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  1. I'm on the NA this December and will definitely try Rudi's just for the Rack of Lamb, which is my favourite cruise meat. On my last Cruise (Dec '18) on the Eurodam, the lamb was awful. Had to send the first one back because it was overdone and the second one wasn't much better either. Does anyone know whether I can make a reservation on line? Thank you.
  2. Wonderful gesture and very much appreciated by the crew. When I am on a back-to-back cruise, I tell my room stewards not to bother with my cabin until the evening or the next morning as turnaround day is very busy for them and even one less cabin to clean may be helpful.
  3. I wish the OP would return and tells us how he managed to get through this first-world catastrophe. Hopefully, he will have seen the pictures and videos from the Bahamas and realize that being on a cruise ship with no water for six hours is actually not that bad.
  4. Thank you for your review and the pictures. I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the cruise. You are lucky to be in Europe as there are so many interesting places to cruise.
  5. Wow! I love the pictures of the horses. The background scenery is nothing like I have ever seen. This cruise is definitely on my schedule for 2021 as a retirement present to myself. I hope someone posts when these itineraries are available for booking for 2021.
  6. Thank you, Ruth. I am hoping to retire in 2 years and will be able to do some longer cruises. I cruise mostly solo and find that I get the the best solo rate if I book early. I am aiming for 2021.
  7. I was looking at the HAL website and, as usual, got frustrated trying to find this cruise for 2020. Under what destination do I look and what month/months? Is there more than one of these Viking cruises a year? Thank you.
  8. I have done a few Princess cruises because of their itineraries and the difference is huge. HAL stewards, in my opinion, are the best in the industry. When I travel solo, I always leave the amounts they would have received if there were 2 people in the cabin or even a little bit more. If I can't afford to pay medical insurance or the gratuities, then I can't afford a cruise.
  9. With the lousy exchange rate, we Canadians can no longer afford to get drunk on cruise ships.
  10. How is it that people can afford $8,000* cruises but cannot afford or won't buy insurance? Why not choose a lower priced suite and buy insurance? I'm sorry for your loss of $$ but HAL owes you nothing. If HAL started refunding everyone without insurance then the price of cruises would go up for the rest of us who use common sense and buy cruises that fit our budget which includes insurance.
  11. I've been doing this for years but never knew there was a name for the mix. I find the lemonade is a bit too sweet and when you add the tea, it's just right. The price is also right and leaves a bit more of my beverage budget for martinis.🍷
  12. I have been to 3 DR ports (Romana, Samana, Amber Cove, and I have been underwhelmed by all three and have also had unpleasant experiences in Samana and Amber Cover. I will be in Amber Cove again in December and plan on staying on the ship. I will not be booking any more cruises that have stops in DR just as I don't book any that stop in Jamaica. What bothers me the most about the deaths and illnesses of tourists is the fact that the DR government and the hotel industry tried to sweep it under the rug until the American media got a hold of the story and cancellations started coming in. It makes me wonder if there had been similar incidents involving non-American tourists like those from Europe and South America that were not publicized in the media in Canada and the States.
  13. I think you are right about the priest. I would much rather die peacefully on a cruise ship than in a hospital. If I could choose my way to die, it would be lying on a lounger on the promenade deck, having just finished a good martini and watching the sunset, and then just fall asleep. We don't get to choose how we come into this world, but it would be nice to choose how we leave it.
  14. "One of our major points was not only who but when . The assigned time was on a Saturday not a Sunday . Sunday is when we worship communally and this as well as how as been changed . It hurt HAL at all to at least acknowledge the proper day for us - not the Sabbath." Do you think that God will be upset with you if you attend mass on a Saturday instead of a Sunday a few times during the year? There are people who, for various reasons, cannot go to mass on Sunday and instead go to church during the week. Does that make them any less Catholic than those who attend on Sunday? I don't think HAL is obligated to provide priests/pastors/rabbis or imams for every cruise. If attending a mass on Sundays means so much to you, why not do land vacations in mostly Catholic countries where finding a church will not be difficult. Do other cruise lines provide Catholic services on Sundays on every cruise?
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