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  1. Wow! The pics are amazing! Thank you! Interesting that it looks like 2 of the hot tubs were moved to the bump outs on the top deck - they used to get a lot of loungers into that space. And is there a charge for the little ‘huts’ all around? Are there seats in them or space for a lounger?
  2. Thought this was a new thread until I started reading it. Currently on Navigator and we are rocking and rolling on our way back to Miami. Very uncomfortable.
  3. Ooooo this just made my sons night! He’s super excited now to see his Guitar Hero!! Thank you!
  4. THANK YOU!! Great news! My son is thrilled! Have a wonderful cruise !
  5. Sailing Navigator for a 2nd time in a month. (Sailed her last year). Can you please confirm that the Guitar Hero game is still at the entrance of the arcade? My 10 year old son thanks you!!!!!
  6. My sons father is not on the BC but I gave him his last name. So I’m able to get a passport for him without ‘permission’ from the other parent. We’ve been on 20 cruises, since our last names are different on the passports, I’ve only been asked to see his BC twice. It doesn’t bother me, I appreciate them checking! I could just show them the BC but I like having the passport as well.
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