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  1. Oh fingers crossed for you. You and all of your colleagues deserve a treat for sure!
  2. Just read they are giving 999 places for free UK cruises available for NHS and emergency services workers as part of a ballot. Lovely touch!
  3. I agree with all those who say Civ. you can never experience all Rome has to offer on a day excursion. Barcelona is much more compact and everything is much closer to the port so you’d get a good feel for it in a day. So if you really want to explore Rome I’d spend the pre cruise days there for sure.
  4. I started this thread so just to report back The latest cruise I was able to shift to was April 30 2022. I requested this online, I only requested 1 option. My TA then issued a new cruise confirmation within 24 hrs. I got the same cabin number as the original cruise and my cruises online was updated within the same period. The only change in price was the port taxes and fees. Everything else stayed the same. I had applied a FCC from an Aug 2020 already before I shifted and this was already accounted for in the shifted cruise balance
  5. Under the cruise with confidence section scroll down to where it says Need to change or cancel your cruise? Click in to the online form and you can see from there your options. At the end just hit cancel request and it backs you out
  6. Thanks so much for the info saves me an hour on hold! Submitted request to April 30th cruise. Happy with that one also 🙂
  7. Thanks for the reply. We are in the UK so next year looking really iffy even if they are sailing. Good luck with yours!
  8. Hi all I am wanting to lift and shift a Symphony cruise from May 15th 2021 to April 16th 2022. I’m pretty sure the April date showed a couple of weeks ago on the online drop down options however today it isn’t there, just a couple of later April ones. Looking at the dates that’s actually 4 weeks + 1 day before the original cruise. Does anyone know if the 4 week rule is to the day? And is it worth me calling to ask whether there are more options that those I’m seeing online or in theory are they ‘it’ Thanks
  9. Well UK site according to the bit I posted says inside final is applied as OBC but as per my original question it has no date terms around it..So we will see what others report..I rolled the dice and went with US TA as price drops closer to sail generally happen on US site rather than UK IME. If anyone I UK based is interested I’m happy to keep comparing and report back whether it pays off or not
  10. No sorry to be clear I was asking about a new booking. UK booking rules normally mean original booking price is the price, tough luck, no price drops, inside or outside of final payment. Hence why I normally use US TA for US booking rules
  11. Thanks for the info - interesting change maybe it will become permenant 🤞
  12. Thanks for your reply. Booking US TA was $500 more right now for me like for like. As it’s vague I was deciding between using that ‘new condition’ as I had a $500 FCC which couldn’t be used on a UK booking anyway, but before I pressed go I was interested to see if anyone UK had had this clarified by an agent.
  13. Hi Has anyone had confirmation of what this actually covers? It’s under the cruise with confidence terms section, but the ‘free cancellations’ and ‘redeem future cruise credits’ wordings have more detail about dates etc, the price guarantee doesn’t (Wording below). I’ll try and call them tomorrow but wondering if anyone had already had the same question answered. Best Price Guarantee Take advantage of a better price up to 48 hours before your sail date — just give us a call. You’ll receive the difference as a non refundable onboard credit inside final payment or rate adjustment outside final payment
  14. Thankyou for taking the time to reply. I’ll try to contact my TA today to request
  15. I’m sure this has been answered elsewhere but I can’t find it. Final payment due this week NRD of $500. Can I get the deposit as a FCC? Or can it only be transferred to another sailing to avoid penalty. And if I cancel do I lose the whole $500? FAQ section on Royals site didn’t really clear it up either.
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