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  1. Corinne - I was so shocked and saddened to hear your awful news of John's death and the terrible problems you were encountering with receiving your refund. At least the latter has now been resolved but you really didn't need to go through all of that in addition to your devastating loss. Sending my heartfelt sympathy. Lynne x
  2. Understand from friends currently on Oceana that they are heading straight back to Southampton, arriving Wednesday 18th March. They have been given a full 100% credit. Lynne
  3. Hi Hiccups I actually chose this cruise because of the stop in Tarragona as I wanted to follow the Roman trail, but I was more than happy to be safe and away from the protestors. It was good to meet you on board - just pleasant memories now. Here's to the next time. Lynne 😀
  4. Thank you so much for posting your experiences here. The photos are stunning. I'm enjoying following along with you on this wonderful journey. Lynne😀
  5. Think maybe that the process differs between ships as we have just returned from Pursuit (19 Oct). We weren't given information sheets on embarkation that included info about fruit baskets and we did receive LCV laundry coupons. Have to say that the laundry was perfect. Wish I could iron shirts as well as they did!
  6. Loving your report and all the wonderful photos. It is like reliving the cruise all over again, with the addition of places that we didn't visit, meals that we missed out on etc., although I'm sure we were doing something equally fantastic at the same time. I've written a review, without all the pics, but I know it can take a few days to be uploaded to the Review section. Missing you already, as they say! Lynne 🤩
  7. Ah, thank you for clarifying. I hadn't realised that for suite guests speciality dining is complementary but doesn't mean that they can dine there any time.
  8. No discounted deals for first night speciality dining on our Pursuit cruise 12-19 October 19. We booked the three dinner package for $70 each as soon as we boarded around 12noon and had our choice of times and restaurant. Both Aqualina and Prime C dinners were excellent. We did talk to other guests who arrived at 1pm and staying in a suite who said that they were unable to book the times they wanted in the speciality restaurants and we also talked to another couple staying in a suite who were unable to make reservations in either speciality restaurant on several evenings, despite the fact that suite guests are entitled to dine there any evening. Not sure how the system works for suite guests but it didn't seem to be working well for both these couples. Lynne
  9. Cabin number: 4040 (Oceanview) Ship: Pursuit Date of travel: 12-19 October 2019 Any Noise?: No noise at all Would you choose again: NO, but only because the dark grey decor make the room so gloomy that we needed the lights on all the time. Also, the air con cannot be turned off (or balcony door open to let in some natural fresh air as it is an ocean view room) resulted in sore, dry throats for us, which spoilt the holiday rather. In the past have been happy with oceanview rooms on deck 4 on Quest and Journey but they were lighter in decor and the air con has not been as fierce.
  10. Hi Hiccups Great to meet you on board. Hope that you are safely home, as we are. We were in an oceanview and, as you said, we received $100 on board credit for missing Tarragona. We debarked in Barcelona around 7am, which was much earlier than we had intended originally, but due to the protests and the fact that the protestors had marched on the port during Friday evening and occupied the airport earlier in the week which resulted in a lot of flight cancellations, we followed the captain's advice and left early. There was no trouble in getting to the airport by taxi and our flight on Easyjet to Gatwick, although an hour late but not due to protests, was fine. A fantastic cruise, once again. Lynne
  11. Thanks Sleep 7 We are on this cruise and really looking forward to it. For us, there is so much to see in Tarragona that interests us - the Roman trail is what we are going to be following. Will have to be up early though as the ship leaves at 2pm for Barcelona. https://www.tarragonaturisme.cat/en/routes/roman-route Can understand why you want to spend more time in Barcelona though and glad that you will have the opportunity now. Look forward to meeting you at the Meet and Mingle on board. Lynne 😀
  12. So happy to have your thoughts on your cruise nodski and more than pleased that you are having a great time. We are on Pursuit in a couple of weeks so every morsel of information is of interest. Look forward to hearing more but in the meantime I hope you enjoy every minute. Thank you. Lynne 😀
  13. I'm in the UK and a regular Azamara customer - next cruise in a couple of week's time, but didn't receive this survey. Have never booked a hotel through Azamara though.
  14. I agree that on port intensive cruises it probably isn't an important issue for guests or economical for Azamara but on cruises with a number of sea days I think it is vitally important and would be a deal-breaker for me if I knew that there were some good lecturers on board. Lynne 🙂
  15. Thank you for your wonderful and very interesting blog. I am enjoying every minute! Lynne 😀
  16. Hi Corinne and Lottie I am following along with Corinne on the Saga board - thank you for the heads-up and I'm really looking forward to hearing how you enjoy the cruise. Reading someone else's review on that board, it sounds as though there was some excellent entertainment and interesting lecturers, so it would be great to hear your thoughts Corinne. And Lottie on Fred Olsen's Braemar - it will be really refreshing to hear both of your comparisons with Azamara. So glad to hear that you are having a wonderful time, Lottie. Lynne😀
  17. Hi Corinne, Here's another following along. Really interested to 'share' your cruise with you. As you know, we first met on a Celebrity cruise to the Baltics many years ago and both have sailed quite a number of times on Azamara. Our next is on Pursuit next month. I am interested to hear about the age demographics on your current cruise. I know that Saga caters to the over 50s, which isn't at all old, but just the name now has poor ageist connotations (wish they would change it). I know when my DH rang Saga for car insurance when he was 53, he was told that at his age for them he was a 'boy racer'! Looking forward to your blog. Lynne 😀
  18. That doesn't seem to be the case for me, Bonnie. There are still suites available for sale but the only option that I was offered to bid for was a balcony from an OV. Lynne
  19. Thank you dabear - We are very happy to stay in our Oceanview room then. No point in upgrading to a balcony in mid October in the Med. A suite, for the extra room, perks etc might have been worth it. Lynne 😀
  20. We are booked into an Oceanview room on Pursuit in October and were invited to bid for an upgrade, but only to a balcony room. There was no opportunity to bid for a suite although there are quite a few still on sale. Does anyone know if there might be the opportunity to bid for a suite at a later date if they are not sold? Lynne🤔
  21. Thanks for sharing your interesting observations Richard. I am glad that you enjoyed the cruise with Azamara. We are on Pursuit in October and are happy to hear that you were pleased with the service. It was also refreshing to read your thoughts on the bathroom and shower. We have never had a problem with the size either. Last year we sailed on the Sapphire Princess and found the shower to be smaller than those on Azamara. Hope you have a good time in Barcelona - watch out for pickpockets and distraction thieves. Lynne 😀
  22. Wow! Loved your photos and your review. It was really refreshing and made me feel as though I was on board and exploring the ports with you too. So enjoyable. Would love to do that itinerary. Thank you Lynne 😀
  23. Maybe Azamara are hedging their bets on these cruises as the areas you mention are all places with some current unrest. I have just been reading the news this morning about a stray Russian built missile accidentally landing in Cyprus, thought to have been fired by Syria in retaliation of air strikes throughout the night by Israel. 😐 Lynne
  24. London is such a cosmopolitan city that many 'locals' are from other parts of the world who live here now so you will often hear any other language except English spoken. I live beside the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, worked opposite Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament for 10 years and opposite Madame Tussauds for 11 years so can safely say that I am a local working and living in the middle of the major London tourist areas. I love seeing tourists enjoying themselves in this city but sorry if the major spots are too crowded at times. Time to do the Azamara thing and explore some of the lesser known parts of London - a day in Greenwich for a start, Hampton Court Palace, the Museum of London, Docklands Museum, Hampstead Heath and Keats House, Kew Gardens etc etc. Lynne 😀
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