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  1. Exactly how I remember it from June 2018. Since that was my first cruise on HAL at 39, they get a clean slate and I'm setting my complaint clock starting NOW.
  2. We were only on HAL for 3 nights before our cruise tour, and I had no idea that there was happy hour. Good to know!
  3. HAL has better itineraries, service, cabins, movies on demand, live music, and elegance. The food is FAR superior! Royal Caribbean has better shows, activities, and tech features.
  4. We tend to use Costco or Ship during the cruise, but also Viator from our hotel pre or post cruise, using Wyndham as a portal for points.
  5. Having only sailed for 3 days on 1 cruise, 15 months ago, I'm not sure. I saw an incredible decline in Celebrity from October 2018 to April 2019, where I believe HAL is the clear winner. The service, food, and cabin were already a notch above. All the live music may be a financial cut from the entertainment offered beforehand, but some of us prefer it. I'm glad to see the veranda smoking policy, and dated 70's cabin decor, gone. Unique itineraries may not be new, but I'm looking forward to what HAL has to offer. I am anything but a cheerleader, and will be happy to grab my pitchfork if cutbacks get out of hand. I'll take last minute deals and reposition cruises from the luxury market if I have to.
  6. I'll take your word for it. We were booked on Liberty of the Seas, and thought a dining package would do the trick, until I read recent reviews of the specialty restaurant downgrades. Poor cuts of fatty meats and French fries are not my idea of fine dining. I'm not thrilled to go back to Carnival, but their MDR looked like a significant upgrade over RCCL's uncharge restaurants, plus we'll have limited options out of Galveston. Royal's MDR was underwhelming and became tedious in 2014, I can't imagine it has gone anywhere better.
  7. Oceania and the like may be the premium cruise lines of tomorrow. That's bad for their current base, but potentially good for us, we need more competition headed this way.
  8. That Millennium Transpacific cruise currently underway, glad we skipped out on it. There were already problems with them keeping us in the dark about a charter, and then only giving those who booked direct a 2 week opportunity to switch itineraries. 15 nights is a long time with only 2 ports, especially since Dutch Harbor often gets cancelled due to weather. No movies and uncomfortable furniture, PASS.
  9. Glad I canceled the Millennium Repo to Japan sailing for this month. That's a long 15 nights without adequate furniture or films, especially after ports got chopped. Hopefully the food has at least improved since April, Blu was inferior to Carnival's MDR.
  10. As much as it can with limited TA talk, but helpful to know that the Platinum credit is a bonus to normal TA incentives. I've decided to pass on the Platinum, mainly because I'll have trouble using the Uber, Saks, or Dell credit efficiently. We also only cruise once or twice a year, never in suites until recently. A 16 night cruise in an inside cabin for $1,100, or $2,200 for a suite, hard to pass up. Our coastal suites are even less than double. In 2021 however, we're planning a Canada/New England repo, and it may end up being in an OV. Obviously you are well ahead by simply doing one B2B in a suite per year.
  11. Without getting into any specific TA, do you receive decent OBC from the booking itself? We're starting to do reposition cruises on HAL in suites, which I see would include $300 and chocolate covered strawberries (preferred over canapés). I just axed my Bonvoy card due to cuts in the loyalty program, it would be nice to keep Gold status with Marriott (and Hilton). I've admittedly made fun of the platinum card in the past, seeing it as a status piece, only good for those who fly frequently. Seems that applies to cruisers too!
  12. Spending is a separate perk, which may help maintain status with the airline. If you spend 25K, you get 10K in extra miles and 10K MQM's. Same bonus if you spend 25K more. I have a Business Reserve Card, and can easily spend the 60K a year for 90K in total miles, 30K MQM's.
  13. Here's what you do: convert an existing card into a Lion metal credit card, using your cruise line logo and/or loyalty program of choice. Explain to passengers and service crew alike, that it was by invitation only, for exceptional status.
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