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  1. Winner! I was thinking walled cities!
  2. We saw some trumpeter swans yesterday, it that what yours are?
  3. Wow! I loved visiting Israel, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Malta, Greece and Cyprus! Thank you for the great pictures. @iflyrc5Was that elderflower in Greek?
  4. Good morning and thank you Rich and Roy! cat, that wine sounds good too! @Marmot@Sealove those kitkats, Japan has so many flavours. What a beautiful dog, but then I have a soft spot for labs. @kazuand others who have had itinerary changes. I am sorry, what a PITA, we once had one that they changed every day of the 14 days except for embarkation! And we already had purchased our air. I hope they come up with a reasonable solution. Good thing it is chocolate day, we all need some!
  5. My May walkover cruises from the premier Ryndam/Rotterdam to the Westerdam no longer works due to the delay in the building of Rotterdam. So to do both I would need to fly to Europe twice now or stay for four months. As of last week Canadians are not allowed to fly to the EU. So with cases increasing everywhere I am very concerned that the May sailings will be cancelled.
  6. Winner! Such a beautiful place! We rented bikes and rode on the walls.
  7. You’re welcome, sadly we often don’t get the European news. It’s sad when it had escaped the devastating earthquake that damaged so much of the island many years ago. People still don’t realize how damaged the cinque terre is from landslides several years ago.
  8. Ok, running out of photos of ports. This oft visited Mediterranean port provides access to major and minor tourist sites. Which town am I visiting from which port?
  9. So enjoying these wonderful photos of places I have visited or hope to! I’m happy to be very flexible, I should have started this in August as we have done several long cruises at that time. We loved the cinque terre and Siena as well. Just hoping we get a chance to see Israel.
  10. Good morning and thankyou Rich and Roy! That dinner sounds wonderful, I love gazpacho and carrot cake. @TiogaCruiser yikes! Stay safe! @cat shepard that reisling sounds lovely! We have visited some of my husband’s family near the Saar during harvest. Such a steep and beautiful place. Here’s a photo of the Saar.
  11. Been there only twice😄. Birthplace of a very senior member of the British royal family.
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