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  1. We bring a short heavy duty power bar that fits in my carry on and use it to share power at airports on the way and on the plane, and I know these are not generally allowed as a larger one was confiscated when we were boarding the Edge. We also bring suction cup clips and puffs to hang in the shower/tub area. We get inexpensive puffs which we dispose of at the end of the cruise. We also bring some 6" velcro cable ties which work better than elastic bands to keep the hair dryer switch on, and double as what they are; cable ties for charging cords. We also bring Crystal or Tapatio hot sauce as the only one we find on board is Tabasco and we don't find that rich enough. Another item is a bubbly stopper which also works as a stopper on still wine.Also, we bring a battery operated LED candle as we normally have all our meals at home by candle light, and we each carry a small but strong pen light in case of power failures. We don't bring a night light any more as most ships now have these built in, in the bathroom. We bring lots of ziplock type plastic bags to stock up on Al Bacio cookies for the flight home as well as for extra bottles of Bulgari toiletries while we can still get them.
  2. You can not order from the MDR menu when in Luminae on the Edge because the kitchens are quite far apart. Hopefully they will not move kitchens around on the redone Constellation..
  3. What ever happened to the Edge rocking chairs? We had one in our aft suite and it was too big and always in the way? I read they had disappeared. Where did they go? Just curious, but hoping not to see them again on another revolutionized Celebrity ship.
  4. We were on the Pullmantur Horizon last year and they had flavoured gins and Fever Tree Tonic. There were 10 different gins listed on their drinks menu. My wife got hooked on a Spanish pink gin on that cruise.
  5. I have been to Chandon and Mumm's in California and they do make fine sparkling wine, but it is not Champagne. I have visited several producers in Champagne too and all their wines were great, There are other American sparkling wines (even from Texas) that are very good, but there are many more that are terrible. The same hold in France, but the designation of Champagne almost always means that the wine will be very good. On Celebrity when I have the choice between Chandon and Motaundon, I will go with the Motaundon. You have to respect the French for ensuring a consistently high quality product in Champagne. I will let others enjoy their Californian Champagne, Californian Red Burgundy and white zinfandel.
  6. Does anyone know if a new Gala menu is available? If so what changes have been made?
  7. There are several grades of bubbly on Celebrity. The most basic sparkling wine has a plastic "cork" and is pure crap. You will often see it used for mimosas etc., but normally is not on display. It is a guaranteed headache. Several times we have had sparkling Celebrity Saumur (Bouvet Ladubay) in our suite on arrival. It is very good. In our last Royal Suite we had two bottles of Perrier Jouet which were very good, and Montaudon in Luminae and again it was good. Some bars will have Chandon which is good, and on occasion in Luminae if you have a willing sommelier, they may chose to offer you Mumms or other real higher end champagnes at no extra charge. As for bubbly stoppers we travel with one of these Metrokane screw in types as they can also be used on still wines.
  8. Our ship arrives in Cartagene at 9:30 in the morning on January 4, 2020. Does anyone know if that would allow enough time to get to the airport for a 2:30 PM flight?
  9. We have used these packages and they are useful in Canadian winters because they will get you to the cruise regardless of the weather (the ship will wait, just like ship shore excursions) and they include chartered airport transfers. The food and drink onboard is also included and is not bad at all (except for the bubbly which was Spumante Bambino!) and everything is Celebrity branded. You also can save a hotel night as many people like to ensure they and their luggage are at the departure point a day before the cruise. Not necessary with these packages.
  10. This photo was taken at Winnipeg airport two days ago. Maybe Celebrity will offer all inclusive south packages from Canadian cities again this fall and winter? Or is this just a flying billboard?
  11. We hoped to be on this cruise but a conflict means we had to cancel, so a Penthouse Suite should now be available if anyone is interested.
  12. The future for the Zenith: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/21221-zenith-will-sail-for-peace-boat.html
  13. I can't say I am disappointed that Zenith is leaving Pullmantur, as it was the least enjoyable of all the Pullmantur ships we have been on. I hope it is replaced with something in better condition than the Zenith, and the joint owners of the brand (RCCL et al) get their act together and set up a decent loyalty program which they previously tried and abandoned for whatever reason. Overall we enjoy Pullmantur and have two cruises booked for later this year although we will probably have to cancel one, which means a Penthouse Suite on the Horizon will come available soon.
  14. Perrier Jouet comes with the Royal Suite, in-cabin. We had an extra bottle as part of the two bottle booze/wine offering as part of the suite. The premium drinks package gets Chateau Montaudon as the only (real) Champagne. This is based on our Eclipse cruise in April.but on some previous cruises the sommelier in Luminae was generous and offered us several other Champagnes by the glass as part of outr package,
  15. There is an interesting article in today's new York Times on the Peter Max print factory and sales on cruise ships. Sorry but I can't provide a link.
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