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  1. Heard that our cruise was cancelled and now have official word from our TA asking us what we want to do. I understand the options themselves (Lift & Shift, 125% credit or cancel w/refund). What I want to know is what happens after you rebook? If RC cancels our rebooked cruise, do we get the same options again? What if RC isn't cancelling but we decide we want to cancel or rebook? I ask because my usual TA is offering an RC promotion of "free cancellation", but I don't know if it's their promotion, or they are claiming an RC promotion as their own. Are we still tied to the same TA for all of this? I only went with the TA I did to use my Aeroplan points and after waiting on hold for 6 hours to book my cruise, I don't want to go back to them if I can avoid it.
  2. Perhaps given the number of discussions this could be pinned, since it has the actual details and not speculation. Just saw an announcement from Royal on their "Cruise with Confidence". It says go to http://*****/RCICruisingWithConfidence for more details. Replace the stars with bit dot ly. Hope I'm not in violation here, by working around the web link rule, but it's kind of important that people know about this.
  3. Is there still some sort of free internet perk for C&A members? I recall DW and I would each use our perk on a different sea day, but now I don't see it in the C&A benefits at all?
  4. And just in case anybody wants to ask... E-cigarettes / vapes = regular cigarettes for the purposes of where it is allowed.
  5. Might find further info on the home ports area since it's not RC specific.
  6. Keep in mind of course that visible emissions are not necessarily worse than invisible emissions.
  7. We cruised over Christmas once and enjoyed it very much. There are Christmas events and traditional Christmas menu added to the standard fare. Other than the decorations, it wasn't overly intrusive.
  8. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/earthquake-cuba-jamaica-1.5443455 Cayman Island has issued a Tsunami warning: "It is likely a tsunami wave of between 1 and 3 feet may have been generated following a 7.7 M earthquake approx 75 miles ESE of the Sister Islands A tsunami is a series of waves. Move away from coastal areas and evacuation vertically if possible."
  9. We have done a few summer cruises. My own observation on summer cruises is the Solarium tends to be the older crowd. It's fairly quiet, so even if it is crowded it isn't that noisy. If it gets too hot in there, there is usually seating around the pool area. The overall demographic in the summer will be more towards families.
  10. Yes they have royal tots: https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=3231 Tips: - When we cruised on Anthem with DS at 10 months old, we found he was very entertained just being wheeled around the ship in his stroller looking at the lights. At 16 months and possibly walking, you might have to do a little more chasing, lol. - Bring an inflatable tub for bathing. - I *think* there is a kiddie spash pool. There was on Anthem and the ovation deck plan seems to have one in the same place. So bring swim diapers as it's the only water area for the non toilet trained kiddos. - If you haven't ridden elevators much, practice before you get there.
  11. The table numbers move around from sailing to sailing, so hard to say for sure. You might be able to get someone on a current cruise over in the meet and mingle to check for you though. If it help at all, one of our first boarding activities is to go over to the MDR and find our table. Usually during boarding it's quiet enough that the maitre'd can try and find you another table if you don't like yours (if there is space).
  12. From doing a few trip with DW and her mother, balcony should be big enough, but from my own experience, there are usually only two chairs. Might be less of a problem for you but we also found the balcony is a good place to wait while others get ready.
  13. Keep in mind that although there are ways to share, the internet package is per device, so they may block sharing. Sort of like other policies where it's in the rules, but they may or may not choose to enforce it.
  14. This article to me seems more like click bait, but at the same time could discourage a new cruiser from considering RC. Please have a look and tell me if you agree that none of these are "Intense" or unique to RC? 15 Intense Rules Passengers Have To Follow Aboard a Royal Caribbean Cruise I wish it had a comment section.
  15. Nice to hear how the "other half" lives, lol. Thanks for sharing the review.
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