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  1. Thank you! So I'm guessing that when we head south it will be roughly lunchtime on the first sea day when we are abeam Miami. Hope you've had a great cruise.
  2. For those who have cruised out of Galveston, do you remember your position on the first day at sea? We have two sea days and then arrive at Roatan. I'm wondering when we will be abeam Miami and the weather will start to get warmer. We sail Jan 21 and it's forecasted to be 49 degrees (feels like 42). So I'm wondering how many cold weather clothes to pack. Same for the return!
  3. Exactly! Some purchased the 3 pack and want to go to the MDR on lobster night.
  4. Thanks. Trying to make a group happy which is never easy! I was hoping the ones with unlimited dining could order up charges and not feel like they were wasting the UDP.
  5. We are renting a car and dropping it at La Marque and then Ubering to the port. And will do the reverse on the return. You might want to look into that.
  6. Try here - https://freestyletravelers.com/royal-caribbean-menus
  7. If you purchase unlimited dining do you have to pay for additional charges in Solarium Bistro and the Main Dining Room?
  8. We are a group of 10 with unlimited dining on the Harmony Jan 21. We want to book lunch at Jamie's Italian on the first day. Is this possible? We didn't book as a group, some thru RCCL online and others thru travel agents, so I wasn't sure who to ask! Thanks in advance.
  9. Tell me more about this ATV tour, please!
  10. We will be in Juneau on Sept 12 from 2:30pm - 11:00pm. Our excursion ends at 7:00pm. Will the shops still be open?
  11. Does anyone know the reasoning behind who gets luggage tags mailed and who doesn't? We have a group of 5 cabins. Studio and two balconies got the package in the mail. Club suite and balcony didn't. It's also a mixture of using a travel agent and signing up directing with NCL. Just wondering why it's so random.
  12. Wonder why they said no? It seems almost a given to get something. Did you call or email?
  13. Last Friday, a friend that is cruising with us asked for FCC for a significant price drop. We are 32 days out. He called back today to check on it and his PCC told him today that you normally don't hear anything back from the 'decision makers' until after the cruise. Does this sound right? Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  14. Thanks for much for posting! Do you happen to remember if the specialty restaurants were open for lunch on Juneau, Glacier Bay and Victoria days? We're trying to decide how many meals to buy.
  15. Great info, thank you! Can you recommend an operator that uses boats with 20ish people on it? No worries if not, I'll search and GTS!
  16. We'll be in Juneau on September 12. Anyone have experience with a whale watching tour this late in the season? We don't want to bother if it's unlikely to see them. I was thinking I'd like a smaller boat but there are 8 of us so a 6-pack isn't an option. Can y'all recommend operators that have smallish boats? Thanks in advance!
  17. It was open every morning, but only served pastries, and maybe some oatmeal. Very limited if you're looking for a hearty breakfast.
  18. People can be so selfish sometimes. Agree on the no-cruise list. And don't go on a cruise with 5,000 peeps if you can't play nice!
  19. Of course. I'd never hold anyone up on their cruise. We've always been one of the first off of the ship to catch a flight or start driving, so I wasn't sure. Just planning our day! And the 'kick us off' in my question, was just trying to be funny. But I can see where it sounds like we might push it too far.
  20. From Dec 2022. So maybe it is! Now we'll see if it's still as quiet as Margaritaville was....
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