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  1. Ours too. My faith in Royal Caribbean has been somewhat restored. Have now booked a Celebrity cruise for 2022.
  2. Thanks to everyone for addressing some of my questions. It does seem they disregarded feedback from us early Edge cruisers like us. At least the balcony table id bigger than the garbage can they y called a table on the Edge. The bathroom looks good but dark so we will plan to add some light somehow. Overall it still looks like an upscale Ikea interior, however we still look forward to our cruise on the Millennium. PS, I hope they dump Le Petit Chef before our cruise. Once is enough, and the food was not great at the time.
  3. We are booking a cruise on the Millennium for late 2022 and were wondering about a few things. 1. Are loungers available for the balcony, and is there a useable table available on the balcony for breakfast for example. 2. Is there a real bar with stools in the Retreat Lounge? 3. Is the sofa bed comfortable for sitting on? ( On the Edge the "sofa" was useless.) 4. Is there only the Petit Chef option available in Qsine? All our previous Celebrity cruises have been on Solstice class ships except for the Edge, so we are looking forward to a smaller ship experience t
  4. We were on a Celebrity cruise early last year that saw us leaving Fort Lauderdale and next overnighting in New Orleans, then off to other Caribbean ports before returning to Fort Lauderdale. I have since read about something called the Jones Act that apparently restricts non US flagged and crewed ships from sailing between two US ports such that non US flagged ships cannot apparently sail directly from Seattle to Alaska, for example, without stopping at one foreign port (in this case, in Canada). Just curious as to whether this is actually prohibited.
  5. My TA just advised me that RCL was expecting to start Pullmantur refunds this wee. We shall see.
  6. Our cruise scheduled for this past September was cancelled and we were refunded our deposit in a timely manner. We had a cruise planned for earlier this year with Pullmantur, which is part owned by RCL and were promised that our deposits would be retuned by RCL. It has not happened and has made us nervous about the viabililty of RCL. We had a Celebrity cruise planned for September 2021, and just recently cancelled as we do not feel that by that time things will be anywhere near "normal". We hope that deposit will be refunded as was offered. With its huge liabilities and little revenue,
  7. Still no refund, so we have decided to cancel our Celebrity cruise planned for September 2021 because we think our deposit could now be at risk as Celebrity is owned by RCL who were to refund our Pullmantur deposit. We plan to wait to 2022 to book another cruise.
  8. Our last planned Pullmantur cruise was cancelled, and we later cancelled a planned cruise on the Constellation, so if the rumors are right we may be able to do both in one! We have a Celebrity Reflection (our favorite ship) cruise booked for September 2021 but I suspect we may be cancelling that if things do not get a lot better sooner.
  9. Pullmantur/RCL were to refund fares and deposits for cancelled Pullmantur cruises. My TA says that our application was received by RCL, but we have not yet received our deposit refund. has anyone? Our cancelled cruise was a Mediterranean cruise and we have been able to book a Celebrity cruise for next year with almost the same itinerary but for a huge difference in price. We hope that one will still sail (safely).
  10. We have sailed on Pullmantur many times and most cruises have been very enjoyable and great value. We always had the best cabins available and enjoyed the benefits of the Waves Yacht Club too. We never once had any communications from Pullmantur regarding what they could do better or asking for our views on how the cruise was, and the never had a successful loyalty program even though they did start one a ways back but it did not go anywhere. It is interesting that they are only now looking for input for their comeback. And since we neither speak Spanish nor use Facebook, I guess t
  11. Is the Horizon going to Elefsina? If so, would it be used as a refugee camp as there is one at Elefsina.
  12. We hope to cruise with Pullmantur again in the future. When they regroup I hope they will keep the formula the same, that is with a Spanish/European flavour, the Waves Yacht Club and an all inclusive but upgradeable drinks package. I had hoped they would have a loyalty program that would link to RCG but that is probably not in the cards.
  13. I have watched you tube videos of ships aggressively driven to beach at the Turkish break yards. Does anyone know the sailing protocol for doing this? The last captain of the Monarch was Captain Branka based on our cruise on the Monarch in January, and I can't see a captain being thrilled at beaching a ship he has been caring for up to then. We cruised twice on the Monarch and enjoyed it very much. I will be sorry to see it go.
  14. Yes. Pharmacies here in Canada give annual flu vaccines and they are free, and COVID19 tests are free too but only at testing centres. We miss cruising but will not cruise again until we are satisfied it is safe and that probably means until there is a vaccine. We doubt we will be travelling out of a Florida port for some time as the there seems to be a total disregard for containing the virus there. It seems that many are not prepared to make small personal sacrifices for a greater good.
  15. The Monarch now appears docked in Malta.
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