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  1. By and large, she behaved like any other passenger, although she knew Ken Rush quite well, and so, come "The Quest" we ended up as team leaders.........
  2. If they base it on the lowest status of a room occupant, then ours will be totally wrong. (To take advantage of D balcony discount DW & l (both diamond) are in separate rooms, sharing with our first time cruiser family). Do l care if the tag has no/incorrect status on it? Nope, as long as the room numbers are right and the bags duly appear it doesnt matter one jot.
  3. She was an AM from a different ship. Apparently RCL offered some staff the chance to "try out" the new ship, at discounted rates. She was using her vacation time to take up the discount offer, and had brought her mother too.
  4. Our first cruise was in 2008. We had done a Nile river cruise, but never an ocean cruise. We saw a full page advertisement in a magazine for a 12 day cruise, on a brand-new ship (still being built at that moment). There were a few incentives offered - like free parking at the port - for booking quickly. We took the plunge and booked for 12 nights, to the Canary Islands,, on board Independence. When we boarded, she had only done a quick 4 night cruise to Ireland. This was to be her first "proper" cruise. We had the legendary Ken Rush as CD, a benchmark to measure all others by. We were also fortunate in having an AM from elsewhere in RCL as a table companion for dinner. ........suffice to say, we were hooked!
  5. We dress formally for formal (elegant) nights- DW in a gown, me in tux and color-coordinated bow, cummerbund and pocket square. Other nights we are 'smart casual'. Polo shirts, chinos for me smart dress or blouse and skirt/pants for DW - NO DENIM!
  6. As a Brit, l am always puzzled by all the panicking about 'enhanced driving licences', birth certificates, notarised copies of this that and the other. You're spending $000s on your cruise...... why not splash out the 70-odd bucks and get a passport, which eliminates the problem for 10 years? (Yes, l am aware you CAN cruise on certain itineraries with other forms of ID, but surely a passport is simpler? What's the big aversion?)
  7. We sail 9 weeks tomorrow. DW already has a "forbidden list" of clothes i may not wear in the next 63 days. I too have topped up my Kindle ( been a rash of free books on Facebook, so l have added them - they may be rubbish, but, hey, they were free! Theres a big shopping bag in the spare bedroom with new toiletries " for the cruise"..... You could say we always start early..........
  8. On our first ever cruise we booked every excursion through the ship. Nowadays we book every excursion independently. We have never ever had difficulties with timings or been fearful of late returns. We once got very slightly nervous when stuck in a traffic jam in Bangkok, but noticed that the bus alongside ours was the ship's excursion - in any event we all got back onboard in plenty of time.
  9. Its true that some land based signals reach out quite far into the sea. We are both on 3, which has excellent roaming. We make sure to disconnect from Cellular at Sea, and sometimes, well out of sight of land, the phone will connect to a local carrier.
  10. We have been to 3 quests in our 10+ RCL cruises. The first - and most memorable- was Indy's maiden cruise, with Ken Rush as CD. As it was our first ever cruise we bought the Cruise in Review Dvd. .......and there's me, with Ken, with no trousers on, prancing around Studio B in our underwear...... We had a great comedian 2 cruises ago, went by the name of Tucker. His late night adult only show was hilarious - yes, adult jokes, sex references, but no 4 letter swear words at all. Hope he pops up on Explorer later this year!
  11. Best comment l have read on CC for a while (see the 'photos of the Explorer' thread)
  12. I also thought the OP was looking specifically for such things, which amounted to 6 or 7 items. Would a few clouded panes of glass spoil a cruise? The sagging plastic slatted sunbeds ate common, seen them on Indy, Mariner, Freedom......... I'm not worried ahead of boarding in 10 weeks.
  13. While it was a year ago now, we did have "connect automatically" unchecked. As l said we were advised that "IT were aware of problems and looking into it". As for useage location - room, schooner bar, lounge, by the pool bar - everywhere. And yes, l know we were on a ship out in the ocean - but it was advertised as "the fastest internet at sea"!
  14. I chatted to one of the bar staff once. She said she was lucky as her husbsnd also worked on the same ship - he was a printer!
  15. We're on vacation - so probably we are less judgemental than if we had paid to see a show. We have a look at who the headliner is, or what the production show is. Sometimes we give it a miss, but more often than not we'll go. Some of the production shows are great, some are just ok, but we never doubt that the performers are working very hard.
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