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  1. Hi Just been reading through a long thread about reservation times at CK which mentioned Allure, Oasis and I think Harmony, which talked about 1st dining times moved earlier meaning 5.30 reservations were being refused. I am sailing Symphony in May, quite some time ago I was able to make CK reservations through my cruise planner. I went for 6pm every day. These all still show in my calendar as bookings but won’t allow me any function to modify any of them. Long story short does anyone have recent experience in knowing what time CK opens on Symphony? Thanks
  2. Honestly on a normal day, no delays getting off and normal traffic you would be fine. Weekend not so troublesome, week day you are bang on the worst time. For my experience of taking the m25 every day at rush hour, there is no normal. So like I said if you have a back up plan go for it, if it’s all or nothing on that flight honestly I wouldn’t risk it
  3. I’d be nervous about this. Your date is a Friday you’ll hit M23/M25 on rush hour, anything can happen a normally max 2 hour journey can turn in to 4..easily. If you’ve got a later flight as a back up, or insurance to cover of you miss your planned flight go for it, otherwise consider a later option
  4. We had a JS on Explorer recently. Other than boarding a little quicker and a bigger cabin there really aren’t any other worthwhile perks with a JS We were happy we chose it though as the extra space is worth a lot to us and Explorer doesn’t offer enough full suite perks to make the jump in price worthwhile in our opinion.
  5. Wowzers - what did I miss? Where was that deal advertised?
  6. I’m in the got the deal, got the confirmation of order email, never received the CS email later camp Not worried at all unless it disappears from my cruise planner
  7. I’m in the UK - no email for me still - different rules?! Hope not
  8. I am in the UK. Booked my cruise via US TA but I use Royals .co.uk site for my cruise planner and it was in there
  9. Another 2020 where the deal has appeared - Symphony - I had only checked it around 2 hrs ago and was $57, by chance having a quick scroll through here so quickly checked - now yep $18. Fabulous. Thanks for sharing!!! Cheers 🥂 🍺
  10. Agree - was very surprised to see it there listed. All time slots available. Maybe a new thing for next year. Or maybe there in error?
  11. Cozumel - Paradise beach is great if you want a beach/pool day - not too far in a taxi. If you want to explore the area and be active - Amazing race is absolutely brilliant
  12. I mentioned earlier up in the thread. For a 2020 cruise (in a GS) I have booked CK online already via cruise planner. Showed up when I was browsing the dining section as available. It looks as though it could be a new thing for Symphony as no other reports I can find. So who knows what date sailing it starts from as available online but worth checking.
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