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  1. My understanding is that Virgin Voyages told their Top 100 agents that the 100.00 is no longer combinable with MNVV.
  2. Thanks so much for pointing this out. I did think about these things however this is a VERY port intensive sailing (assuming all goes as planned 😬) and only one sea day. Definitely will not be in the cabin much and going to bed early to be up at the crack of dawn to get off in port the next day. That’s why I booked an inside cabin. This is one ☝️ itinerary where I can say ship age, cabin size/category & onboard activities really don’t make a difference 😁
  3. Hi everyone, I am new to NCL with an upcoming cruise booked on the NCL Sky for Nov. 2025. I have sailed with Carnival, Princess, and Virgin Voyages with a Royal Caribbean transatlantic later this year. I am a solo passenger although I booked a second passenger TBD just in case. I booked this particular sailing only for the itinerary which I’m head over heels in love with. But with the bad press NCL has about missing ports and last minute communication concerning missed ports I am having second thoughts. The only other slightly comparable itinerary I could find to this one is a Virgin Voyages Southern Spain and Morocco 10 day itinerary for about $1,700.00 more. In your honest opinion based on your experience with NCL, do I have a reason to be worried that ports will be missed on this amazing itinerary and it would be a safer bet to book with Virgin Voyages instead? Or am I being paranoid about the whole thing? Do you think that there is high likelihood that given the situation there seems to be with NCL leadership now, things will greatly improve by winter 2025 when this cruise happens? Thanks for your honest input.
  4. Thanks, I didn’t see anything like this itinerary for Celebrity but I will double check again 😁
  5. Yes, that is the month Spaniards take annual holiday. Way younger crowds.
  6. Thanks what time of year did you sail?
  7. Ah, thanks! Explains the very similar itineraries
  8. Hi everyone, I am new here and haven’t sailed Oceania. I have sailed with Carnival, Princess, and Virgin Voyages with a Royal Caribbean transatlantic later this year. I am 49 years old and solo. I’m thinking seriously about booking a solo on Sirena for October 2025 10 day Med. I am already booked on an NCL 12 day Med for the same period but with all the bad press NCL has about missing ports I’m having second thoughts. The NCL itinerary is amazing 🤩 and it is $4k. The Sirena is $4.7K and I’m also looking at a Virgin Voyages 10 day for $5.4K. All have similar itineraries. My questions are: 1. Will there be other solos on Oceania my age? Age 45-55? 2. I like to dance & listen to Latin music, go to shows, comedy at night onboard and stay entertained until about midnight including hot tubs at night. Will Sirena hold my interest? 3. Would the transition from sailing on ships of 2,800+ capacity to one of 700 capacity be a hard transition? 4. Should I reconsider the NCL Sky itinerary or consider the Virgin Voyages one instead? Thanks for your honest input.
  9. Thanks, is this deal limited to cabin type? For example central sea terrace?
  10. I didn’t see any 2025 itineraries on their website.
  11. I agree, there is no way I can justify spending $1176.00 for Free at Sea + which essentially for me would be the cost of sparkling water and unlimited WiFi when there is only 1 sea day on the 12 day sailing. So I’m content with the all in NCL fare of $4,036.56 + $280 gratuity for 2 people in an inside cabin. This happens to be the same price for an insider on Scarlett lady for the 10 day summer itinerary. So it boils down to itinerary and time of year. June vs November/December in the Med. The NCL itinerary is insane though, which is why I’m leaning towards it. That and the fact I’ve never done an NCL cruise before.
  12. I hate to admit it but Walter is right. I recently booked a 12 day sailing on NCL Sky for 11/24/25 Lisbon to Barcelona with stops in 3 Canary Islands, 2 Moroccan ports, Cadiz, Ibiza, Motril, Valencia, & Mallorca. Inside cabin for 2 people and free at sea promotion for 4,036.56 before gratuities. While a lot less ports and a 10 day versus a 12 day, I could get on Scarlett Lady with a similar itinerary in the summer of 2025 in an Insider for $4,230. On the NCL to include gratuities, unlimited WiFi, essential drinks included, and additional specialty dining I would also need to upgraded to the Free at Sea + promotion for an additional $1176.00 and it still excludes gratuities. Some might argue that the shore excursion credit’s, unlimited open bar, the 2 extra days and 5 additional ports might be worth staying with NCL. I’m on the fence right now. I love NCL’s itinerary compared to VV but outside of the itinerary, VV offers way more value.
  13. Ship: Valiant Lady Cabin#: 8102 Z Deck #: 8 Cabin Category: Sea Terrace Sleeps: 2 Bed is by the balcony. Cabin Location: (Port, Starboard, Forward, Aft): Starboard / Aft Terrace/Window/Obstruction: yes but minor and not advertised as such Noise Issues?: None Wind Issues?: None Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: No Hammock: Yes Metal/Glass Terrace: Glass Advantages/Problems: larger balcony but slightly obstructed view Would You Book Again?: Yes Comments: Loved the location one deck up from 7 between aft and midship elevators. Quick easy access to Dockhouse and everything on deck 7! Don’t believe the hype about noise issues being 1 deck above 7! This location was very quiet!
  14. Exactly! Was able to stretch out and actually sleep 😴 for 5+ hours
  15. True that. I’m the only one I know who loves it. Honestly it was the only time I’ve been able to sleep on a plane. I will do one in May when I come back from BCN to LAX.
  16. LOVE ❤️ Level/Iberia premium economy! I have an Iberia Chase Visa that I earn avios on and triple the avios for Level flights! Level/Iberia offers DIRECT flights from & to BCN & LAX. On the 2 flights booked with Level my premium eco seat cost less than $900 (bulkhead) for my one way direct flight! I’m on the Scarlet Lady TA from MIA to BCN in April and can’t wait 😜 booked my Level flight in June for that one. Booked Royal Caribbean for my November 24 TA from Barcelona to Port Canaveral. First time on RCL but I booked for the itinerary & price.
  17. Wow, that’s so sad… 1 whole friggin hour out of Shakira’s new home port no less. Shameless.
  18. I think the person posting this was trying to make the distinction between breathing fuel exhaust and water vapor.
  19. Great idea about the alarm ⏰
  20. What do you mean when you say the dock has no seat’s remaining? This concerns me as I have a TA booked for next year and another 8 day coming up in November which will be my first VV cruise. On both sailings I specifically chose cabins close to the dock for easy access.
  21. Thanks Walter & Jon, do you know if it is listed on the schedule or do I need to check every night by showing up in person? The only thing that would top my interest would be a live salsa band but I suspect I’m out of luck so if I need to show up every night I will be willing.
  22. What is this event? Does it cost extra? Does it require reservations? Is it offered every night/only once/multiple nights? When does it start & end?
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