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  1. We were on the Zaandam last July and they still have the small tv on the desks and a bathtub/shower combo. For movies you had to borrow dvds from guest services. However I think I saw that the Zaandam is scheduled for dry rock soon so maybe they'll do upgrades then? Search for dry rock schedule s on this board and you may be able to find some more information on what's happening in dry dock.
  2. For those of you who have been on the Eurodam in the last year, is the explorations café coffee bar an actual separate counter or is it like on the Oosterdam, part of what used to be the crow's nest bar, with the bar and the coffee "shop" being one in the same? Also, I just read a review about the Eurodam from Dec 2019 and the person said they no longer offer lunch in the mdr, even on shore days. Does anyone know if this is indeed correct? If it is I am assuming it is fairly new since we were on the Oosterdam in June and Zaandam in July and lunch was still being served in the mdr most days. Thanks for any information you can provide!
  3. I've recently received notification for an itinerary charge for our August 2020 cruise. It stated, "To enhance the guest experience, Icy Strait Point, AK has been added after Glacier Bay scenic cruising from 1800 to 2200 ." ☺
  4. We'll be sailing next August on a family cruise to Alaska. I was looking online and saw that HAL offers an all inclusive photo package. Has anyone ever purchased this package and what has been your experience? Do you feel it is worth it? We usually don't buy pictures but since this will be the first time we're taking a large family trip (3 generations, ages 9-79) I thought we probably would this trip. How much are the pictures to purchase if you don't have the package (I know they don't include the USB stick if purchased individually)? Also, does anyone know if I add it to my booking will it include everyone in my cabin (like pictures of just my kids, if I'm not in them) or can it also include everyone in my party (3 Neptune suites)? We're sailing on the Eurodam. Thank you for any information you can provide.
  5. We had this exact suite for our Alaskan cruise in July this year! We absolutely loved every second of the cruise and every square inch of that fabulous balcony (we were so fortunate to have had a heat wave the week of our cruise) and enjoyed it day and night! It is very private, completely covered but you still get lots of sun. Also, people above you can not see down onto your balcony like some of the other aft suites (you'll see what I mean). You will love the space, inside and out! Enjoy your cruise! Oh, and by the way, if you need people to fill up your cabin space and balcony I can tag along as your long, lost sister 😊. Just an idea 😄.
  6. Sailed on Zaandam in July. The DVD players are still there. Ours worked great and the do have a lot of ends to choose from. You can borrow 2 discs at a time (didn't know this too 1\2 way thru our cruise ☺) and I don't think they were ever out of a disc we requested. I believe you can even call and they'll deliver them to your cabin. We found it just as convenient to grab new discs when returning the old. We like to wind down from the days activities watching a movie in bed before going to sleep.
  7. We all chuckle when we hear HAL say things like, "In an effort to go green we will no longer be providing printed recipes cards at the ATK demos." and then bombard us with a tree's worth of PAPER advertisement during a week long cruise! My question is has anyone successfully stopped the delivery of these adverts? I had thought of either attaching a sign to our 'mailbox' asking to be passed by or by contacting someone in guest services or perhaps letting the concierge know our preference. We don't purchase anything from the specialty stores or use spa services, etc so these ads never interest us and waste paper so if we can stop them, that would be great!
  8. Thanks for the input! Sounds like a fun way to catch up with the days activities.
  9. That would be nice if you could get a chance to count. Thank you so much! I’ll stay tuned 😊.
  10. Thank you. I will definitely take a look at table 103. It may be an option for us. ☺
  11. We are taking a family cruise to Alaska on the Eurodam next August. We've made dinner our one mandatory meet up of the day and would all like to be seated at one table. We have late, fixed dining.We have 11 in our group, 2 of which are children, 9 year old twins). Has anyone had a large group, or is familiar with the largest table size available, on the Eurodam? We are all in Neptune suites but don't know if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide!
  12. Mystery solved! It is as I suspected, a mistake. Happy accident for us, free robe! And now, hopefully, whoever was supposed to get the robe has a new one on it’s way to them ASAP! Thanks to all who offered opinions!
  13. Tantsee, it was new still in a cellophane bag, no monogram. 🤷🏼‍♀️Weird. It is very soft and does seem quite warm. I’ve got my eye on it (sorry dh) if we’re allowed to keep it 😊.
  14. I know you were trying to be humorous but that comment is highly inappropriate on a cruise message board. The topic of my post is about a robe, sent from HOLLAND AMERICA, not another woman, so your attempt at humor doesn’t even make sense for the context of the post. And, no, rest assured he doesn’t have a mistress. With 8 year old twins, a full time job working 12 hr shifts and me as a wife he doesn’t have the time! 😊
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