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  1. Thanks again everyone. Merion_Mom, Love your humor.
  2. How does Harmony handle the 3 drinks in the evening? On one of our cruises, we went to several lounges. Always at one lounge there would be snacks. I’m not sure they cared how many drinks. I don’t need more than three anyway. I just wondered how Harmony does it.
  3. M&T

    Samur Snorkel

    Great. Thanks for the information.
  4. M&T

    Samur Snorkel

    My trip is mid February too on Reflection.
  5. Are there several places to snorkel off the beach? Thanks
  6. M&T

    Samur Snorkel

    Too bad no one answered. Did you go? What was your experience? Thanks
  7. Which side of the road do they drive on? I think you are on my cruise, Duanerice1.
  8. I am interested too. We will be there in February. Thanks
  9. What shows and activities do you recommend. I will be on Harmony in February. It will be our first time on a large ship.
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