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  1. I rather think that post Covid-19, Any Time dining will disappear.. they won't want lines of people queueing, and they will want to manage the numbers in the MDR to ensure social distancing.
  2. I'm with you on this. I haven't paid all that money to queue up to serve myself my dinner into a plastic plate and scramble to find somewhere to sit!
  3. A) I wasn't judging, merely expressing my opinion. Disagree with my opinion by all means, but don't label my opinion with your views B) as my original post says, we're booked with MSC. As discussed extensively elsewhere on CC , of all cruise lines MSC are probably the least likely to go bankrupt. C) "potentially won't open (borders) for a year" - in your opinion. I disagree.
  4. I was expressing an opinion, just as you were. I firmly believe cruises WILL restart in Europe this year. You don't, fine, no need to use "!!".
  5. We stayed in Manhattan the night before our ship sailed from New Jersey. Had a big, comfy limo booked to take us from the hotel to the terminal. Limo was late - after several frantic phone calls, I was about to give up on them (despite having prepaid) and just get the hotel to hail us a cab, when it arrived. "Don't worry, plenty of time" the driver kept saying. Got through to NJ quite quickly, and were pleased to see the ship at its moorings..... less happy as the limo swept past it at some speed. "Oh, okay, maybe there's some weird one-way traffic flow that he had to follow" we're thinking. Nope, he pulls up at *a* cruise terminal, alongside THE WRONG SHIP. "Oh, is this not the one?" Frantic return to (eventually) get us to a deserted terminal, where the check-in staff are busy packing up. Did make it on board, though!!
  6. Travelled to Rome from Civitavecchia for the day. The blurb promised "several hours at the enchanting Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps". We got there, and the Trevi Fountain was shrouded in scaffolding and plastic sheeting. It was empty of water, and they had rigged up a plastic bowl with a photo of the Fountain in better days behind it for tourists to throw a coin in. True to the blurb, the guide disappeared and left us for at least 90 minutes. I found some details online that the works had started 4 months previously, during which time the ship had been in Civitavecchia at least EIGHT times. Back on board, the Excursions Desk tried to say they were unaware of the refurbishment of the fountain. When l showed them the internet article about how long it had been closed, they gave up and refunded half the trip cost.
  7. So here's my take on the cancellation refund/ credit note stuff: We have a 21 night cruise booked, departing Barcelona on 14 November. We have paid deposits ( of course) and a further sum to secure our flights both outbound to Spain and inbound from Dubai. We haven't yet reached 'final balance due' date ( mid August). We have the full balance sitting in a savings account ( on which we now earn a paltry 0.01% pa interest). If the due date comes and MSC haven't cancelled, we'll pay up. If having paid up, it is then cancelled, we'll take the credit certificate, and hopefully book the same cruise ( or a very similar one) for 2021. If it's cancelled before final balance due then again we'll take the FCC to rebook for 2021. If the cruise does go ahead, whooppeee. If it doesn't, we'll pick up a non- cruise holiday in the winter, somewhere hot and all-inclusive to tide us over until the 2021 cruise comes around. I'm slightly concerned with folk who want the refund immediately, saying " we need the money now". If it's not being used to book a replacement cruise or holiday, but needed for day to day life, then maybe it was too expensive to begin with.
  8. Basically, As far as I'm concerned, if my already booked cruise departs as scheduled I'll be on board.
  9. I did read that a lot of North European ports are open (or due to open shortly). Difficulty is actually getting to the departure port.
  10. Greece has stated today that the Greek Islands will reopen to tourists this summer, probably in July.
  11. There are reports in today's British press that a plan to reopen European countries for tourism is being worked up by the EU. Spain appear to be easing their lockdown in stages, each one two weeks apart.
  12. Not so. There are already EU-wide plans being put into place to reopen tourist areas in Spain, Portugal, Canaries, Balearics and Italy over the next few weeks/months. Spain are reopening in phases of two weeks each, to be reopened in the main in 6 to 8 weeks.
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