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  1. Can anyone on the current Joy sailing comment on whether or not the ship is still operating under strict protocols for Noro? If so, how bad is the outbreak?
  2. My phobia has to do more with throwing up than anything else. I can deal with the flu (as long as it isn’t the “stomach flu”).
  3. Of course I know I can get it anywhere but it spreads faster in a confined space on a cruise ship. I plan on bringing hospital grade wipes to wipe down the room. I know how to take precautions. I really just want to know if there are still a lot of people coming down with it on the current cruise? Do they sanitize the cruise terminal after the cruise as well?
  4. I know about washing hands but I am a germaphobe when it comes to Noro. I usually try to avoid cruising from Jan-Mar because of this.
  5. OP I hope you don’t mind me piggybacking off of your questions. We leave on the Joy on Sunday and just got a message boarding is delayed which leads me to believe Noro May still be onboard and another deep cleaning is necessary. Is anyone on the current cruise? Is Noro still onboard?
  6. So, I know that this game up a few months ago but have not heard anything about it in a while so wanted to see if anyone had any updates regarding NCL only allowing 1 app, 1 side, and 1 dessert? We leave shortly on the Joy. I know many have provided their terms of service to waitstaff and have not been charged. Has this still been the case for those getting off sailings recently? This won't make or break my cruise but NCL changing things without notifying customers is disheartening and may cause us to look other lines first.
  7. I 100% knew that we could get crappy flights. When I was pricing out flights the layover flights were more than non-stop ones so figured at least if we were flying in late there was a good possibility of a non-stop going back. The flight time isn’t as much of an issue as a layover in Detroit in winter...thinking a strong possibility will get stuck there in the morning and not having any sleep in 24 hours would not be pleasant. I thought I read on another post that someone’s flight changed after ticketing and just wanted to see if that was all that common. My goal of th
  8. I booked NCL’s air promo. Originally the flight place holders were pretty good flights...it got us in without an overnight flight. It has changed to our flight home having a horrible overnight flight into a city I have a feeling we may be stuck in if a snow storm hits in winter. I knew I was taking a chance booking choice air so not complaining...it is what it is. Has anyone’s airfare changed again after ticketing? I was looking online at flight options (if we paid for a different flight home on a different airline) and there are a ton of seats seemingly available on non-stop flights.
  9. How far is Santa Monica normally from San Pedro (one way) in normal traffic? How far is SM from LAX? I am thinking we will stay in Santa Monica and then commute to the port the next day.
  10. Thank You for the great advice! Our flights are not officially ticketed yet, but according to our TA NCL slotted is for a flight getting in by 9 or 10:00 AM (until we are ticketed I know this can change) so was hoping to grab an Uber and drop our bags off at our hotel and then make the most of the day sightseeing...Santa Monica sounds great!
  11. Just an update...I did decide to try to give NCL air a try. If I booked out of pocket I would have paid around $800 for airfare for 2 people. We leave the weekend after thanksgiving so a busy travel weekend...flights were high. I did not pay anything for airfare with NCL so I figured it was worth a shot. The TA I booked through did not charge a deviation fee. The airfare is pending with tentative flights...one flight is direct and one has a stop.
  12. My husband and I will be sailing from the World cruise port in LA on 12/1. We are flying in a day early. I have never been to LA so would like to spend the day sightseeing...any recommendations? My husband loves to play poker and has talked about going to commerce casino but from looking in a map it looks like it is the opposite direction maybe closer to the airport? I thought maybe spend a couple of hours there after we first get in before doing the normal sightseeing stuff? Any recommendations on places to stay near the cruise port?
  13. The transfer reservations are those from the airport to the ship? $25 seems reasonable to deviate. When do you get notification of your flights? Do you let them know when booking that you want to leave earlier or stay later?
  14. How does free or reduced air work? We are looking at a cruise out of Los Angeles on the Joy. Those who have used your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  15. according to their website it was in 2015. I have 2 cruise next certifixates to use. $115 seems high because food is already included. So even though you look at it like $30 per mean that is not factoring in what your cruisefare already includes. So it would bring it bring the cost more to $40 range plus gratuities. If we were to eat all 3 meals at Cagneys it may be worth it. We can eat at a nice teppanyaki place by us for much less. I am just a little disappointed. NCL has been our favorite line.
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