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  1. On our last Celebrity cruise, I bought a future cruise credit with Azamara. I'm a bit on the fence now looking at prices, but they had an excellent transpacific last year, and some fair repos down the South American coast. Transatlantic prices are fair too, but I would rather try Viking Ocean for the money.
  2. This may very well send a ship or two to the scrap yard, or be sold, as these new costs are calculated. The cash burn to get the remaining fleet in order, makes me glad to not be a shareholder at the moment. They're obviously going to need to get things in order, by the time they're crewing up, much further than 60 days before cruising actually resumes.
  3. I wonder if undersold HAL exotics, could be offered to Princess cruisers, with crossover promotions? Keep some of the wondering eyed Princess cruisers with Carnival, and strengthen HAL's passenger base.
  4. I believe the important thing to do, is continue to vote with our dollars, on exotic and extended itineraries that are left. HAL's job is to market to a wider base, including younger, that would pay for such options.
  5. I think that Cunard and HAL have similar ships, pace, and are destination driven. If we were able to status match, or even earn Mariner points, it would add options to passengers on both lines. I've seen more British passengers on HAL than any of our previously sailed lines, there's decent crossover appeal.
  6. To give contact, I've been looking at the transpacific cruises during the winter 2021/2022 season. Will Noordam ever make it to Japan? Eventually, or it will be another ship in the fleet. I thought more ships crossed from Vancouver to Japan, but perhaps they went on to Singapore, Dubai, or Australia.
  7. I've never sailed Princess, but I can see that there is an obvious contrast in atmosphere. Cunard makes more sense, especially since they're slightly different products. Both lines could benefit from from a larger fleet, strengthening itineraries.
  8. It is sad to see the Asian capacity reduced to one ship, the Noordam. We were suppose to sailed the transpacific on Westerdam, before the pandemic hit. Like Celebrity, the TP port offerings are too minimal now, where we'll have to look elsewhere. The circle Japan itineraries still look attractive.
  9. Glad to see this sale, I prefer discounted tours booked direct, along with building up Mariner status. Victoria counts on our coastals, and we've got plenty to consider in South America and Mexico.
  10. Crossover status, maybe, but let's keep HAL and Princess separate products. One can always book either line. This is about the best we can hope for, with the downsizing of smaller ships. If HAL markets themselves correctly, there's always future potential with larger ships and more exotics. Viking Ocean, Azamara, and Windstar can fill in the gaps.
  11. We have been choosing "Have it All" for all of our upcoming cruises. Even without it, we love HAL's happy hour pricing, a way for us light drinkers to get a fair price. Alaska is a great way to try HAL out. We went into it with low expectations, and haven't looked back.
  12. I've bookmarked your blog, and will definitely keep an eye out. We'll be embarking right about the time that the shorter of the two main Christmas market opens in Budapest, so won't miss much heading towards Passau. We were happy with X from 2014 - 2018, but the food cuts and ingredient shortages, were embarrassing in April 2019. Should they run out of pineapple while anchored in Maui, but were able to round up frozen mixed veggies? I realize that may have been a temporary supply or cash flow problem, but at this point, I would only consider Galapagos or Antarctica. We are hopefully sailing on Koningsdam from April 24th - May 8th, and October 20th - 31st. The Riveria portion starts October 24th. We're looking forward to trying Pinnacle Class, and being in forward wraparound suites (especially in Alaska!) 21 consecutive port days, that sounds like a trip of a lifetime! But one that you may need a couple days post-cruise to rest up from. We'll have to lean towards the restful transatlantic or transpacific. I even bought a future cruise credit for Azamara, onboard our last X cruise, after seeing a 2019 veranda for $2,200, Tokyo to Seward. The foreseeable future, no such luck...
  13. I just saw your post on X regarding switching to Viking Ocean. They'll have the pitchforks ready if I reply there. While we've switched mainly to HAL, I completely agree with your move to VO if you're moving into the premium/luxury market. If I could afford it, I would probably do the same. TA pricing is extremely reasonable when you consider all that is included, definitely worth sticking our foot into the water. For now, we have a Christmas Market river cruise booked for 2022 (at pre-Christmas prices), and will hopefully book VO onboard.
  14. Glad the situation was solved. We've recently switched from the BB store to an online TA to use our American Express Platinum benefits. We still use the original company's credit card for tours and hotel expenses, but I much prefer OBC, the Amex partnership, and occasional discounts.
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