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  1. I asked Princess about this and this is correct.You do not have to do it twice as long as its within 72 hours of your cruise.
  2. The people were entering Canada when they went to Victoria. - Big difference.
  3. As long as you do it within 72 hours before boarding you will not have a problem. ArrivCan is for those entering Canada - not leaving.
  4. It does not say that. It doesn't say you have to show ArrivCan when boarding the ship. It say you have to load the info 72 hours before boarding the cruise. The key word is "submit". I hope that helps.
  5. Show me the written statement. I have seen nothing in writing. The things people have posted does not say what they say it does.
  6. I contacted Princess and this is their reply. Regarding your inquiry, the QR code that is generated from ArriveCan is different from tge QR code that you will be using to check-in at the port. The QR code for the port check-in, will be generated from the MedallionClass App once you have completed your Travel Checklist. It will be displayed at the main screen of the app. 7:01:14 PM Do I have to show the Arrivcan when I get to the ship? Brigette 7:01:57 PM No need to show the ArriveCan once you arrive to the ship.
  7. If it does - Show me. Quote it exactly word for word that you need to do a separate Arrivcan to board the ship. People keep saying this but are unable to show it.
  8. Someone in another thread stated that if you are entering Canada a day early you need to fill out a separate Arrivcan after you arrive in Canada. Does anyone have experience with this or can you point to a place where this is in writing?
  9. I don't see anything in what you're posting that says you need to do two Arrivcans.
  10. Maybe I am not good at reading. I don't see anything in this post that says you need two Arrivcans.
  11. Can you show me where it says that? I cannot find it.
  12. If you are arriving tin Vancouver he day before your cruise - Does that change anything in the Arrivcan process?
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