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  1. All of there at risk people in the US will have the vaccine in the first quarter. There is no reason that they couldn't have it before February. There is no reason not to sail. If you think there is - don't.
  2. People work on cruise ships. It is part of the economy. The 90,000 is most likely inflated. Most of those people would have died anyway. People die every year.. It is a part of life.
  3. What changes everything is herd immunity. That can be reached through natural means of contact or a vaccine. That is the only thing that defeats a virus. Life is full of risk. If you don't want to cruise - don't. If you are unhealthy - stay home. I believe most people will stick their heads up this Summer and realize that things are not nearly as bad as the media was portraying. Either get out there and live your life or hide under your bed - your choice. Vaccine or not - you will most likely come in contact with the virus sometime in the next year just from living you
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