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  1. That door is broken. You can get out but no one can get back in
  2. Hey I’m not complaining, my stomach is way too small to even complain but it just should be noted that sides may or may not be available that’s all.
  3. Agreed, they would have happily moved you. They are the best!
  4. Yes, capacity on my sailing was 60% and with like 13 different place to have dinner not counting room service it kinda spreads everyone out during meal times but still a capacity that fills venues for sure.
  5. Based on my experience on the Panorama you do not have a reason to be concerned about social distancing in the MDR. On any given night the dining room was 25% occupancy. MDR staff extremely accommodating with my request for social distancing and it was never an issue for them or me. Lots of tables to choose from.
  6. Good idea, in hindsight I should asked them to only serve me side portions of the main courses since all of the main course portions were enough to feed 2 people.
  7. No sides. I asked for a baked potato but was told it wasn’t an option.
  8. Agreed, to put it mildly I was disappointed and it revealed a lot about character.
  9. The reason they paid for their room service meals is because they had kept their symptoms hush hush 🤫 at that point and were “self quarantining” and had NOT reported to the medical center for testing at that point yet. Whereas Josh Hocam @cruise with Josh reported his symptoms with the medical team on Mardi Gras right away and him and his cabin mate Peter were comp’d meals from MDR, Pig N anchor, Chibang, etc. during their quarantine. The obvious lesson here is it pays to be on the up & up and do the right thing like Josh & Peter did and not try to be sneaky and hide like Parodeejay did.
  10. I sail solo and always get assigned to a table alone that seats 2 people. I do request a socially distanced table and sometimes to accommodate that request they will seat me at a table that seats 4 people.
  11. In the Havana Bar on Panorama it was announced that masks were mandatory while on the dance floor. Previously highly recommend to mandatory.
  12. I had no idea the metro even went to LB from Culver City. I thought the CC train traveled east & west not north & south. Any rate, an Uber for $40 each way is fine for me.
  13. Got another price drop today for $346.00 on top of the first one I got last week for $190.00 on a Panorama Havana Cabana for 12/31/21 sailing!!! Shocked 😳 I now have enough OBC to cover Cheers! Rate code OS5 under mock booking options. Sale ended tonight and submitted the PP form at 7:30 PM PST and it was approved at 8:15 PM PST?!?!? Again, shocking/double shocked.
  14. Just a note - side gate that separates the lanai (Pig & Anchor from Havana) broken and you can’t use your key card for access.
  15. Just got off the Panorama on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised by the food after trolling this thread. The omelette station fantastic! Gelato 🍧 wonderful! And the empanadas & zucchini tarts amazing 🤤
  16. No cabanas left on starboard side… and now we know why 😏
  17. I picked late debarkation and took luggage tag 25, the latest available and got off Panorama at 11:22 AM. I was in the last group disembarked.
  18. I should put together a meet up called Noises in the Night where we all spread out on different decks with deck plans in hand, walkie talkies, with night vision goggles and our cell phones in night vision mode between the hours of 1AM (after late night Lido closes) to 4 AM. BYO gear.
  19. You don’t have to, just book an aft port side room decks 5 - 9 on Panorama for Noises in the Night 😉
  20. Enforcement is key… sometimes access is not being strictly enforced and IMO it has a lot to do with new crew. Sad 😢 that we pay a premium for the enjoyment of the area but those who don’t seem to get through if they want. And it could be because they designed the area putting public restrooms on the private outdoor area. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  21. Just off the 9/18/21-9/25/21 Panorama sailing: Havana Cabana deck 5 My boarding zone was not called until 12:30 and I was on the ship at 1:07. My room was ready with my keycard on the door number. Dropped off belongings. Luggage was delivered around 1:30PM. cabanas were very private and great for social distancing. I pretty much had the whole port side of the deck to myself. If people were looking down at me from balconies above I did not notice. Since FTTF is gone and it’s taking longer to get on board I think you’re worried for nothing IMO. You’re room should be ready.
  22. I like mysteries myself and plan on investigating further on 12/31/21 and report back with audio & video hopefully 🙏🏻
  23. No cabanas are left on the starboard side, sold out for the NYE sailing but yes I know the staterooms starboard side do not experience the metal banging sounds that the rooms on the port side do.
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