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  1. Thank you geocruiser for the Brown Bear web cam. Love tuning in on it several times a day. That and the Juneau webcam are my substitutes for Alaska this year. Not as good as the real thing but better than nothing.
  2. Staying home as I don't want to fly yet and am not a big fan of driving as a single person. I may go to a local resort for a couple of days for my birthday in August.
  3. Now there is a yacht I would like to sail on. Ditto on a beautiful day after so many days of rain in Juneau.
  4. Since HAL has not repatriated all their crew yet, I wonder how they would be able to start up again as soon as the fall. It seems impossible to me.
  5. American Cruise Lines which has small ships under 250 passengers, I think, are about to start cruising again in the U.S. - river cruising. On their web page, they have a section called Covid19 Operating Protocol which I found to be interesting reading. Because of the size of their ships, I think it is doable. I don't know if the larger ships could do it. http://www.americancruiselines.com
  6. Sorry I missed that. Guess I still have the Amsterdam on my mind and wondering why it is still In Manilla Bay - same reason I suppose,
  7. Thanks Copper. I had been wondering why the Amsterdam is still in Manilla Bay. are there more crew waiting to be repatriated? It is also so amazing to see all those ships lined up at anchorage. Great toots.
  8. The most recent fax number I have used is 206-501-2620 In the past I received an email confirmation within a day (I requested such in the cover sheet I sent).
  9. I love tuning in to the Juneau Harbor website a couple of times a day as It is so soothing to me in this era of total chaos. I too miss the sounds of the ravens. And seeing so few people walking around is amazing.
  10. Perhaps the poster meant that the 2020 Around Africa cruise was canceled which it has been.
  11. I like 7054 Neptune Suite near the back door with easy steps up to the Lido Deck. Good viewing out the back of Alaska and Panama Canal cruises.
  12. In checking my AmEx account this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see the refund I have been waiting for. I cancelled a May 18th Alaskan cruise on March 18th direct with HAL invoking the PPP cancel for any reason. The figure for the cash refund given by the HAL agent was what I received. There is a small FCC floating somewhere but I am not concerned about that. Time from cancellation to posted refund was 72 days. For someone who did not think I would ever see a refund, I am very happy. Thank you HAL.
  13. And Princess is using the Island Princess which at 2200 passengers is much larger than either the Pacific Princess or HAL's Amsterdam. Should be interesting as to how this all pans out for 2022.
  14. I am glad I have been lucky enough to enjoy 81 cruises in my life. I could not and would not do a social distancing and masking cruise. That would take the ambiance and joy of cruising away IMO. I think I have cruised for the last time.
  15. I hope he posts on his blog once he is safely home.
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