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  1. I've got mad respect for people like this who take the personal responsibility to protect others. Well done, especially since this was apparently before the confirmation that some vaccinated folks can be well, yet have sufficient viral load to pass the virus on to others. Thank you, @HaveDogWillTravelfor sharing your experiences with us, especially the little details like this.
  2. Just in case anyone was curious, Hufflepug decided agianst punishing us this time. She has been super snuggly and loving. Maybe she decided that punishing me doesn't stop me from leaving again? I don't know, but she and Gryffy are in my lap right now, as I sit on the recliner, acting as my "desk."
  3. 1970 was the year I turned 3. I don't remember much of it at all, but I do know what the three year-olds in my adult life have been like. I feel pretty confident in saying that in 1970, I too, was so young and had absolutely no idea about the world, but I thought I was so "grown up" and knew so much.
  4. I do. I hadn't even considered that. Thank you. Now, I wish I had used it for Hawaii and sent my passport in for renewal four weeks earlier. Maybe your post can help someone else. Again, thanks.
  5. Edited: probelm not solved, but it turns out, the porblem I have is not the one I thought I had.
  6. I filled out my passport application online while on an RV trip in June. I intended to print out the application and send it it as soon as we got home (around the 17th). On the 21st, I somehow lost my driver license (I'm 99.4858% sure it fell out of my pocket at a brewery). I was very glad I'd been too busy/distracted since getting home to have mailed in my passport and application. We had a 4 week trip to Hawaii leaving on the 24th. My passport was the only way for me to be able to get on the plane. It would have really sucked to have Hubby go on our 30th anniversary trip without me. We
  7. Actual photo of me, after I replaced our broken garage door opener by myself (except for getting my daughter’s help lifting it, and the rail into place- that was a two-ladders, yards apart task). Normally, PapaFej and I handle repairs together, but he was on a ten-day shift. The look on the face of the guy at the hardware store who offered to “help” me lift the box into my cart was priceless, when he saw me put it into the cart, with less effort than it takes to wrangle a toddler into one. Yes, I’m still proud of removing, assembling, installing, and programming several years later.
  8. Hufflepug is like that. She acts really happy to see us at first, then blows us off for a couple of days. Gryffindog is just happy we are home, and enjoys getting laps all to herself while Huffy is in her mood. Since we were in the RV for six weeks, then only home for around ten days before leaving for another four weeks, it’s anyone’s guess how much Huffy will think we need to be punished.
  9. Well, it’s our last night in Hawaii. We enjoyed two wonderful weeks with the young adult offspring on the Big Island, as well as a week here on Kauai. That was the adventurous part of the trip. We sent the offspring back to California last Thursday, then had a week on our own, truly relaxing. We had dinner at Gaylord’s tonight, and it was amazing! We just topped off the tank in the rental car, and are headed back to the resort. I’m glad we are already mostly packed. We have pre-ordered breakfast, and asked the valet to have our car nearby. I think we are as prepared as we can be. I’m
  10. You couldn’t pay me to travel with Hubby’s siblings (you couldn’t pay Hubby enough, either). We have enjoyed cruising twice with my brother and his family, (and once with a group of almost 30, all of whom recognized each other’s need for autonomy). About 20 of us ate together most nights, at four proximate tables. It worked out quite well. Regarding accommodation of Roll Call groups, on our Chile to San Diego cruise in 2019, Celebrity was awesome, hosting multiple get-togethers, including a meet and greet, drinks and snacks in a Royal Suite at the end of a cabin crawl, and a speci
  11. I’m sitting by a pool at a resort in Kauai, Hawaii, and reading Project Hail Mary, the latest book by Andy Weir, author of Artemis and The Martian (made into a movie starring Matt Damon). A conversation is taking place among crew members from different space ships, when, for no particular reason, I immediately thought of this thread. It’s a cellphone photo of an e-reader screen, but, hopefully, it’s legible.
  12. @graphicguy, I am not much of a jewelry gal (I’m on my 30th anniversary trip, and didn’t even bring my wedding ring). However, I am very touched by the way you talk about your girlfriend and how much effort you have put in to making sure to get something special for her that she will like. Thank you for taking us all on your journey.
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