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  1. This made me smile. My dad tells an almost identical story about his time working a Hughes supermarket in Pacific Palisades about 60 years ago. It was soup, not peaches, for him.
  2. I'm a bit of a news hound, so I can't remember which epidemiologists have heard say this, but at least two have said that vaccines don't save lives, vaccinations do, and that we shouldn't think of a vaccine as a light switch; the effects won't be immediate. We should think of vaccines as a dimmer switch; we still need to continue with diligent mitigation measures until enough of us are vaccinated. Each of these statements make perfect sense to me.
  3. OT: @Bruin Steve, whenever I see you post, I think of my grandfather. He did undergrad at UCLA, but Law School at Georgetown and he golfed in Calabasas a few times a week. I wouldn't be surprised if you encountered each other professionally. He practiced mostly in LA. The beginning of your career was toward the end of his. He mostly practiced civil law, however. Thanks for your logical, insightful posts. We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.
  4. As the spouse of a former firefighter, thank you, @LoriPhil for your post! Brush clearance, mitigation, and not lowering water pressure all save homes and lives! You probably already know this, living where you do, but please load your car and park on the street or in the driveway, facing the street. You don't want to have to back out into evacuation traffic and you don't want your car stuck inside a garage, potentially without power to open the door. From here on "you" means people in general, I'm not calling any specific person out. Another thing: when evacuation ord
  5. I am always eager to learn, even if the subject is tangential to the original intent of a thread. I have acquaintances (parents of friends) who were to visit Vietnam in February, as a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the husband's service there, I spoke to them quite a bit about a year ago, about their planned trip, and about the one I had planned to some of the same places, and others, that I should be on now. My father was stationed domestically with the Navy during the Vietnam conflict, but always on alert (I apologize if that is not the right term) to deploy during th
  6. We, too, are traveling on land, but quite differently from Hank. Our original retirement plan was to buy "THE" retirement motor home and live in it nearly full-time, traveling around North America. After taking a last-minute Baltic cruise for our 25th anniversary in 2016, and a fantastic Med cruise with friends for my 50th birthday and our kids' college and HS graduations in 2017, we came to realize that we loved cruising. We decided that international cruising and land trips were what we wanted to do for the first few to several years of retirement. In the last few working years
  7. Talented performers deserve good material to perform. Paying audiences deserve good material and talented performers to appreciate. Throwing together incongrous material for talented performers disrespects them, the audience, and the original creators of the good material that get amalgamated into a canned show.
  8. It’s silly warm here today, but we will have more fall-like temperatures later this week.
  9. Thanks! We've cancelled everything international in 2020 and 2021, and now have a NZ/Oz/South Pacific trip planned for early 2022, including a circumnavigation of Australia. We are hoping it will be a go. In the meantime, we mostly live in our motorhome, socially distant from everyone. In some RV parks, we can literally check in with our phones and not have any contact at all. Our college senior and college freshman take care of the house and the dogs while we are gone. Our daughter refers to it as "adulting with training wheels." We are home in Southern California for now, but hope
  10. Her little brother graduated high school in May. He had lost his Prom, his final concerts and most of the winter drumline season, as well as all the end of senior year activities. The school did an excellent job creating a drive through graduation, with grads getting out of their cars to walk across the stage at a safe distance from the principal. This was filmed and edited together into a ceremony streamed the night they were to graduate. Don't tell anybody I said this, but it was in some ways better (for me as an audience member) than my other kids' graduations. I could actually hear my kid'
  11. Today was our daughter's Senior Recital, sort of. Normally, she would have an accompanist. She also wanted to do a joint recital with a friend, as she did for her Junior, the final piece being a duet. Normally, she would have an audience filled with her sorority members, other musicians, friends, family, and faculty. Well, we all know what happened to normally. I first watched her perform in the chapel at the university when she was 13 years old, in the All-County Honor Band. I've watched her play multiple instruments and sing in many languages on this stage. I've seen her perform
  12. We were supposed to be on the Eclipse with Jelayne for those 45 days, followed by 4 days in Singapore. Then we were to board a Princess ship for an 18 day cruise, ending in Sydney. We were to fly home for the holidays, then return to Sydney and spend about 12 weeks in OZ/NZ and the South Pacific, including 3 weeks camping in NZ. Then it was to be a ten day cruise around Tahiti, followed by a 14 day cruise to San Francisco, via Hawaii. After all that, we'd just have a one hour flight home in time to see our daughter graduate from college. We'd spent over two years planning those tw
  13. It astonishes me how many people are too dim to realize that the nose is part of the respiratory system.. I taught 2nd grade science for a number of years. I wonder if my colleagues and I didn't do a good enough job. Seriously! How is it possible that people are THAT ignorant?!?!?! Did we fail to get students to understand that the nose is involved with respiration? Or are they just being jerks? Sadly, I think I know the answer.
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