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  1. marcoigna

    Yacht Club Cabanas and Loungers (Seaside)

    Yes. As well as afternoon pizza burgers at 4pm
  2. marcoigna

    MSC Seaside. Men’s Spa area?

    100% the Thermal spa is co-ed However - 100% off the gym, there is again separate change rooms for men and women - They have lockers and a dry sauna located in the mens change room (not co-ed) - very under utilized - sailed in March and seems so brand new that no one ever used it - it is off the beaten path with access off the back of the gym and not really labelled or known about... but i guess you now know..LOL!!!! hope this helps....
  3. marcoigna


    is anyone having issues with the Forum Cruise Critics App- I cannot get logged onto it - keeps giving error messages.
  4. marcoigna

    New and "Improved" CC

    cant seem to log into the app on my iphone - CruiseCritic - asks to log in, but keeps failing...any suggestions
  5. marcoigna

    YC Drinks....I'm confused

    I heard that the YC drink package no longer includes a 30% discount off the wine list as it was when we were on in February - a "premium drink package" still gets the 30% discount, but not the YC drink ("package" you might want to say"
  6. marcoigna

    Seaside Royal Suite Review-Sept 15-22

    Trust me - we had a few issue in February with our royal suite - 16024 - including flooding near the living room patio door, took 5 days to dry-up even with all of their equipment - and furniture falling apart, .... but with all of this, it didn’t really bother us. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. marcoigna

    Seaside Royal Suite Review-Sept 15-22

    Enjoying your review very much. We were lucky to have the opposite Royal Suite in February and very fortunate to have snagged it again for 2 weeks in December. Nice they gave full amenities to the Cabana at-least once per week. Not to pat myself on the back but it was I who got the Cabanas complimentary for the royal suite with a few emails to the VP as they offered this from day one on the Mereviglia. Voila, it started on our cruise in February - nice to see they have continued and nice to see they take recommendations. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. marcoigna

    Refundable On Board Credits

    pretty easy - go to the Casino - get a cash advance on your ship board account - they give u chips (which u cash back in) or cash - this goes against your credit u have on file - and voila, u got the cash in your hand and u have a zero credit owing on your account... hope this helps
  9. marcoigna

    MSC in the Caribbean

    good day - probably not much difference than u have experienced - on our latest cruises in theCaribbean on MSC, the Americans/Canadians were still a big minority - europeans were about 70% of the ship...
  10. marcoigna

    Yacht club laundry- included?

    Used to be when we cruised in 2014 but after that you need to purchase a package - which is very economical and they do a great job Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. marcoigna

    Review: Seaside Yacht Club August 25-September 1

    Nice, which weeks are u doing - we are 08Dec, 2018 for 2 weeks...
  12. marcoigna

    Yacht Club: Family Friendly?

    Been on about 6 Yacht Club cruises and each and everyone had kids onboard - with no issue at all - I would say maybe 4/5 families max and I must say very well behaved. Yes you may get an unhappy baby from time to time but we were babies at one time ourselves - saw fantastic parenting - so really a mute point - the balance of ship is overrun by kids, so feel lucky that 1/You can afford to sail in YC and 2/That u even found a YC cabin - the space of the YC on seaside is soooo large I can’t see how anyone could complain about a few kids on board. Just enjoy the cruise or travel adults only,,,, YC will never change to adults only as Italians are totally 100% about family. So now you have your choice!!! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. marcoigna

    1st time on MSC how gay friendly?

    i have to disagree with you - it is now our fvourite cruise line - cruised 5/6 time already and have 3 more booked - however, we book the YC as it the best value at sea - if you have a little european heritage in you, you will love MSC, but if you are looking at meals under 45minutes, then perhaps not for you - again, but my opinion...\ may i ask what u disliked about MSC???
  14. marcoigna

    Meraviglia - which deck for Yacht Club cabin?

    Hi there. We are B2B beginning the 8th of december. U are on the CC roll call. Dd a B2B in February as well. YC is 100% the best value at sea Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. marcoigna

    1st time on MSC how gay friendly?

    all is great - have sailed now 6 times on MSC and have 3 more cruises booked with them - never an issue - if a particular staff member is not gay, they are very gay friendly - even the captain was very entertaining....dont worry at all, you will have a great time for sure....