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  1. My husband was constantly annoyed at the number of men that did not wash their hands. Do they not wash them at home either?
  2. On our recent Arvia cruise there was always someone at the MDR entrance holding hand wash. I never saw anyone walk past without taking it.
  3. Just come in from the garden after taking this photo of my gorgeous Azalea and my lovely cat, Evie. Too hot to do anymore gardening, will leave it till later. Jennizor
  4. Thanks Rupert, I will check out the apps on Google.
  5. Thanks Avril and Kalos. I think I will pot it up just to see what it turns out to be. We have loads of birds flying into the garden from the woods so it sounds worth a try. Xx
  6. Can anyone help me identify this plant. It has just appeared in the garden, it looks very healthy but I don’t know if is a weed or not. Thanks in advance. Jennizor
  7. Seems a random issue, fingers crossed it doesn’t happen to you. Jennizor
  8. Thanks for your response Angel, I will try to remember your solution should it happen again. Jennizor
  9. Hi Graham, it had just come back on my iPad. I don’t mind using it on my phone but it’s so much easier and quicker on my iPad. Jennizor
  10. Thanks Graham, I was thinking it was something I had done. Fingers crossed I will get back it soon.
  11. I would appreciate some advice on why I can’t access this forum on my ipad today. Seems fine on my phone and I have searched for help on my ipad but no luck. Has anyone else got this problem?
  12. Just back from the dentist. I have been going to see Jonathan for around 20 years or more and he is brilliant and always gives a range of options where possible. He said I had two options this time, a rebuild of where the outside of the tooth on one side had come away £150 or a crown £350. He thought the rebuild was sufficient for now as most of the tooth was still OK. It was all done there and then and his final words to me were ‘go and have a nice lunch’ which we did.
  13. We are off to the dentist shortly. We both managed to break a tooth on our March cruise on Arvia. I did mine on the last morning. I never have a cooked breakfast but I decided to have one prior to our long coach journey home. I bit into a piece of well done bacon and lost a portion of a tooth. That was an expensive breakfast.
  14. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos Michelle. Xx
  15. Hi Michelle, I hope Richard’s op goes Ok and he recovers quickly. He has got lots of jobs do on the house hasn’t he? Today I have been to my annual meet up of class of 61, Rivington & Blackrod Grammar School. There used to be about 40 of us but there was only 16 this time, sign of the times. We still had a good time reminiscing and the time just flew by. There are a number of us who went to infant, junior and grammar school together so we have lots of history.
  16. What a beautiful cat Megabear. Here is my little ray of sunshine. She is a rescue cat as all my cats have been. I lost my previous cat two years ago. My daughter is a vet nurse and I told her I was too upset to take another one. About a week later she told me about this one that had been hit by a motorcycle and the owners wanting her to be put down. I took one look at her and was hooked. She is called Evie and is fully recovered and so affectionate, I am always covered in cat hairs.
  17. We came back last Sunday from our Caribbean cruise on Arvia. Before we sailed we booked the Limelight Club for one night but nothing else. We did not use the app at all we just went to the Meridian around 8pm after a pre-dinner drink, and never had to queue for a table. We were happy to share or have a table for 2.
  18. We came back last weekend from our Caribbean cruise on Arvia. We saw La Voix in the Limelight Club for the second time, last time on Iona. Both times the show was excellent but the recent one was brilliant. We laughed so much and thought the singing was better even than the first time. We would definitely go to see him again if he was on our next cruise.
  19. It was lovely to meet up with Michelle and Richard. It was amazing to find two people so easily amongst the throngs. We also had a lovely cruise but found the sea days became a bit wearing towards the end. The ship was lovely as were the staff. We enjoyed some of the evenings in the atrium on the 6th floor, the artists were very good. We also went to the Limelight Club and had a great evening. Our balcony cabin was on deck 12 although smaller than we expected but as we didn’t spend a lot of time there, it didn’t really matter. We had a dreadful return home however. We had no electric as there had been a power failure, early in the first week we were away. The under counter fridge and freezer in the kitchen and the larger ones in the garage were all completely defrosted. Ian managed to get the power back but we spent hours yesterday and today trying sort the issue. We left all the food in the large freezer in the garage, now all frozen again but totally unusable but we will get rid of it all over the next couple of days. Will speak to Saga tomorrow about claiming for all the ruined food. We will also get an electrician in to get his view on why this happened and get him to do whatever is needed to ensure it doesn’t happen again.He lives just a few houses away from us and is very highly regarded. I feel like I need another holiday after coming back to this.
  20. So sorry to hear your sad news Graham. Thank goodness Sarah has you and Pauline to help her through this terrible period. Xx Jennizor
  21. We are flying out to the Caribbean in two weeks. After a week there we are doing the transatlantic to Southampton. From there we are on an Intercruises coach to Manchester airport. We make our own way home from there, that’s not a problem as it is only about 30 mins by taxi to Bolton. We have travelled several times with Intercruises and never had a problem. Fingers crossed we won’t have any this time.
  22. Hi Michelle, we are in 12618. Fingers crossed that Ian doesn’t get bad news about the floaters in his eye though. Jennizor
  23. Hi Michelle, we love Boundary Mill. We used to take Ian’s mum there when she wanted a new outfit. We haven’t been for a while, last time we bought a beautiful painting that we have above our bed. We must try go again soon, although I will avoid the Radley department, it’s too tempting. Today we have been to the opticians in Bolton as Ian is having a problem with floaters in his eyes. He has been referred to the hospital but we won’t be going before we go on our Caribbean cruise so we are still hoping to meet up with you. Jennizor
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