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  1. There usually is a different black status check in - i will assume NY will have - Miami always does.
  2. 4 of us are going to Sandals for the day. Last time we were there we did the Concorde. And time previous we did Harrison caves. Im with a group that does not do a-lot of pre planning
  3. Its in her thread i asked her specifically about the LGBTQ and that was her response. Dinner at 530 or 730 or buffet 😘😘😘❤️
  4. Would love to But have costumes already Trust me, wont be toga or vampire. Wait and see 😘😘😘
  5. So - i asked Bea (currently on board) to check the daily planner for tonight (1st full day) and they are hosting a LBGTQ gathering at 630p in the Sky lounge. So this will probably be on our sailing on the 29th. And its formal night. Busy night already.
  6. Hi Bea - looks like all going very well - and boarding was a breeze - hope YC on this ship is what you were expecting. question - in todays planner is there an LGBTQ get together - usually around 5ish? i will assume formal night tonight. Enjoy 😘😘
  7. Hi Bea? Which deck are you on - perhaps we will have the same butler? - do u get to keep the same cabin throughout the entire journey?
  8. looking very much forward to your YC embarkation and see if better than the 8th of October embarkation (find u, i cant see it being any worse) LOL!!!!
  9. Everyone handles a situation differently - we had a bad butler on a one week cruise. I didn't complain nor wrote a bad review - we are Only human and everyone has a bad day - and if on contract for 6-7 months then they can have a bad week. Did i want for anything, no - we just saw what our friends butler was doing for them and what our butler was not doing for us. I truly think it comes down to what U expect from ur butler. Some want all the escorts and falling over - others don't want it at all. Really there is no fine line or description as to what a MSC Butler is expected to do. Every butler we have come across on 10 YC sailings were entirely different. Also, not 1 has given us the attention the OP describes (and we have done 90% in RS category) including an upcoming one on the Meraviglia on the 28 October - but also not looking for THAT much attention. The best we had was Alessandro- the YC Director - who insisted we have a dinner for 8 of us on our YC RS Balcony - that i will never forget. The best meal and service ever. You don't want to become -THAT - passenger in the small YC enclave - who is spending the time complaining - people talk !!! Just their nature. i end this with the same comment - every butler is different and not given i Instructions as to what they are expected to do - the butlers that go way over-the-top are perhaps making the other butlers look bad - and the over-the-top service can be a one off just sayin - with all our experience.
  10. I enjoy all types of music - jazz being my least favourite - techno being my most favourite - love mash-ups and high energy. Hope they will once again do silent disco - twice would be awesome. That being said, they had an over abundance of latin tunes on our 4 times on Seaside. 2 weeks today Boarding - leaving Canada on the 26th. Will be great to meet everyone on board.
  11. We have cruises many time in the YC and only once did we have the identical same experience on the Divina that you did. We cruised with friends On this sailing who had a different butler and became comical for how much their butler did for them and i kept saying “I dont even know who our butler was”. But sure enough, he was around at disembarkation sniffing out a tip - which did not happen. All other sailings have been great, but not to the extent of the OP. Sailing Meraviglia in a few weeks ex New York, once again in RS. Wish us luck!!!!
  12. we have cabanas booked for November 9th of this Year - Ocean View YC and Ocean Front YC ... so i would not worry.
  13. correct - Meraviglia came out June of 2017 - whereby Seaside, end of Novermber 2017 - 2 completely different classes of ships however,,,,
  14. the YC section on the Meraviglia is at the front of the ship / cabins - top sail - one pool - the cabins are spread over 4 decks, whereby the Seaside is just 2 decks - with regards to renting Cabana on Meraviglia - unlike Seaside, there are only 3 cabanas (but 2 of these are reserved for those travelling in a RS) - hope this helps in your decision making...
  15. good day once again -time is getting close - i have a question if u don't mind - we are thinking of upgrading to the Premium+ package from the Yacht Club Package - so, here is my question: when in the YC do u need to scan your card/bracelet or sign each time you order something that is included in the Premium + Package, but not the Premium Package (YC)? - do the staff eventually get it after a few days that you have the Premium+ Package? .... i will have the bracelet on, (my partner personally hates the bracelet and will not be wearing his) , but do u need to remind them that - 'Yes, i can have that as i have the Premium+" thanking you in advance, looking forward to finally meeting you both....
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