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  1. let's go cruising

    Breeze Vs Magic - Brand new cruiser

    We were on a Royal cruise at Christmas, 2017 with our 22 and 18 daughters. Then, we went on a Carnival cruise January 2019 with adult friends. The two ships were comparable for size. We thought that the Carnival cruise was more fun! We are NOT "party" people. It just seemed like there were more "fun" activities on Carnival. They definitely are better with comedians. I really think that your group will have a great time on Carnival. I had expected a more deluxe experience on the Royal cruise and a more down-to-earth experience on Carnival. What we ACTUALLY experienced was A LOT of upselling on Royal. We couldn't sit anywhere without someone trying to talk us into making reservations at an upcharge restaurant or something on Royal. On Carnival, those things were available, but no one put us on the spot. Also, the food really WAS better on Carnival! We haven't been on either the Magic or the Breeze. We are booked on the Magic for 2020! (Whoop-Whoop!) Just feel comfortable with choosing Carnival. I think, as many on these boards also feel, that during Spring Break or Christmas Break you might see more "party" on Carnival than other lines. Bottom line is that I thought Carnival was superior in food and activities and crew. Renee
  2. let's go cruising

    I'm on the Sunshine right now, until 3/16/19

    Same with us for the Meet and Mingle. No word. Ever. We were on the Glory in January 2019. Renee
  3. let's go cruising

    Carnival Glory Western just back, questions?

    I have never done a Chef's Table. Sorry!
  4. let's go cruising

    Carnival Glory Western just back, questions?

    The main areas of the ship looked good to me, but the hallway by our cabin was pretty beat up. We were on 8 forward and they stored art work there and brought it in and out several times. I think that's why that hallway looked so beat up. I don't know about other floors.
  5. let's go cruising

    Tell me about Dream Class!

    I am enjoying what everyone is writing. I'll have to look up the Cloud 9 Spa. Renee
  6. let's go cruising

    Tell me about Dream Class!

    I booked our first Dream class cruise for January 2020 on the Magic. We are really excited! We've sailed exclusively on Conquest Class until now. I have booked cabin 9216 because I read all about how to avoid smoke and people looking into your balcony. That was wonderful advice to get!!! Now, I am hoping to learn about this class of ship and what we have to look forward to. Thanks, Cruise Critic Community ❤️
  7. I've never been on the Magic, so I looked it up. It sounds great! You can go a different time on the Mardi Gras. Have fun! I'm jealous.
  8. let's go cruising

    Bringing Wine on Board - Question

    They put a notice about this package on our first full day. It was a sea day for us. We saw the ad at the table for Brunch. We talked to the hostess on our way out. A server was happy to help us. But, she said, the lower price options were nearly gone, so we would need the higher price option. Didn't believer it. Then we said that we want the credit for the sale to go our server. Boy, the server backed right off. So, I took it to mean that the server who takes the order, gets the tip! At dinner that night, we asked for the cheaper 3 bottle option. First, we were told that there was only a 5 bottle option. We stuck to our guns, and got exactly what we wanted. Remember to bring the ticket they give you to get your fresh bottle. They hold your partial bottle, should you have one, and bring it for you the next night with no problems. We really enjoy a glass of wine with our dinner, so this is perfect for us. A year ago, we were on Royal Caribbean and really missed this package.
  9. let's go cruising

    Bringing Wine on Board - Question

    You know that it is one bottle PER PERSON! Screw top is great for the ship. Our room steward always kept us supplied with wine glasses. Once, we wanted to take our glass of wine to the hot tub on Serenity. You need to have plastic there, so we trotted down the stairs to the bar in Serenity and the lady helped us out with CHILLED plastic glasses. ALSO, there is a deal for bottles of wine at dinner. Three bottles for $69 and something like $150 for five bottles. For the two of us, we got the three bottle deal. That was the right amount for us between the two bottles we'd brought on. It seems like a decent choice for the people who don't think they'll use the Cheers fully. Just off the Glory!
  10. I was on the Carnival Glory 1/12/19. We were notified that we had enough people for the Meet and Greet, however, we never received our invitation information. Seems like a common complaint. I haven't read what the explanation is.
  11. let's go cruising

    Carnival Glory Western just back, questions?

    We loved Rubby Ducky too! We spent our time in the Lobby, that's why we didn't see the shows in the theater. Valerie was EXCELLENT! We missed the best show because we didn't get there early enough
  12. let's go cruising

    Carnival Glory Western just back, questions?

    Our CD was Dustin. He was wonderful with high energy. However, he said he was getting off at the end or our cruise for vacation. I didn't get a chance to ask if he would be back or on a different ship. I didn't hear the band in the main theater. My friend's husband went to Epic Rock and loved it. I would trust that opinion.
  13. let's go cruising

    Wine Package on 7 day cruise

    We were on a cruise last week. We got the three bottle option. They tried to tell us there WASN'T a three bottle option, but my DH stuck to his guns and we got it. I think we got it the 2nd night. That's when we saw it advertised. I think it was $69 for all three. Have fun!
  14. let's go cruising

    Carnival Glory Western just back, questions?

    I polled my crew. I had one vote for the Epic Rock Show and one for the Cuban night. I think those are on Wednesday and Thursday, but not 100% sure.
  15. We just got off of the Glory 1/12/ - 19/19. Our CD was Dustin. That is not what this table shows. Dustin said he was going on vacation when we got off the ship, so I wanted to see if we had noticed the person who will be taking over. We loved Dustin! He had so much energy and worked really hard!