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  1. A rotation of ships: Anthem next year, which I like. Maybe Oasis/Allure for 2021. Maybe one of the newer or older smaller ships another year.
  2. I think Southampton will become a 1 ship port for RCI. I just hope it's not the Indy, all the time. As unlike the rest of Britain she was not my favourite ship.
  3. I would love to see less 'All Inclusive Deluxe Drinks Packages' on UK bookings and more Bogo offers or OBC packages.
  4. I have to agree packing a wound is easy. It's the physiological aspects for the packer that are harder to deal with: Am I causing pain; Did I wash my hands thoroughly enough; Please don't let me retch or pull a face as I'm packing this smelly wound (if it is smelly). If you can copy with the stress, that can come from packing a wound for the first few times then ask your doctor/nurse to teach you how to pack your husbands wound.
  5. Cancelling Indy worries me, yes I know I'm probably being over anxious. As someone who can only depart from Southampton and needs an accessible cabin I don't know whether to risk booking an RCI ship in 2021 or try Princess. At least I have managed to obtain my goal of becoming a the D+.
  6. Unfortunately for passengers that require an accessible cabin a year's notice may not be long enough. We booked our cruise on the Anthem, for June 2020, in November 2018.
  7. Love the pic but in my son's case the mug would say: 1 Make cup of tea 2 Sip tea 3 Decide tea is too hot 4 Let tea cool 5 Forget you have cup of tea 6 Remember the tea 7 Drink the tea cold 8 Repeat. For me drinking tea cold is a crime against nature and yes that even includes ice tea but I love iced coffee. 😄
  8. Another question should be; how many napkins do you have to unwrap just to find a clean knife? Unless my mum is just unlucky because every cruise she takes she always picks up at least 1-2 napkins that contains dirty cutlery.
  9. Not sure how true it is, but I was once told by a TA that when RCI cancel an itinerary they normally release the new itinerary 2 - 3 weeks later.
  10. We don't use the kettle in the cabins as you never know when it was given a good cleaning. I also feel the cabin steward has enough to do in our cabin without having to wash our dirty mugs.
  11. Stupid question but why didn't you get another tea spoon instead of using a knife.
  12. It's hard for us to answer your question when we do not know the new cabin number.
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