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  1. Hi all. Just booked this cruise - love the itinerary and super happy termination is in San Juan instead of Miami. Looking towards this great new concept in Cruising.
  2. Welcome aboard - very much looking forward to this new concept of cruising
  3. I truly think floor for the $ spent - this amount should be increases to include practically everything- then I would feel like a rockstar.
  4. I’ve heard from an MSC source that this ship is coming to the US - not sure when however.
  5. Welcome aboard - .... very much looking forward to this cruise, primarily for all the differences... So where in the U.S. are u from?
  6. According to some articles published - MSC is still in talks with the Cozumel authorities - they are building their 4th dock - and I do see this is a viable solution - even if you cant get air from Cozumel, there is the ferry to the mainland to fly out of Cancun and there is plenty of air service here...and no quarantine - no Covid Tests....all good....but who knows what is going to take place in the next months...
  7. Fantastic - thank you for that.... Very much looking forward to this adventure on this new cruise line - We like the entire concept, even though there are some out there that are not so impressed - Cannot please everyone... but all good for us....
  8. Good day Booked a Mega Rock Star Suite, but had a few questions as a little confusing They talk about a "daily bar tab" included, also ordering bottles of wine - does anyone have any insite as to the daily value of the Bar Tab? Also - the Stocked Bar in Cabin - does anyone know the quality of Liquor - so for instance Grey Goose Vodka or Hendriks Gin.. Thanking you in advance - watched alot of YouTube Videos and seems like a concept i am really looking forward in trying....
  9. Good day - Just booked this cruise - as really wanted to try this concept of cruising, but also enjoy the longer voyages - Any other Virgin Voyageurs out there joining us...
  10. All our flights are booked for the TransAtlantic as well - all will be good - being the ship to set sail in August, if there is a major delay by months; then MSC will need to announce very shortly - but I have great confidence the ship will be ready - I think we just to more concerned with COVID and lift cruise ship restrictions.
  11. Again. As u said, different ship/day different rules. Have upgraded previously to PP+ but on Seashore next year, no option to do so.
  12. about 5 years ago, they did a full ship charter to Atlantis Events - this was on the Divina....
  13. Agree - Islands can be hit/miss at that time of year and if ship cant dock, you lose all - and no recourse from MSC or any ship as contract states, ports can be changed. when sailing MSC many times - saw couples get married in the YC lounge even though they weren’t staying in YC - truly beautiful settings. Something to consider
  14. not to be negative - but you really think your cruise on November 1st will happen? So many cruise lines cancelled into 2021 - If Florida had their act together re:Covid - then slight chance but with 100 deaths a day i don’t see it. In Canada we can now get Covid-19 insurance to travel - EXCLUDING CRUISES !!!! Would never take chance without insurance. We had to cancel our MSC Cruisd to Dubai this fall because of this
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