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  1. As many of you know "Like Father" is a father/daughter movie about rekindling family bonds filmed on Harmony of the Seas. We liked it and it's a fun movie just so you can spot the things you recognize in the background. Anyway, I was trying to make a trivia submission for the IMDB web site. I was listing the areas of the ship seen in the movie. The Karaoke scene looks like it might have been filmed in the ice rink based on the size and seating arrangement, but I've never been on Harmony... All the seats look like they have a "table" in front of them where you can put drinks. Was that filmed in a film studio perhaps, or just somewhere else on the ship? Also I don't think there were any scenes in the windjammer. Most of the dining scenes look like the Costal Cafe.
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    Up at the top of the screen I see "view posts related to" and links for all the ships. Keep in mind this is a filer. You are still viewing this forum, but only the posts related to the ship you choose.
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    You also might want to check out the ports of call forum about this since it isn't specifically a RC thing.