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  1. No apologies please! Thanks to you are enjoying a new adventure! We so appreciated your kindness in sending us some seeds! We may yet kill the few that are growing, but fingers crossed!
  2. Hope you enjoy your cruise!
  3. April 12/2019. Near Kyoto, Uji.
  4. @kazu None of the seeds germinated that you sent for us either. But the Atlantic seed company have! So DH is very happy! Now if we can just nurse them past infancy, lol! Thanks for all the encouragement!
  5. Good morning and special thanks to @Copper10-8 for the great library cartoons! ......sending positive thoughts and prayers @rafinmd .......loved the Santiago pictures Vanessa @JazzyV the birds are continuing to amaze us!
  6. I loved Madurodam! But can’t pronounce it either @garlictown
  7. Good morning and thanks all! @StLouisCruisers glad you were able to get your new car! Love how they must have negotiated after the fact! Love SUV’s! I have an aunt who lives north of Seattle, who bought bulbs in Holland that were shipped to her the next spring, lol, they came from Washington state! We have been fortunate to visit the beautiful tulip fields near Mount Vernon, Washington. Spectacular! Like Gerri, I haven’t been overly fond of ravioli until I had homemade in Tuscany, the pasta is delicate with lots of filling and you just have a few!
  8. So glad you have been able to organize such interesting tours, our kids loved Akrotiri, there is some thought it may have been Atlantis! Your family should enjoy the movies, I think it helps them envision things. In Barcelona, I am sure you will see La Sagrada Familia, and Park Guell. But I also suggest the Palau Musica and if you have time a trip to Montserrat.
  9. Sigh! There a few of us so afflicted! This whole country has gotten under my skin and into my soul! I love the people, never have I met such warm people. On the train from Rome to Chiusi, an Italian woman who spoke no English chatted to us via some Aussies with Italian heritage, so friendly! We have been shown many kindnesses over the years! Then there’s the food and the history and the scenery and the amazing wines and Italian Linens and leather...... this is not a once and done!
  10. You have more ports in the first one. Istanbul has been very iffy and is more likely to be cancelled. Sailing into Venice is a magical experience that is likely to end soon! For Greek islands and beaches, the first is tons better, Mykonos and Santorini don’t give you a true picture of Greece. Argostoli is wonderful for beaches and a more authentic experience, as are Crete and Corfu!
  11. Our Australian friends have been able to get together, had a normal Christmas, can shop without masks, have a wedding. But they do a sharp short lockdown if anything is discovered. I wish our governments had their vision, instead of the roller coaster we're on!
  12. Good morning and thanks all! A special thanks to Roy for taking such good care of the lists! We had an unusual visitor today in the bird bath. I will hug our grand dog, she had her first birthday!
  13. Adding my good wishes! RIP PrincePhilip! I learn so much from CC, had no idea about POW bracelets. I am very concerned about the two Canadians China has in prison. It is also a very important day in World War One history, Vimy day! We visited the Canadian memorial in France and it is extremely moving, as it is actually Canadian soil! I lost a distant cousin there, and my DH’s grandfather fought there as well but survived. DD is in quarantine again, during her spring break. I wish they would vaccinate our teachers.
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