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  1. We did the sel de mer and I was underwhelmed. The lobster in the MDR and service were better than the pinnacle. So IMO not worth it. Although the salt baked branzino looked incredible, though they didn’t show you it before they took it out of the salt crust.
  2. Thanks for explaining a lovely way to get there!
  3. We too prefer private tours. And when I look at google maps Priene is in that same general area. So unless it is too steep for the average customer? I think I am going to do the private tour, with a well regarded company. That way we get to have a real Turkish lunch and not a boxed lunch from the ship😄. I have appreciated your insights. Hope our paths cross some day. Probably driving around the Italian countryside.
  4. Or someone cancelled before final payment and the agent grabbed it. Either way, good!
  5. If one were to choose to do a Singapore to Hong Kong cruise, would November or April be better?
  6. We’ve been to Dubrovnik several times, maybe we’ll try Cavtat this time!
  7. The Westerdam, First time we have encountered it too. Not aware of any Noro.
  8. Ours wasn’t cleared until around 1 pm. There were crew by all the elevators and they wouldn’t let you go to your rooms. As we had hoped to just drop off the carryon as we have in the past. And it was for all passengers, we had a suite. We will see what happens on our next cruise.
  9. A month ago they wouldn’t let us even take our carry on to the cabin. We had to wait for the announcement and take our carry on to the Lido.
  10. just confused by the term paid upgrade, if it is an Upsell if you contact them? Realize it might just be semantics.
  11. Enjoy! Just curious, I thought an Upsell and a paid upgrade were the same. Now you have me wondering?
  12. The weather was pleasant, but varied from 4 degrees Centigrade in the north Hokkaido to low 20 s with very little rain in April. We may have been lucky! I would recommend Kyoto and Hiroshima. Tokyo was overwhelming and the beginning of May is golden week with masses travelling. We spent 10 days precruise in the west and saw even more cherry blossoms. I would suggest you fly to the west and train back to Yokohama for the easiest travel and lower cost.
  13. Hank, thank you for the information. From what I have read Priene seems very interesting too, do you recommend it?
  14. Nautilus was amazing! One of our best days ever! But it is a larger boat.
  15. Alrighty then! May also explain why the website thinks Singapore is in Canada! No words!
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