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  1. Well UK site according to the bit I posted says inside final is applied as OBC but as per my original question it has no date terms around it..So we will see what others report..I rolled the dice and went with US TA as price drops closer to sail generally happen on US site rather than UK IME. If anyone I UK based is interested I’m happy to keep comparing and report back whether it pays off or not
  2. No sorry to be clear I was asking about a new booking. UK booking rules normally mean original booking price is the price, tough luck, no price drops, inside or outside of final payment. Hence why I normally use US TA for US booking rules
  3. Thanks for the info - interesting change maybe it will become permenant 🤞
  4. Thanks for your reply. Booking US TA was $500 more right now for me like for like. As it’s vague I was deciding between using that ‘new condition’ as I had a $500 FCC which couldn’t be used on a UK booking anyway, but before I pressed go I was interested to see if anyone UK had had this clarified by an agent.
  5. Hi Has anyone had confirmation of what this actually covers? It’s under the cruise with confidence terms section, but the ‘free cancellations’ and ‘redeem future cruise credits’ wordings have more detail about dates etc, the price guarantee doesn’t (Wording below). I’ll try and call them tomorrow but wondering if anyone had already had the same question answered. Best Price Guarantee Take advantage of a better price up to 48 hours before your sail date — just give us a call. You’ll receive the difference as a non refundable onboard credit inside final payment or rate adjustment outside final payment
  6. Thankyou for taking the time to reply. I’ll try to contact my TA today to request
  7. I’m sure this has been answered elsewhere but I can’t find it. Final payment due this week NRD of $500. Can I get the deposit as a FCC? Or can it only be transferred to another sailing to avoid penalty. And if I cancel do I lose the whole $500? FAQ section on Royals site didn’t really clear it up either.
  8. Jet2 and Tui are the only airlines who have cancelled UK to Spain and Islands so far. Spanish govt announcement imminent which will changes things. US are about to announce UK is added to Europe ban
  9. Ultimate dining package looks like a good deal to me. I have it booked for 199 on Anthem in July. Pretty sure 175 is the lowest above ever seen it for a sailing I’ve been on
  10. Hi Just been reading through a long thread about reservation times at CK which mentioned Allure, Oasis and I think Harmony, which talked about 1st dining times moved earlier meaning 5.30 reservations were being refused. I am sailing Symphony in May, quite some time ago I was able to make CK reservations through my cruise planner. I went for 6pm every day. These all still show in my calendar as bookings but won’t allow me any function to modify any of them. Long story short does anyone have recent experience in knowing what time CK opens on Symphony? Thanks
  11. Honestly on a normal day, no delays getting off and normal traffic you would be fine. Weekend not so troublesome, week day you are bang on the worst time. For my experience of taking the m25 every day at rush hour, there is no normal. So like I said if you have a back up plan go for it, if it’s all or nothing on that flight honestly I wouldn’t risk it
  12. I’d be nervous about this. Your date is a Friday you’ll hit M23/M25 on rush hour, anything can happen a normally max 2 hour journey can turn in to 4..easily. If you’ve got a later flight as a back up, or insurance to cover of you miss your planned flight go for it, otherwise consider a later option
  13. We had a JS on Explorer recently. Other than boarding a little quicker and a bigger cabin there really aren’t any other worthwhile perks with a JS We were happy we chose it though as the extra space is worth a lot to us and Explorer doesn’t offer enough full suite perks to make the jump in price worthwhile in our opinion.
  14. Wowzers - what did I miss? Where was that deal advertised?
  15. I’m in the got the deal, got the confirmation of order email, never received the CS email later camp Not worried at all unless it disappears from my cruise planner
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