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  1. Mystery solved! It is as I suspected, a mistake. Happy accident for us, free robe! And now, hopefully, whoever was supposed to get the robe has a new one on it’s way to them ASAP! Thanks to all who offered opinions!
  2. Tantsee, it was new still in a cellophane bag, no monogram. 🤷🏼‍♀️Weird. It is very soft and does seem quite warm. I’ve got my eye on it (sorry dh) if we’re allowed to keep it 😊.
  3. I know you were trying to be humorous but that comment is highly inappropriate on a cruise message board. The topic of my post is about a robe, sent from HOLLAND AMERICA, not another woman, so your attempt at humor doesn’t even make sense for the context of the post. And, no, rest assured he doesn’t have a mistress. With 8 year old twins, a full time job working 12 hr shifts and me as a wife he doesn’t have the time! 😊
  4. I called HAL this morning and spoke to a very nice lady. She looked and looked and is as stumped as we are. She’s going to contact the ship and email me when she knows something. Stay tuned....
  5. Yes, checked the credit card statement, nothing on it we didn't charge. As always, we checked our on board account before disembarked and all was correct on that. The mystery remains. My thought it was an error, either when offloading they got the cabin number wrong or, because it's been 2 months maybe they were trying to figure out whose it was and they've guessed incorrectly.
  6. No, no package with a free robe, he didn't order anything and it is not monogrammed. The return address was Oosterdam and the Holland America underneath that. Also there was a note on or in the box that just stated "for offloading " so it would seem as if it was taken from our cabin after we disembarked and then went to us. I don't know. Very confusing. I'll give HAL a call on Monday if the mystery isn't solved by then 🔍☺
  7. My dh and I sailed in a neptune suite for the first time in July. We were on the Oosterdam. Something odd happened today. My husband received a box delivered by FedEx with a robe in it, from Holland America. We never used the robes on board and from everything I had read before you weren't supposed to take them at the end of the cruise, and we didn't, so I'm totally confused! Also, it was addressed to my dh who is listed as guest 2(not primary) so that just adds to the confusion. Has anyone had any experience with this? Thought I'd check here before calling HAL. Thanks!
  8. Is that Bailey I see guarding them? Go Kings Go!
  9. This will be our first time in a Neptune suite and plan on using the concierge for making reservations and other things. My questions is, do you usually tip with every request or just at the end? Also, what is an average tipping amount if we mostly used them for dining reservations? Thanks for any information you can provide. I know crew members on these ships work hard and I wouldn't want to short them.
  10. Thanks for the great reports! We sail in a little over 3 weeks and hearing about your trip is making me even more excited! You had mentioned that the Canaletto was supposed to have their new menu by now. Were you able to confirm this and have you been able to try the new dishes yet? Looking forward to hearing more about your journey and seeing the menu, when you have time! Safe travels and thanks again for the reports!
  11. I always use the patches when I am on a ship or airplane but I KNOW I get motion/sea suck. (Tested it a couple of years ago on a short two hair flight.....long story short, it wasn't a short enough flight 😨). If you're not sure you are, I do think what you've been has been working. You know what they say, if it ain't broke don't fix it. I tend to agree with grsnovi, it may not has been seasickness. Also, I've been on 2 previous Alaskan cruises, my third one coming up next month, and I don't ever remember them having really rough seas.
  12. I wonder if you order a half portion of an entrée, such as a risotto, for your appetizer if they would consider it two mains?
  13. Thank you so much for the info. I’m even more excited now!
  14. We'll be aboard the Oostedam June 30th. What was your overall feelings about the service and the things to do onboard? How was service in the mdr? What was your overall impression of the crew and ship? We'll be in a NS (for the first time, our 20th wedding anniversary cruise), were you in a suite and did you utilize the Neptune Lounge? Did you have good cabin stewards? Did you have fun? 😊 Thanks for any information! Welcome home! Edit: Please ignore this attachment. I have no idea how I took a screen shot and attached it to the reply. I probably couldn't have done it if I was trying. LOL I've tried to edit and take it off but to no avail. It is now forever part of history.
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