. I have a PC as well but can't download docs with Edge so have to use Chrome.
  7. Jacqui, When next you are in the Pinnacle Grill, if the manager is still the lovely young woman from South Africa, would you please tell her that the solo woman traveler, Barbara, on the Holiday Cruise sends her regards. Thanks. Barbara
  8. Yes, we were told that the Prinsendam was owned by the new company since 7/1/18 and that HAL leased it back for the last year.
  9. On the December Holiday cruise, we were told that Captain Dag would retire in July. Guess he changed his mind and left earlier.
  10. Didn't HAL try this once before and got such a backlash that they went back to the PG. Although I suppose this time, it will stick since they are making so many changes.
  11. I think this is only on the NS and Konigsdam, the ships that have Club Orange. As far as I know all other ships offer breakfast in the PG to Neptune and Pinnacle Suite guests. It was available a month ago on the Nieuw Amsterdam.
  12. Does HAL have your email address? Surveysare sent to your email. If they do and you still are not receiving them, call Seattle Customer Service (or whatever it is called) and ask to have surveys emailed to you.
  13. What a lovely terrace for your suite. And white asparagus which we discovered on our first trip to Switzerland way back in 1973. Brings back memories.
  14. Pleased to hear you made it safely to Lisbon after some delays. Back in my "youth" I loved flying internationally from LAX. Now, I wonder if I could still do it. So I will live the adventures through you.
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