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  1. MSC have cancelled all sailings (bar the 2 ships currently sailing) throughout November.
  2. We are booked to sail on 14 November; booked in May LAST year, so covered by the insurance at the time. Whether we actually sail remains to be seen!
  3. Our final payment date to the TA was, strictly speaking, 1 August. The TA has been quite helpful in delaying demanding payment while they haggle with MSC, since our booking on the Seaview was arbitrarily changed to the Fantasia. Ultimately, MSC doubled their compensation offer to OBC of €400. However they needed payment by this Friday, or they would cancel due to non-payment (so a forfeiture by us). MSC admit there is only a 50/50 chance of us sailing. The 'Schengen only' policy may still apply the FCO are still saying"don't cruise" and "don't go to Spain" ( departure is from Barce
  4. If we knew we could "lift and shift" or we knew MSC will cancel we'll happily pay up now and sail sometime in 2021. If WE cancel now it would not only be the deposit we'd lose but (probably) our flight costs. ( The TA arranged the whole package, including flights to Barcelona and back from Dubai. These have now been ticketed. We have also arranged (and prepaid) a hotel in Barcelona (we never fly out on the day of the cruise departure).)
  5. We booked in May 2019 for departure 14 November 2020. We are in the UK, so not Schengen area. Currently the FCO say we cannot fly to Barcelona to join the ship. MSC are, so far, ignoring our TAs requests for more information, and they won't speak to me as we booked through a TA. Although technically past our final payment date our TA is kindly extending the date until we get clarity from MSC. In the interim, though, we're in limbo. If we aren't going, we would book a land based vacation instead, just to get a break. We can't do that until we know what's happening with the crui
  6. The latest amendment to the FCO advice narrows it down to "sea-going" ships, so would appear to allow river cruising, which seems a tad illogical.
  7. I'm now going around in circles trying to find out some accurate details. We booked through a large UK TA. MSC have changed the booking from the Seaview to the Fantasia. We gather we get €200 OBC by way of "compensation". My view is that as we have been moved from Seaview, in an Aurea suite with a whirlpool on the balcony to the Fantasia (older, smaller, less "wow"ship) to a cabin somewhere on board ( haven't been told where, or what cabin, or what it has to offer) we are, effectively being downgraded. As such, l believe the whole cruise should be repriced downwards, as we are gett
  8. We're also wondering whether to stick with it or bale out. A lot depends on MSC repricing the cruise.
  9. Me too, were joining at Barcelona, in Aurea whirlpool suite, now switched to Fantasia. As yet no details on what cabin, or whether there will be a price adjustment to allow for the downgrading of the ship. Compensation is a meagre €200 OBC.
  10. On 14 November Fantasia departs Barcelona for Dubai, arriving 4 December. This was originally scheduled to be Seaview, but they're keeping her in S America and using Fantasia instead ( only know this for sure as we were booked on this itinerary on Seaview and have been switched to Fantasia)
  11. Thanks for that. Do you have a link to the formal announcement from MSC? All I seem to be able to find is a paraphrasing by others.
  12. I can't get on through "manage my booking" but I can get in via "web login". Like you, it shows Fantasia; the dates are the same, but, like you, no cabin number, just "G0000" which is slightly disturbing.
  13. After all the discussion on here, I rang MSC UK offices. I was on hold for 35 minutes, before speaking to an agent. The reason I was on hold for so long was that all the staff were in briefings about the upcoming changes. I was, of course, only interested in my booking, originally on MSC Seaview, from Barcelona to Dubai through the Suez canal, 21 nights, on 14 November. MSC confirmed that Seaview is NOT going to be in the Med this Autumn. Our booking has been transferred to MSC Fantasia, same dates, times and itinerary. This has all been actioned in the last
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