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  1. I have received an extension from Dec 16, 2020 to Dec 16, 2021. Someone from HAL responded to my email by leaving a message on my voicemail advising me of the extension and it appeared in in my account 24 hours later.
  2. One of my FCCs expires on Dec 16, 2020. I have been trying to get in touch with my HAL PCC for four days with no reply to email and phone message. Is there anyone else I can call?
  3. Insomnia disappearing when sailing on any Dam ship. For some reason, this hasn't happened on other ships like Princess.
  4. I don't think you will have any problems with HAL. I cancelled yesterday and received all the FCC I was entitled to. I bought tickets through Flight Ease and will receive a full refund to my credit card. I deal with my PCC by email only so that there is never a misunderstanding. I came to work this morning and there was an email advising that any employee who travelled to certain countries would have to take mandatory 2-week self-isolation on return. At the bottom of the list was "All cruises". No Caribbean countries and Mexico on the list. An all-inclusive week at a nice resort might
  5. The U.K. is exempted so U.S. citizens will just fly to London from various parts of Europe and fly home.
  6. I have reluctantly just emailed my PCC to cancel the cruise.
  7. I was going to post the same thing but I was afraid of getting flamed.🤩
  8. My PCC emailed me back and advised that the cost of the flight will be refunded to my credit card as will the port fees and taxes. The cost of the cruise will go towards an FCC, which is fine with me. I still haven't cancelled the cruise but I will have to. Yes, I was on the whale shark excursion with you. I will never forget the drive back to the port with that crazy driver. I had booked another one with a bunch of roll call members for this cruise hoping the weather would be better and will have to cancel it also. I love that itinerary and will look for another similar one.
  9. You are very lucky. My $5 million medical policy comes with my job but I never even thought before this that it would not include a virus if it's serious enough to end up in hospital.
  10. I have not received the email and I'm still booked to cruise on Apr 3, 2020. I have checked my SPAM.
  11. I bought Air Canada flights through HAL Fly Ease for the very first time. Air Canada's policy for cancelling flights is only for flights bought directly with Air Canada. Am I out of $500 or will HAL give me a credit for future flights? I have sent this question to my PCC but who knows when I will get an answer. I have not yet cancelled my Apr 3 cruise but am leaning towards it as my out-of-country medical insurance is not covering anything to do with Corona Virus. We have now seen passengers taken off the ship and taken to U.S. hospitals. I am not wealthy and even a few days in an American
  12. There is always a loophole in favour of the insurance companies. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the insurance lobby helped with the wording.
  13. I agree with you. The news cycle is very short these days. All it will take is some salacious act by a politician, a movie star scandal, etc. and the corona virus will be almost forgotten. I am on the fence whether to cancel my Apr 3 cruise. If nothing major happens, I am still inclined to go.
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