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  1. Good morning and thanks all! @1ANGELCAT glad you have a date, hope all goes well! I really think the CC problems are from CC. I do nothing different and sometimes it all works and sometimes nada! We’ve twice been to Norway but not that port. I enjoy all the people we’ve met on cruises, some are shipboard friendships but we have stayed in touch with a number and have even been fortunate enough to sail together again or meet up landside. A new friend😃
  2. Good morning and thanks all! @cat shepard that wine sounds interesting! Love cabs! @kazu great photos, looks like you had a fun group! @mamaofami sorry that your challenges continue. We enjoyed a nice day in the country yesterday, and glorious weather!
  3. This is So difficult, but sometimes there are different ways of proceeding and different types of biopsies. Sometimes a biopsy may miss the affected area, so at times you may have to have a second one. So this may be a blessing in disguise, to get an accurate one. Hope you get a great surgeon who will help you decide. It’s tough to live with not knowing, but really we just have each day so take it day by day. Sometimes these things just have to unfold, and we have to live with uncertainty. Sending good thoughts!
  4. No, you will most definitely clear customs in Vancouver, not at final destination, as next flight will be domestic so no customs at the end. On that I’m sure, just not sure about collecting luggage or if it’s done by photo now like the reverse.
  5. Or their motto “We’re not happy until you’re not happy”😉 But seriously, there’s lots to like onboard. We had just excellent long haul service to Asia. Much like other airlines (BA ) they could do a better job with their customer service.
  6. We have had great experiences with Stefano’s Rome cabs on a number of occasions. Not sure of the size of their vans.
  7. Another thought, we really enjoyed Genoa itself. And then from Livorno there’s Florence or Lucca. I’m not sure the Cinque Terre in November is worth it. We’ve been twice and I think this is an area that has been adversely affected by over tourism and massive landslides. So something you may wish to consider. .
  8. Good morning, Thanks all and Happy Sunday! Graham, Always love the carvery lunch! @ger_77 agree about the pink pork! I know they’ve changed the recommends but prefer it look cooked as well! I’m enjoying the photos of Cobh and Cork, we’ve visited Ireland twice with two weeks in the south and two weeks in the North. A beautiful country. We discovered a huge wasp nest
  9. No they seem the same, so far. The strange thing is that this is the only plant that we got from all the seeds. The black pearl seeds all germinated but are still not even fruiting, they flowered and are now growing more🤷‍♀️
  10. Yes, I wonder when this will change as it invalidates our insurance.
  11. Good morning and thanks all! A special thanks to Kay for the great photos of Luxor. @kb4683 @St. Louis Sal so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend Steve, and hope your friend with the transplant is doing ok. @1ANGELCAT the waiting is the toughest! Hopefully you’ll know soon. @kazu what a ton of work! Can’t believe fall is here, seems to fly by. @ger_77 is Saskatchewan giving the high dose? I had mine with no ill effects this week and pneumonia shot last week. Now just waiting on the booster. So glad to hear the US land border is finally opening for Canadians. Some purple jalapeños, still waiting on the black pearls🤷‍♀️😂
  12. We did exactly this with Michael’s taxi and had a very good experience and overnight in Meteora. I would recommend two nights in Meteora if possible, One was not quite enough. Delphi is worth a visit or two!
  13. Good morning and thank all! I wish CC would deal with what ever is causing all the issues, makes reacting impossible and posting very difficult and time consuming! It didn’t happen before their last update and seems to impact us all at different times. We visited Sardinia, but the port of Cagliari and some amazing pastries!
  14. Yes and then you have the best souvenir. They were so lovely I had to go back post cruise and buy two more pairs! Rose gold leather cashmere lined and long navy fur lined😍 I also love how they beautifully wrap things, and then there’s Frette, sigh. And Furla….
  15. Absolutely stunning! Good morning and thanks all! A beautiful crisp fall day! Time for my flu shot, did my pneumonia last week! That wine sounds great, we’ve only been to the private Princess islands and Half moon cay in the Bahamas so nice to see the photos!
  16. Sorry to hear this, don’t really like your post. Thank you for your service. Hope you feel better so you can enjoy cruising!
  17. Just check if the penalties still apply at the 90 day mark, you don’t want any surprises.
  18. Yikes, hope things improve soon! Sorry you have to wait so long!
  19. Good morning and thanks all! We need to be so thankful for all nurses right now, especially the ER and ICU nurses! One of our dear friends who we met on HAL is one. I love fossils, our son has a dinosaur tooth. We live near where there have been a lot of dinosaur fossils. I have my ammolite in shiny form and I treasure an unusual creature I found just before our last cruise on England’s Jurassic coast.
  20. We’re over 25 years in this house and are redoing what we’ve redone! We’re sure we’ve rebuilt it all nearly, Lol! Two years ago after a major ice dam caused us to take the living room down to the studs, we decided to replace the new four year old windows with a much larger one. The money pit! Poor DH replaced the garburator for the third time, and it still didn’t work, the plumber was also perplexed, turns out it was a loose wire, oh well now we have a new one, 😂. I think cruising is much more economical!
  21. They’re from Okinawa, Japan. They’re very good, A deep purplish blue. They use them a lot in Hawaii. I’ve had potato salad made with them, yum!
  22. We saw pulleys they used, crazy! We were lucky that the Koningsdam had an overnight stop in Athens as it is a long way to Meteora and we then could do an overnight trip there. Sometimes Cunard stops there or perhaps you could take a cruise that starts or ends in Athens?
  23. Thanks, I know about orange, blue and white but not red. Do they taste the same?
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