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  1. Thanks Kazu, glad you got it Sorted!
  2. We are booked at the cellar master on the Koningsdam and it will be at Canaletto. 69 per person with wine. So from what I am reading, mariner discount applies? Kazu is this the one you had had trouble getting the discount for, IIRC? Thanks!
  3. Ok, inRome now and absolutely loved the gloves at Sermoneta! Cruisemom, Thanks for leading me more astray. I am now not regretting buying more. Maybe next visit😍
  4. Avoid cyclone season in late summer and fall! We enjoyed cherry blossom time in April but weather is mixed.
  5. The lake area is beautiful! We also enjoyed Trieste. Lots to do in Padua, Verona and Vicenza as well.
  6. Many thanks fo was all the kind wishes! So looking forward to it! In Cornwall now, Rome next week! Meeting friends on board that we did a 24 day Medcruise with se real years ago.
  7. We booked through the concierge of our hotel, the Hilton Shinjuku and they sent a car and driver confirmed.
  8. Enjoying the discussion. We will be visiting wineries in Croatia and Sicily. Thinking corkage is the way to go!
  9. Has anyone else ever wondered why it costs more per bottle in the level two package to buy six vs four bottles? In package one and three the per bottle price decreases the more you buy. But not in the level two. Or is this just another HAL consistent inconsistency?
  10. Depends if you like to swim or not.the sea will be much warmer in the fall. At times it can make a huge difference between enjoying swimming or not.
  11. Best of both worlds several weeks independent touring, then 23 days where I unpack once and travel at night😎.
  12. Sorry to hear immigration was a circus, in April we waited over two hours lined up in the hallways. So frustrating and then the buses to town had quit running and we had to walk a long way through the industrial port area. And then Hal EXC personnel on the dock had NO idea how to get to town. I Hope your experience was better. We felt that HALs coordination with the port re busing left a LOT to be desired! Loved the port though, and my gorgeous inlaid jewellery box.
  13. We too were surprised to be asked on several occasions by other passengers. Never been asked on HAL. I just don’t like the class system which seemed evident on Cunard. I understand they pay a lot more. We have sailed in everything up to and including a Neptune suite on HAL, And as everyone eats in the same dining room IMO the food was better for it. I was frankly surprised by how uninspiring the food was on Cunard. Now with HAL that appears also to be changing with Club Orange is who knows how it will unfold.
  14. I got hooked on Furla handbags a few years ago. They are very well made and beautiful. There is also a brand from Rome that has a shop in Trastevere that are very nice. My biggest passion Is Italian linens, I LOVE Frette sheets. They are pricey but amazing. I love going in the store and checking them out. I bought a beautiful duvet set several years ago and it is still like new. They also have wonderful light weight cashmere blankets. I also like Italian linen table runners and actual Linen sheets. Sorry if I lead anyone astray. I also found wonderful rose gold and silver earrings. My only advice is if you see something you love buy it, because you won’t find it everywhere. They also have a stand alone cosmetic store of good quality, Kiko Milano that is worth a look.
  15. We sailed on the Queen Victoria and enjoyed the beautiful ships, wonderful two story spiral stair cased library and amazing tea with a harpist. We found the MDR food lacking in comparison to HAL, although the buffet was great. We think the Class system and separate grills dining room adversely affects the MDR. I have never been asked where my cabin is on HAL, but was routinely asked if we were in the Grills. Just not comfortable with that, but did enjoy the Stilton. The dress code is a little much as it is the whole ship, men must wear a jacket every evening, even to go to a show. so pros and cons.
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