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  1. I'm going through that right now, but unpacking the motorhome instead... and no one came to make my bed or clean, and we had to cook our own food! We have more unpacking than usual this time, as we are trading in our 20 year-old rig for a beautiful new one we bought on our way home and will pick up in a few weeks. We will be land-cruising for a while as we wait for ocean cruising to return. RVing is a fantastic way to be socially distant while still getting to travel. I sure do miss having a steward, though, and cooks, a waitstaff, bartenders...
  2. Oof! That sounds rough, but worth it. Unfortunately, my mom had a bad experience with a dentist when I was very young, and she refused to take me and my brothers for dental care. As soon as I got my own dental coverage when I started teaching at 23, I started going. Surprisingly, I only had one cavity at that point. I should have gotten braces then, when we had double coverage. My teeth weren't that bad then. They started getting bad, and started to chip from poor alignment around the time my kids started needing braces. I finally got them once the kids were done (couldn't afford more than one set at a time) shortly before turning 52, and we paid them off right before Hubby retired last fall. I'm now nearly 18 months into them. I had hoped to have them off before our Trans-Pacific and Asia cruises this fall. I doubt if I'll actually be able to get them off by September, but I now feel confident that they will be off before we cruise again, unfortunately. In the meantime, I think we will take trips in our new motorhome to places with nice weather between adjustments. Going back to Washington sounds great, and RVs are perfect for keeping our distance while still getting to go places! I just wish that the mosquitoes would learn how to do social distancing!
  3. Thanks so much, @LoriPhil! I am downright giddy! I’d rather be cruising to Asia and Australia in a few months, and Oz, NZ, the South Pacific, then to San Francisco via Hawaii next February through April like we had planned, but land cruising with the love of my life in our new RV will have to do.
  4. I guess we will be doing lots more land cruising! We just bought that new motorhome I mentioned in post 145! Yay! They need some time for prep work. We will head back up to Sacramento in a few weeks to pick it up. I'm so excited!!!
  5. We are back in CA now... and it’s HOT here in Corning. We have to be home for the 13th-16th, then we will do a short SoCal trip before my orthodontist appointment on the 23rd, then we will run away from home again until I have to go back. Pro tip: don’t get braces in your 50s.
  6. We followed the Rogue River for quite a while today as we took the 62 down to the I-5. It was gorgeous! We’d spent two nights near Diamond Lake, visiting both the Umpqua NF and Crater Lake. You sure do have some lovely waterfalls in your area!
  7. Hello from southern Oregon! We left our son in his new hometown in NW Montana on the 5th. We stayed in pretty rural campgrounds in WA and OR the past four nights, and it was nice to be without internet or TV, getting a nice break from the news of the world. Lots of trees, lakes, waterfalls, cool temperatures, etc. We had thought about heading home through Thrak’s area, but it looks like we’ll be staying west of him after all. There’s a new RV in Sacramento we want to look at. Our 20 year-old rig that we bought very used 15 years ago has served us well. We’ve taken it and the kids to 49 states, most multiple times, and to over 100 NPS sites. However, with cruising not even on the horizon for us, we are seriously considering buying “THE” retirement RV now and being on the road nearly full-time. It’s awesome for social distancing, and for seeing when more of our beautiful country. Take care, folks!
  8. I jgave Hubby a hair cut in our campsite in southern Oregon this morning before pulling out and heading south. We had no internet for 2 1/2 days. No TV. No cell voice service, just intermittent texting. It was a nice break from the world!
  9. We were on the Reflection for an Ireland/Iceland cruise last year. We took four tours with Saga and were very impressed with them. Their small group tour leaders really know their stuff! We’d love to return for a much longer land trip someday!
  10. I was in Belgrade last fall. It was lovely! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Montana has such a small population, they actually shut down the schools for two days every October for teacher conferences. Last year’s was in Belgrade. The last couple of years, I flew into Great Falls, then spent Wednesday at my son’s school, watching him teach and reading to the younger kids in the library. Then we drove to Billings (2018) or Belgrade (2019) for the conference, hanging out after sessions and for the rest of the weekend. Then I flew home from Billings or Bozeman and he drive home. It made for wonderful visits! I will not at all be surprised if the conferences are online this year. Both Bozeman and Missoula are hot spots. Very, very few people here in NW MT are willing to wear masks. Given the 4th of July festivities going on here (6 person team tug of war, and other such activities) we will not be shocked to see a spike here and in eastern WA, where many visitors are from.
  11. We’ve just helped our son move from central to northwestern Montana. It’s gorgeous here, and being in our RV is awesome for social distancing. We went hiking to some falls and a swinging bridge just 15 minutes from his new apartment yesterday. We head for home tomorrow, but I’m looking forward to visiting again.
  12. I thought the guy next to Eris was William Tell, and next to him, his son. As for the archer at the head of the table, I don't know. I'm not familiar enough with the Robin Hood legends to recall anything about an apple.
  13. I was thinking the blonde might be Eris.
  14. On the plus side, that makes it just about 2 1/2 weeks away 😜😜 😜😜
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