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  1. I really miss the lovely Indonesian green tea that was served loose. It was amazing and the staff in beautiful costume with exotic treats. It was something only HAL had. Sigh!
  2. We have had great luck with the Ala and another local hotel in Castello. . Both in quiet neighbourhoods easily accessible without bridges and great for just wandering. The Ala is two palazzos back to back with a roof garden with amazing views and wonderful Murano chandeliers. So with research it is possible to have the best of both worlds, charm and good access. Just check how accessible where you are looking is to the alilaguna if you are coming from the airport. We rented an apartment last time on the north side of Venice and it was easily accessible as well. I don’t like using the vaporettos with luggage unless absolutely necessary.
  3. We have done most of the ports on two Baltic’s and a Norway cruise. I think it will be awesome!
  4. @FairgarthYou are covered by EU law for Lufthansa, but there is a Canadian air passenger rights group on Facebook that will help you. Chargebacks work well for many.
  5. As Aegean is an EU airline, you should be covered by EU rules no matter where you purchased. But unfortunately many airlines are trying to avoid refunding due to The pandemic.
  6. Thanks Rich! Enjoying the photos of happy plants. Spring is just starting here finally!
  7. @Vict0riann thanks so much for the jam recipe! My rhubarb is starting to grow so I will look forward to trying it!
  8. Oh I hope you get another chance, one of the most awesome places we have visited. The spice bazaar alone, sigh!
  9. Interesting to see the ships at Schevingen, we visited there years ago! There is the most amazing miniature city there. Bought some flowers today with my mask on, still too cool to plant here, but next week hopefully! Pork chops sound great! Will bake in the oven and attempt some Dauphinois potatoes! Would love the recipe for the strawberry rhubarb jam!
  10. We would have been heading off to sunny warm Greece today for a month. Our cruise visit last year just whetted our appetite again for this lovely country.
  11. Thanks Petoonya, we may wait awhile to make sure this virus is under control. Hope to visit there in May or October when it is drier.
  12. Sadly I have had no luck with Tahiti and French Polynesia. Our first attempt was when they had a huge very nasty zika outbreak, so we cancelled, then I had some medical issues two years ago that resulted in having to cancel, followed by Princess cancelling our October trip this year. Hoping one day we get to actually visit this beautiful place!
  13. Well we are actually having a very nice warm weekend, unusual for us as we have had everything including snow on this weekend😂. Now time to plant without too much fear of frost!
  14. The alilaguna is like an airport bus, less expensive than a water taxi. But a water taxi is faster though more expensive. You can take a reasonable bus into Venice and then transfer to a vaporetto, but you will be dragging luggage on and off. Either the alilaguna or water taxi is easier depending where you choose to stay.
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