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  1. I have an Open Passage with Azamara, booked onboard Celebrity. It took multiple request and a little research on their part, but I got my foot in the door.
  2. 10% of the cruise price in OBC, would be enticing. We have an Open Passage booked from our last Celebrity cruise, which I believe adds $200 credit onto whatever our TA offers. We've started using our American Express Platinum with Holland America, partially because we're doing reposition cruises in suites ($300 OBC), but it might not be worth it in a lower cabin on Azamara.
  3. I believe this is a good sign. The owners of Azamara aren't desperate for passenger deposits on sailings that will likely be cancelled.
  4. I have no idea what the cruise lines have been doing on social media. I sail for the itinerary, price, food and comforts. Like a beach hotel, it is something I can enjoy in the moment, and even forward to, but I don't follow the hotel chain's online activities in advance. I hope Lisa Lutoff-Perlo takes this time to improve her supply chain and maintenance schedule. We were short many food ingredients on our last Celebrity cruise, and finally got some vegetables towards the end, mixed frozen veggies. I've heard her say that she wants to attract Gen X, but she'll have to do mor
  5. I just booked Oct 2022 myself. I sure hope we've not seeing letters like this a year from now!
  6. We've got our eye on Star Breeze for May 2023, assuming it heads from Japan to Alaska or Singapore. The Transpacific a couple years ago was an excellent deal, $1,600. With HAL losing ships, many of the exotic TP port stops are gone.
  7. It is an Open Passage with Azamara. The Celebrity Next Cruise employees didn't seem to want to do it, and were unfamiliar with the process, but I persisted. I can only afford reposition cruises, but with a growing fleet under new management, I am optimistic.
  8. While Orlando made some mistakes, I think he grew into the position, and will be a benefit to Azamara. We purchased a FFC on our last Celebrity cruise, so definitely on our radar.
  9. Think of the possibilities, Azamara Rave:
  10. We parted ways with Celebrity a couple years ago, and grew to regret buying an open passage FFC. I now look forward to the direction of Azamara, and anticipate future growth and opportunity.
  11. The Azamara Rave, focused on 5 night Bahamas cruises to suck in the younger crowd.
  12. I have an Open Passage FCC, hoping for the best!
  13. We'd like to set up several B2B cruises in free inside cabins, from those with promos to spare. We'll even help haul yout luggage to and from the ship.
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