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  1. I have just found this on the disabled forum. In tip 1 I love 'or just know you’ll be too tired at the end of the day to enjoy yourself, you are a candidate to use a mobility scooter'. In tip 13 'They’ll hold the elevator door, step aside if they’re going faster or slower than you are, and even help push you when you get stuck going up the gangway the first day on the ship' made my smile. As normally I have to ask people to move so I can get passed. I'm not sure how old this article is parts made me smile. 😊
  2. Could the lack of available accessible rooms be because in the US you can book using refundable deposits? Maybe accessible rooms should be like suites, non refundable.
  3. I have never known this and we always have an accessible cabin for 3, with a sofa bed for the third person. Some of the cabin stewards have asked if they can leave the sofa bed set up, instead of making it up every night.
  4. Welcome to CC (Cruise Critic) I'm not sure what line you are sailing with but you should check out their forum page. For example if you are sailing with NCL check out https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/forum/64-norwegian-cruise-line/
  5. I have to disagree because you will always get some passengers that will claim they need an accessible cabin when they do not, they only want the cabin for the extra space. We were on the Indy in May 2018. My DS and I overheard a conversation between a scooter user and her friends. One of the friends made a comment, which I did not catch. The scooter user quite clearly said. "I've only brought it so I can have an accessible cabin. I'll only use the scooter when i'm off the ship as I do not need it whilst I'm on the ship". This woman may be a one off but how can we rely on some passengers being truthful?
  6. Bloodgem


    Yep because I tend to tune out when ever I hear about vegan items on the news. If I want a roll I buy a Morrison's Three Cheese and Chutney Roll. I have nothing against vegans, before I get flamed, but I'm fed up of hearing vegans saying 'that I don't care about the planet because I eat meat'.
  7. Interesting. This only happens to me if I have been on www.royalcaribbean.co.uk before I look at .com shlomi.tur welcome to Cruise Critics.
  8. If you are thinking of using one, please check if they are legal where you are visiting. In the UK, at the moment, you are not allowed to ride an electric scooter on the road or on the pavement. You can only legally ride them on private land. But a lot of people are willing to risk the £300 fine just to use them.
  9. Bloodgem


    Are they really that good? I must admit I have never had a Greggs sausage roll.
  10. What if 2 D+ are staying in the same cabin but are not linked should we have gotten 2 bottles of wine? On your last cruise we were only given one. Both me and my DS had just turned D+. We are not linked but do live at the same address. What if 3 D+ are staying in the same cabin but are not linked how many bottles of wine will we get? It will be me and my 2 DS's. We are not linked but do live at the same address.
  11. I prefer the Anthem over Indy. I'm hoping that RCI will let Anthem stay longer than a year in the UK.
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