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  1. For Bam1957 you only get dinner for 2 per cabin, and as far as laundry goes you only get one coupon so if both are platinum the you just write it on the slip and bag you get 1 bag each for platinum
  2. You can absolutely book you dinner reservations on line. You can also send your laundry any day you like, a coupon will be in your cabin but it is not necessary, just itemize your clothing and write platinum on the slip and bag. The ships laundry know how is platinum and who is not. Enjoy you new status
  3. I would go with the encore and it's many activities. The Gem really has nothing to entertain 14 yr old kkds
  4. I have free 120 min. Of ship to shore phone calls for my next cruise. Has anyone used this before ? How does it work? TIA
  5. I believe that if they eat from the children's menus it is free
  6. And yes is always avaible in the cafe
  7. You can make reservations but they will charge you for non al la cart fixed price restaurants, so best to purchase package first
  8. Simple, book fixed cost restaurants first, then the others
  9. Simply non NCL excursion = No guaranty good luck
  10. I usually leave a tip when using the platinum dinner coupons, it is not required but if the service was excellent then leave an extra $5/ person
  11. Very true, what once was a well kept secret has become a popular booze cruise. In May this year I was on the Gem for a 10th trip to Bermuda lots of groups so the prices will just keep going up to what the market will bear
  12. Congratulations, prortfee45 you got the just of the original post
  13. Of course class is not defining anything other than what people are willing to spend, and if you feel comfortable spending more that's fine and a choice you make. ( not a deffination in the past) Again just looking to the future. If areas of the ship are restricted then how far away are cruise lines from restricting dinning venues, entertainment etc. To cabin classification based upon pricing? Personally I always cruise balcony or above, but have meet some of the greatest people from all categories on cruises
  14. Sorry to all who misunderstood, this is just an observation based on 18 NCL cruises and numerous post on this site. I am not a proponent for class separation, but I feel this is the direction that cruise lines are heading. And yes I know very well that thus is a business responsible to its share holders.
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