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  1. Thanks for sharing the information. We had something similar when we had an aft balcony. At least the cabin steward warned us and he brought extra towels to put on the outside furniture.
  2. Or iced tea, or juice, there are free options if you like. To clarify the soda in a can, beverage package or not if go to a bar and ask for something they don't have on the tap, they'll give you a can. If you want coke or ginger ale, I have seen they use the tap and a glass with ice. I don't think the dining room gives free refills unless you have a package of course.
  3. My own experience has been the cost "drops" only because the package is for the remainder of the cruise and there are less days. An individual ship may put on an actual "special" if they aren't getting much business of course. So just do the math if you care about getting a "deal".
  4. Be sure you do, just not in your carry on for your flight (if applicable). If not a bartender will give you a freebie corkscrew, but they are difficult to use. I'll also repeat the experience that we've never been charged a corkage fee and if we are, I'll just go open the bottle myself and bring glasses of wine to the meal with me.
  5. My own experience has been that it is the same special they are offering to everybody else. Exchange rate notwithstanding, I never saw a price difference booking through US or Canada. I have also seen specials aimed at teachers, EMTs and former military. Same thing.
  6. DS was 10 months old and not walking. Worked fine as he was happy to explore the room and we would turn him loose in unoccupied areas like the lounge where there was lots of stuff to pull himself up and hold on to. Anthem also has a kiddie splash pool. I can't speak for excursions because Coco Cay was cancelled and everyone else was too sick to get off at Nassau. At port Canaveral we went and had lunch with his Grandpa and went and played in a park. At dinner time, the staff were very attentive and kept him entertained. We tried the nursery one night, but he didn't make it through dinner because the noise was too loud for him in there. Now at just over 2, we wouldn't take him. The splash thing is too small and he can't use the other pools since he is still in diapers. Doing a car trip this summer instead, but hope it makes good practice for driving down for the next cruise once he turns 3. We are hoping he'll like the kids club since he'll be able to use it by then, but always have a backup plan. Keep in mind about sleeping arrangements as well. DS was happy with a playpen at 10 months, but recently we stayed in a hotel and he ended up in bed with us becuase playpen was too small. Again, by 3 we hope to have him in his own bed at home, so hopefully having his own bed or at least sleeping on the couch on a cruise is workable.
  7. DS is two and we use an umbrella stroller. I think a double anything even a ride/stand for two kids would be too big, even for trying to get it around on the ship. Edit: And yes, keep bumpy streets in mind when looking at the size and type of the wheels. Depending on the size of the kid, an umbrella stroller might work, but get them used to it before you go on the trip! Other than that, yes take lots of breaks and make sure to plan a couple of things of interest to the kids.
  8. Somebody just asked a similar question here: Worst case, you can always swap rooms and get new key cards onboard. However there may a situation of the single person in the room getting double points unless you "officially" switch before the cruise.
  9. Here's another way to think of it. Your purchases are most likely being left on the ship. So you aren't bringing the purchases in to the country in Victoria. You are bringing them later. It would be similar to purchasing something in the US and shipping it home rather than bringing it over yourself.
  10. Bob got #1 and #2... 3. Coffee/tea. I think Park Cafe has all the standard teas, but if they don't grab a handful of your favourite teabags when you see them in case they are out.... There have been a few complaints here about the coffee, but whether coffee is good is a matter of opinion. 4. There are usually wheelchair areas at the back of most venues. I find most pax are good about making way for a wheelchair. At debark time they have a dedicated departure elevator for wheelchairs, so be sure to talk to someone about that. My family's experience was the crew helped get my mom off the ship and then handed her off to a land based porter.
  11. You might ask in the ports of call area, but I would say have a plan in case they don't allow you to bring it.
  12. Last time I stopped in Victoria, you just walk off the ship and down the dock. There is a customs office if you want to go in and declare anything, or ask them to be sure. I don't know if you are considered to have entered a country if you don't get off the ship. I know the ship gives their passenger manifest to local Customs. Best to keep receipts so you can show when and where you purchased the items.
  13. Also keep in mind that many of the claims are so-called "shotgun approach" personal injury lawyer boilerplate. You accuse RC of doing everything wrong in the hopes that you hit on one that RC can't defend. Same goes with calling it "life changing". It's all about presentation. Having said that, if any of the kids want to go on one of those bungee trampoline things at the mall, one thing I will be checking for is if all the elastics/bungees are connected through one carabiner.
  14. Duplicate question already being answered here:
  15. True, always keep a second copy just in case your phone gets lost/stolen/broken. Even if just using printed copies, put the copies in different bags.
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