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  1. Enjoyed very much your candid review and your lovely photographs. Thank you for taking the time to write it.
  2. What? No live music with the BBC video? That was part of the joy of that experience. I agree with severnseasnomad on this. The live music was the highlight of this and last year's Alaska cruise. I am probably one of the few who is not fan of the Step One Dance Company. HAL nightly entertainment is beginning to leave me cold.
  3. Such gorgeous weather you are having. Many happy returns!!!
  4. Thanks for all the photos of Bergen. They brought back fond memories when we did a similar voyage in reverse on the Grand Princess from Southampton to New York. The funicular and walking through the colorful town were favorites in Bergen,
  5. Back in June, I received such an email which said since there were three ships in Vancouver that day, it was suggested that we arrive to check in between 10 and 12 or between 2 and 3.
  6. I have one more cruise on HAL this year and two booked on Celebrity next year but am already seeing problems with one of the Celebrity bookings. Maybe it is time to bite the bullet and go for higher end lines. Hard choices or maybe it is time go back to land vacations.
  7. This situation is so annoying. Between CC and the HAL website, technology is becoming so intolerable. Maybe we expect too much but I don't think so.
  8. But HAL is taking away so much and adding what?
  9. Happy 50th -enjoy your cruise. I am sure you will have a fabulous time aboard the Zaandam.
  10. We did Iguazu Falls many years ago prior to a Princess Cruise and it is definitely something to see. Someone once told me that Eleanor Roosevelt said these falls were more exciting than Victoria Falls . Don't know if that is true or not. I think three nights at the hotel, if it is the old Sheraton which was directly in front of part of the falls, is too many. But if that is what the tour is, you don't have much to say. The Falls are a definite "Must see".
  11. I have done the late September cruises and they are not too bad weather wise - 55*. If you ever have the chance to be on the last cruise of the season out of Skagway, you will find that the locals come down to the pier and "moon" the ship as it is leaving. A Skagway tradition that we witnessed once.
  12. Dave, always enjoy your "Live Froms". Thanks for taking the time to do them. I will be on the Zuiderdam for her late September cruise NY to Quebec and am interested in any comments you have as to the condition of the ship. Those new tender boats look quite nice. Friends I am traveling with want to go to the Bar Harbor Inn for the full lobster bake but your choice of the West Street Café looks pretty good to me.
  13. If you mean, disembark for good, I think you can but you should call HAL in Seattle and find out for sure. I am doing something similar on an east coast cruise and was told I could disembark a day early in Quebec (an overnight stay) but had to let the front desk know fairly soon after boarding that was what I was going to do.
  14. Can you carry the medallion in a pocket or must it be worn?
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