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  1. Maybe HAL will be adding back the wine stewards as the ramp up continues. I was told crew were at 80% on my Alaska cruise. Perhaps this was the area chosen to eliminate for the time being. Can only hope.
  2. In the Pinnacle Grill and the Tamarind on NA Alaska cruise, my wine by the glass order was taken by the server and delivered by the bar person in the associated bar of that restaurant (rather quickly I might add).
  3. Glad you made it to Seattle the day of embarkation. That would worry me but you were successful; have a great cruise.
  4. What about the Eurodam, the only other HAL ship currently sailing? It is in Europe. Does that mean it does not have to report to the CDC?
  5. Makes total sense to me. The Carnival, NCL, and Royal Caribbean groups should announce the same policy very soon so passengers can plan.
  6. A curiosity question. If a married woman brings her birth certificate as proof of citizenship and it has her maiden name on it, must she also bring her marriage license to prove who she is?
  7. I am taking a land tour in October. I have been notified I must bring my vaccination card as some hotels and restaurants may require proof of vaccination. I suspect at some point a negative Covid test may be required as well. It isn't just cruise lines that we are jumping through hoops for.
  8. I would have loved to complete the survey but HAL didn't send me one for my recent Alaska cruise, first time ever I was missed. Maybe because I did not download the Navigator app?
  9. I don't think HAL will test at the pier in the US as their parent company Carnival came out last week and said there are no plans to do that. I too prefer to test at home. Who would want to arrive at the pier and test positive? I was on the NA Alaska cruise and felt completely safe on the ship with the protocols HAL has in place. Covid 19 is a moving target and it is not going away. We have to learn to live with it. I too am surprised at those ignoring masking, social distancing, and getting the vaccine etc. here in Tucson. I know of two elderly people who spent the last two weeks of their lives on ventilators because they refused to get the vaccine. So sad. HAL is sailing at between 70% to 80% in the US. I don't know what their break even point is. I think the other cruise lines are doing about the same capacity wise; only time will tell if the cruise lines can survive. I hope they all do.
  10. I, for one, missed stopping in Victoria. I love that city.
  11. Is NCL the only cruise line doing tests at check in? If so, they are the minority. I would imagine doing tests as part of check in slows down the whole process. Embarking on the NA two weeks ago was the fastest it has ever been for me, showing the vaccine card, the test results, boarding pass, passport and away we go.
  12. I stand corrected. My cabin steward was the one who told me there was no printed room service menu. I guess he did not get the memo.
  13. On the Nieuw Amsterdam cruise to Alaska, there was no printed Room Service menu. It was on the television. It might be on the Navigator app but since I never downloaded that, I don't know.
  14. On the Nieuw Amsterdam Alaska cruise , the MDR lunch hours on boarding day (Sept 4th) were 12:00 to 1:30.
  15. I believe if you arrive on a HAL sponsored shuttle, you will go right to the process. My time was 12:20 on the NA, I arrived at 12by taxi and proceeded onward. This was in Seattle; don' t know how handled in Europe for Eurodam or at future opened ports.
  16. Good one. Noordam and Konigsdam have no passengers at this time. Only Eurodam and NA.
  17. According to my friends who live in Santa Barbara, the population there has never really warmed to cruise ships stopping there. So Covid is a good excuse to stop ships.
  18. Rather than start a new thread on the Sept 4-11 Nieuw Amsterdam Alaskan cruise, I thought I would add my comments to Lisa’s reporting. Specialty restaurants: I travel as a solo older woman and eat meals at the earliest time available. Because of that I cannot complain about service in any of the restaurants and I ate in each of them 2 times. I know that early eating is not everyone’s cup of tea but I think the earlier one is, the better service. Food wise I would rank the Pinnacle Grill 3rd among the three. Until this cruise, the Canaletto was subpar for me but I really enjoyed both meals there – tasty and well presented The Tamarind is a gem IMO but the menu seems more limited than it used to be. The Pinnacle Grill choices seem pretty much the same before “the pause” but portions are considerably smaller IMO. I can remember when 4 large shrimp composed the shrimp cocktail; now there are only 3 and smaller. There used to be 3 lamb chops and I was served two. The Caesar salad was considerably smaller, lacking dressing, and with one lone hidden anchovy. I much preferred the old days when the salad was made at the table. However, the 7 oz. petit filet had to be the best piece of beef I have ever had in the PG on my 37 HAL cruises. The Captain said at his Chat that portions are now smaller (but you can request more) and the food waste is down 50%. Entertainment and Activities: In the evenings I attended Lincoln Center Stage quintet and the Billboard Onboard– both groups were excellent. Whoever created the EXC talks did a fantastic job. I assume these were done in Seattle and presented very well by Valorie. Very professionally done and interesting as well. My Problem: Unfortunately, I encountered the problem of not receiving credit on my onboard account for the prepaid specialty restaurants for which I am entitled free or half price due to 5* status. In the past, depending on the ship, these were credited to the onboard account at the beginning of the cruise or the Neptune Lounge Concierge took care of getting those loyalty benefits on the account. Not so this time as the Concierge did not seem to understand this benefit and told me all would be on the onboard account on Friday. I was skeptical but gave him the benefit of the doubt. It did not happen and I am dealing directly with Seattle on this issue. Safety; I felt completely safe on this cruise. I think HAL is doing the best it can with the ever- changing virus and the CDC guidelines which they must follow. The virus is a moving target; I think we have to give the cruise lines some slack as they navigate through these trying times. Most of the world is not open and might not be for a year or more; we have to roll with the punches. Masks may be around for some time. The Best; A clear day in Glacier Bay and no rain in Ketchikan – a beautiful sunny day. And as we left Ketchikan, looking at the pier and not seeing 4 large ships docked mind boggling. Barbara
  19. I think that in regard to food that HAL, Celebrity, and Princess are pretty much the same. My last cruise before Covid was on the Royal Princess and I have to say the entertainment options were far better than on HAL.
  20. I don't think so. Sharon in AZ has made a couple of comments on threads.
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