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  1. A VERY interesting read! Sounds like we’re not alone unfortunately https://piperepair.co.uk/2021/06/13/the-pccp-repair-and-reinforcement-project-caused-by-mistakes-of-the-70s/
  2. Good morning and thanks all! We’ve enjoyed Ketchikan mostly in sunshine a couple of times, love passionfruit so the cocktail sounds good other than its name. @0106 congratulations to your parents on their 65 wedding anniversary! @kazu yum on that lobster! DS is on PEI so hope he gets one too! @ger_77 happy birthday to your DS. @Quartzsite Cruiser glad all went well yesterday and you made it home safely @rafinmdhope you soon feel recovered. Sorry to hear so many are not well, we’ve had an uptick in Covid, sigh! Not good news here, a state of emergency has been declared after robot inspections of the pipe found five more critical areas that need to be replaced immediately. These pipes are at only half way through their life span, so not expected! Another possible five weeks of these severe restrictions! So our huge garbage bins are open waiting for rainstorms.
  3. Love the peonies! @Overhead Fred mine are similar and @Vict0riann ooh, please pace yourself, with your upcoming surgery. Great advice from @kazu You can never have enough chocolate, and Bruges is in a special category! @smitty34877 glad you are feeling a little better! @Cruzin Terri safe travels, hope you’re feeling better. We may have trouble giving our granddog back, lol! Not great news on the water front, two workers were seriously injured so work has stopped for awhile. Hopefully they’ll be okay and things can resume.
  4. Good morning and thanks all! @catmando happy birthday! We’re one week into the severe water restrictions, and another week best case scenario. Sigh! I have learned how much water we waste. Was shocked by how much extra water I use washing my hair in the shower, so will use the sink. At least the whole city has clean water flowing and we have cut consumption substantially. Unfortunately we also been having storms with tornados, one was very near our Rv, so that has limited our options. But as Maureen says there still lots to be grateful for! Also in a bit of a funk when HAL refunded two unexpired FCD without our request or permission. And a two hour, three way phone call with Our TA and HAL couldn’t correct it, even with our TA’s notes. HAL just insists the guest requested it, when neither we nor our TA did. We’ll see how they respond to the email. Not impressed. loved this scene, the deer were wondering if the patio was open?
  5. We used Nautilus and had a wonderful day swimming and touring on a beautiful boat. You can control how many people as it’s a private tour.
  6. Sorry to hear Tana and Terri are sick! @Vict0riann glad you have a date! @erewhon Congratulations! Always good to be five years out!
  7. Good morning and thanks all! Hard to type with one finger. As I snuggle the Granddog! @Denise T happy birthday! @StLouisCruisers glad the ice is broken, uncomfortable but beats the alternative. And the view is always better when you take the high road! @smitty34877 glad the teenager had a great time! Hope your weekend wasn’t too exhausting! @ger_77 thanks for the update on Maurice, glad he is recovering so well! @Cruzin Terri hope things are improving! @kazu some extra hugs! We’ve enjoyed Malta a couple of times, first with DD’s Maltese friends touring us around. I’ll try to share some different photos. We greatly enjoyed seeing the extremely ancient ruins, Hagar Qim. Over 5000 years old.
  8. @Cruising-along I’m sorry you are having such difficulties with that erratic. Is there something the state could do, Making it a park with proper fencing? Or would that just cause more issues?
  9. Good morning and thanks all! Bon Voyage @Mtn2Sea and @cruzn single @kazu I’m glad you explored some options, but hope you get some relief soon from your pain. Makes it hard to make any decisions. Sending extra hugs! I’m envious of that lobster roll! love Celtic art! Happy Sunday all! Find joy where you are! We sure enjoyed the soothing views and wonderful creatures in Waterton.
  10. Very late responding, just glad it’s not locked. @ger_77 we are in YYC. It has also impacted the towns of Airdrie, Strathmore and Chestermere But the fear is that we will run out if we don’t severely restrict as we were using more water than we have and our running at 40% less capacity. Hopefully that will not happen. We have saved our shower water to flush toilets and bowls in all sinks to catch used wash water. It really makes you realize how much we do waste. When we are at the RV we use very little. We will be okay, just hoping the city will. Some areas have no clean running water and they have to access emergency trucked in water. So we are the lucky ones. Ironically, our minister spoke about the importance of water last Sunday. @RMLincoln thanks again for your wise words. I too have learned to set my expectations aside. We do have so much to be thankful for. And we can always learn new ways, @Cruzin TerriI am sorry for your trials, I’m hoping things will turn around for you. I read a beautiful book called 1000 gifts by AnnVoskamp about finding gratitude in small things after the loss of a child. It is a wonderful book. @Seasick Sailor thanks for taking one for the team for all your research😂
  11. Good morning and thanks all! Bon voyage to @Suslor Fourth time lucky! You give me hope! And @swin26 praying all is well for @cruzn single @smitty34877 hope the teenager has a great time, and that things are calm for you this weekend. I lost my dear brother at 30 years of age less than a year after he was diagnosed with a gliablastoma. A terribly aggressive disease. They have excavated to the location of the leak, the pipe is 11 km long with a diameter of two meters, so hopefully it can be repaired in a week, best case scenario. So we will be on these extreme restrictions for awhile. We now save every bit of grey water, truly makes you think about something we take for granted, clean water. There is a very real concern we will run out. Stores have limited purchase of water. On a brighter note, we have our dear granddog as DS is off to Prince Edward Island for a little R and R after his four years of intense study. Hope you enjoy some of the wildflowers of Waterton National Park. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site,
  12. So glad you noticed, praying @cruzn single is just busy getting ready for the cruise. Fatigue can be so terribly. difficult. Love how thoughtful you are!
  13. Good morning and thanks all! @aliaschief what a lovely ending to your wonderful adventure! Have sure appreciated you taking us along! It looks sublime! @LambKnuckles sorry but I couldn’t help laughing, Canadians have to roll with all seasons on any given day. I must have a dozen different types of jackets. @Haljo1935 oh dear! Kidney stones are no fun, excruciating! Prayers they pass soon, and appendicitis is no picnic either. Girl, you sure know how to have a good time! @marshhawk sending lots of hugs and prayers! I hope you can get some answers. @Haljo1935 and @kazu thanks for your concern, they have located the location of the break, these pipes are big enough to drive a truck through, an unprecedented situation. We have 1.6 million relying on our water. Sadly, we have no idea how long the repairs will take, it will not be over in a couple of days. Very scary situation. Sadly, last night many didn’t observe the restrictions and our water usage actually surged. I am glad I always keep an Emergency supply of water. We are lucky in that we can head to our trailer for awhile. On a happier note, we enjoyed our time in one of our beautiful national parks.
  14. Late again, but wanted to pop in and thank everyone for the wonderful D day photos and memories, We took our children as teens to Juno beach and the artificial harbours. DD was blown away as she had just graduated high school and was astounded at the ages on the gravestones, They were her age. @0106 what really astounded me was to see star of David’s on the German cemeteries from World War One in France. It’s incredible moving, as is visiting the Vimy ridge memorial. We enjoyed visiting Tracy arm, years ago on our very first cruise. @marshhawkappreciate the update! Sending extra hugs. Sadly our city has suffered a catastrophic water main break, feeder to well over one million people. We are on the highest restrictions. No watering. No showers or baths or washing dishes or laundry. Praying it resolves quickly.
  15. Good day and thanks all! I think we need a boomer picnic with trays of devilled eggs to taste test! I’m team miracle whip, DH likes to add curry powder. We’re very pleased with our lovely hotel and view.
  16. Congratulations to @ger_77@JazzyV @Cruise Suzy triplets! What our the odds of three joining the same day?
  17. Good morning and thanks all! @StLouisCruisers special hugs today as you remember Nancy and the twin babies. But I’m glad there is lots to celebrate. I’m sure your cruise will continue to be great, you’re in control of what you do! @RMLincoln I was wondering if the preservatives were part of the issue, our DD was allergic to them as well and it took a very good ophthalmologist to sort things out for her. Hoping things settle soon! @Cruising-along so glad you had a good checkup! Great news! We’re off to enjoy the nice weather! DS’s tree is spectacular, I think it’s an ornamental plum.
  18. Good morning and thanks all! Sending good thoughts to those who need them @kazu@Seasick Sailor@smitty34877@Vict0riann@marshhawk@Cruzin Terri Wondering how Maurice is doing @ger_77 We finally were able to go out to a lovely patio for an amazing dinner to celebrate with DS before he heads down east, and we puppy sit. The carnivores were happy! We visited Ajaccio a few years ago with Cunard, not sure it counts😉
  19. Yikes I’m sorry to hear this! I hope that Seattle can make things right for you. We booked CO, and now I’m nervous because we don’t have our new cabin number on the big box itinerary. @LAFFNVEGAS thanks for the insight about the off shore. I had the strangest conversation with guest services, earlier this week when two unexpired refunds for FCD showed up without being requested. The agent was nearly rude, insisted I’d called and it happened after 10 pm. She curtly told me it couldn’t be escalated further, I asked her to investigate. Methinks I’ll call back during your recommended hours!
  20. @Vict0riann I’m sorry to hear your news, scary as you navigate all this, but often things are very treatable. Hope you don’t have to wait too long. My mom even had a lumpectomy at 94, and did well. Wishing you the best possible outcome!
  21. Thanks, It’s actually our sons, lovely Macintosh type apples. Finally got my tulips so here goes
  22. @Cruising-along yikes on the safety! We live near the world’s largest erratic, but it’s in a field luckily.
  23. Good morning, barely, and thanks all! @kazu good thing I got those wishes in very early for a wonderful day and year. Thank you for all you have done for so many of us! I hope the tulips will post today, I used my old phone. Still no joy, so some apple blossoms instead. @GTVCRUISER happy birthday! Have a great year! @Copper10-8 love the jokes! @cat shepard nice to see a BC wine, they have some lovely ones, we had one from Vancouver Island that won against many Pinot Noirs, Lots of great ones from the Okanagan valley as well. Too bad we hadn’t known this a couple of weeks ago as we were very near Langley. @durangoscots the Joys of modern air travel. We decided to drive home after our last airline fiasco took eight hours for a one hour flight!
  24. Happy birthday Jacqui! @kazu now that it’s official. You’re my third friend with a birthday in a row! What a Week! My tulips are blooming to wish you a very happy birthday! Too bad the resolution is too high. 🤷‍♀️
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