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  1. Hi and welcome to CC(Cruise Critics), I don't know the answer but I have a couple of suggestions for you: Try posting you question on Royal Caribbean's page https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/51-royal-caribbean-international/. A poster on that forum called @little britain should be able to give you some advice. Try reading this thread from post number 842 onwards I hope this helps you to find the answer.
  2. I always strip the bed and place the wet bed sheet in the shower, when my Son's pad leaks. Doing this means the cabin steward does not have to be extra careful when checking to bed in the morning.
  3. Mobility at Sea https://www.mobilityatsea.co.uk/ We use these every time we cruise. I hire a hoist and Dad hires a folding scooter from them.
  4. I don't think the OP will be back, as he made a serious allegation about Carnival discriminating against disabled passengers whilst he was angry and is now probably embarrassed. I understand his anger, as I have been in his situation twice. We wanted a balcony accessible cabin but as they were sold out we ended up in an inside accessible cabin. I was angry at Royal Caribbean for not having more balcony accessible cabins. I was also angry at myself for not booking early enough. I hope the OP will learn to book early and not to start threads when they are angry.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I have the paper version of the form, I just thought I would try the online version for a change.
  6. I'm trying to complete the following form; https://www.royalcaribbean.com/gbr/en/resources/guest-special-needs. The form keeps telling me 'Invalid phone number' I have tried 01782xxxxxx/ 01782 xxxxxx; 441782xxxxxx/441782 xxxxxx and +441782xxxxxx/+441782 xxxxxx. Has anyone got any suggestions? Thank You
  7. If another poster quotes the person you are 'Ignoring', you will see the comment that the 'Ignored' person has made. Hope this makes sense.
  8. It's next to the Irish Café that serves Irish potato cakes; Irish sausage and Guinness for breakfast. 😃
  9. Have you considered contacting your local BBC radio station. Our local BBC radio station has a weekly phone-in with a travel agent. Ours is during the morning show, 10am-1pm.
  10. We always stop at Cherwell Valley, M40 Junction 10. They have an inside children's play area; an outside children's play area and a riverside walk. If you don't mind adding an extra 15 miles on to your journey consider staying at Holiday Inn Express : Southampton - West, SO16 0YP. You only then have to travel roughly 30 mins with very excited children the next day. We always use the M6 Toll, it's with the price
  11. Anthem. We were on her first cruise out of Southampton (not the cruise for invited guests or media). It was fun, most of the lights in the cabin had no bulbs; The Bionic Bar kept breaking down; The lift in Seaplex stopped working with some one in it. We were waiting to use the lift so my DS (who is confined to a wheelchair) had to use the lift accompanied by any engineer (wearing overalls) and an officer, it was a tight squeeze.
  12. I think the section of the video that is talking about the dimensions of the wheelchair is misleading. The form states "Please complete all details and dimensions so we may ensure your mobility equipment can be accommodated in the stateroom" but in the video Ken states they are not required. If you are doing shore excursions then you will need the dimensions of the wheelchair, as not all chairs are the same size, so that the provider can check if the chair can fit in the vehicle.
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