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  1. We booked a cruise going to the Caribbean next January in March of this year. The cruise sails on 10 January 2020 on the Reflection. The cost for a C3 including drinks package and gratuities was £3500. Today it stands at £5878 for a C2. how does Celebrity justify such an increase? We would love to book a Mediterranean cruise for June 2020 but will not do so as the price has gone up so much compared to this year. We will now be looking at other cruise lines such as Oceania, after having been loyal to Celebrity for so many years. We don’t really want to do that but feel there is no alternative. Celebrity costs are now on a par with Oceania cruises ( we have taken 3 of these so far) but offer a much lower standard. As other people have said before, whilst people are paying the prices Celebrity are charging why would they drop them? The only way way to object to these ridiculous prices is not to pay them!!
  2. Same thing happened to us so I posted a warning to uk customers not to book early. We took a hit of £1500 which would be more if you added in the free gratuities, free WiFi and obc offered. I had the same problem as you with the call centres and even sent an email to mike Bayley. I am also close to Diamond +. They do not budge on their position. Be prepared for sanctimonious replies to your post from people saying you were happy with the price when you booked etc which was what I got and only served to make me furious. The replies I suspect were from people who did not have this experience or from people in USA where they match the price drop or from people who don’t care about money. Lucky them! We are on Explorer from Southampton on June 9 and this will be our last cruise with RCL so am going to make an effort to not let this experience spoil the cruise. I agree with everything you have posted and have learned a harsh lesson from RCL myself. NEVER AGAIN
  3. This is the reply I got from Royal Caribbean today. Let’s hope they keep to their word. “Thank you for your patience while we reviewed your concerns.We reviewed your report and pictures with the pertinent management personnel who explained that maintenance is an ongoing process, confirmed that the photographs shared do not represent the overall condition of the ship, some of the items pointed out have been taken care off, others are planned for and will be done.Thank you for sharing your observations with us. We assure you we are always finding ways to enhance our guests' vacation experience. We look forward to welcome you onboard Explorer of the Seas next month. “
  4. I did. Still waiting for acknowledgement to email. Reckon I might be waiting for quite some time! Wrote in because sailing on Explorer June 9.
  5. Not quite the same as commenting on a quilting group is it? It’s a little more sensitive subject than that. I have witnesses many occasions where children have run riot on a cruise and parents did not step in. Perhaps you should avoid any cruise which have large group bookings so that you are not inconvenienced.
  6. I never said I thought these comments said Jewish people were like this all the time. I said that there were cruises I had been on where behaviour was as bad. However, it is implied on these posts that all the people in this group behaved atrociously, what all 1500 of them!,
  7. I find these comments very offensive and anti Semitic. I am Jewish and have encountered very rude behaviour from people who are not on a “Jewish music cruise “, why make the distinction with such horrible comments.
  8. Gratuities and wi fi were offered by Royal Caribbean not TA. Yes, I’m sure it was approx $2000.
  9. Thank you for all your comments both positive and negative. Some new cruisers , wherever they live, may not have the knowledge about these fluctuations and may think booking early is like booking flights early, ie they go up nearer time of flight. I just wanted to make newbies aware. Seem to have ruffled a few feathers along the way. We are all entitled to our own opinion. No more Royal Caribbean for me, Celebrity and Oceania only from now on, much better cruise lines anyway. BUT THAT IS ONLY MY OPINION . MATTER CLOSED,
  10. As I’ve said, I have not experienced a price drop after final payment and that is why I book early. I’m very pleased that you can afford to loose $2000 dollars on anything you book but unfortunately I can’t. So put that in the I can’t afford to get screwed rant! May your wealth continue!
  11. Yes, know about fluctuations but they are usually upwards in my 25 years cruising experience. I wouldn’t have minded if it was a case of a few hundred pounds, but this is a decrease of about 1500 pounds which is harder to accept.
  12. Well, more fool everybody for booking early. Very expensive lesson to learn. However, have travelled many times with Celebrity and Oceania and have never lost out in booking early. Have only experienced this with RC.
  13. You are missing the point, I was being sarcastic when I mentioned the 50% loss. I was well aware of it but was just pointing out that some idiot in there Guatemalan office thought this would be a way to get the latest offer. About as useful as a chocolate teapot!
  14. We booked a grand suite in July 2018 and have now seen a drastic reduction in the cost plus Royal Caribbean are throwing in free grats and wi fi. Royal Caribbean will not do anything so we would recommend that you do not book until a couple of months before the sailing if you don’t want the same disappointment as us. Customer service said we would have to cancel our booking and lose 50% as we are 56 days out before the cruise and then rebook. Great idea as it would then have cost us far more! Maybe US customers are not treated the same way and probably if you booked a future cruise on board this would not apply. We have found that on board prices are far higher than our TA would charge so we have never done this. We are posting this to warn others and the moral of the story seems to be, at least with Royal Caribbean, book early and pay more. Just wanted to put this out there. We are diamond members but this will be our last Royal Caribbean cruise. It has left a very bad taste.
  15. I did swimming with stingrays in Antigua this January and was a bit apprehensive. There was nothing to be frightened of at all! They are really gentle and are used to people. It’s an amazing experience.
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