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  1. Heidi13

    Where to stay in London

    We fly into LHR with BA, so sign up with the company Airportr, who take our checked luggage once we clear customs and ship them to the hotel. We then took the Tube into London, which required 1 change between LHR & Waterloo. If you have luggage, probably best to take Heathrow Express into Paddington, then a can, or get a limo from LHR. For limo around London, we use Addison Lee. Heading back to Vancouver, we contracted again with Airportr, who picked our cases up at the hotel and next time we saw them was in Vancouver.
  2. The PVSA prevents foreign flag passenger vessels carrying US citizens between US ports, with the following exceptions: - R/T cruises are permitted provided you visit any NON-American port - Embarking at 1 port and disembarking at another is only permitted, provided the vessel calls at a distant Non-American port. The ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao) meet the definition of distant foreign port. Therefore, boarding in STVI and disembarking in FL should meet the requirements. I note that all trans-Canal cruises we have completed with Princess call at an ABC island + Cartagena. This is not a requirement, but could be insurance, should 1 port be cancelled. However, your cruise visits 2 ABC islands, so it is unlikely they wil miss both. I would call Princess and ask to discuss with Cust Service Manager
  3. Heidi13

    Cruising in January

    Sanitised??? Ha Ha, you obviously have more faith than us. Even in Aruba, on a snorkelling tour, the cleaning/sanitation comprised a large bin filled with water. When people finished they replaced the gear in the bin, while new attendees were selecting gear. No staff involved in cleaning & sterilising. In many parts of the world this is not uncommon. Personally, we will continue to bring our own snorkel/mask.
  4. Heidi13

    Advice on flight connections in Miami (flying to San Juan)

    It's been many years since I have used Miami, so other can comment on queues. Regarding Business Lounge, it will depend on airline, however I recall at least 1 lounge for AA/BA.
  5. Expansion announcement shortly after they were purchased by RCCL.
  6. Heidi13

    Where to stay in London

    Last year we flew into London, where we stayed at the Travelodge London Central Waterloo for 5 nights, then caught the train down to Southampton. The train/tube station is about 300 - 400 yds from the hotel, so is easily walkable. Hotel provides breakfast in the morning and there is a couple of nice pubs in the vicinity. To get to the cruise, take the train from London Waterloo to Southampton Central. From the station, I would get a taxi to the port. Trains depart probably every 20 to 30 mins and take just over an hour.
  7. Heidi13

    Why did you decide to retire when you did?

    Retired in December 2012 at 55 yrs of age. Just finished a large project and had no desire to start another one. Could have stayed 4 more years to maximise the pension. Also started a consulting business, with some crazy idea of possibly picking up some small projects. Fortunately common sense prevailed and the company ceased operations with zero revenue. While I received a few offers, never had the time to accept them - too busy cruising around the world and RV'ing across N/America.
  8. Heidi13

    India Pale Ale (IPA) beer

    An excellent choice of beverage. Probably best to ask your question on the NCL Board. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/64-norwegian-cruise-line/
  9. Heidi13


    Noted this was your first post, so welcome to Cruise Critic. Negative, nothing wrong with your question. However, we get many threads started on tipping questions and they frequently become a somewhat heated discussion, as many countries have tipping practices that are significantly different.
  10. Heidi13

    Daylight Saving Time

    The ship should adjust clox to coincide with the time change.
  11. Heidi13

    difficulties signing in

    I am using a Win 10 laptop with Google Chrome. Since it came online, I have only had to sign in twice, both on the first day. You can manage your subscriptions by selecting the down arrow on your user name in the top right corner. Then select manage my content. The other option of reviewing your activity is to select "Activity" from one of the top 3 tabs.
  12. Heidi13

    Viking vs Oceania help

    April is not a bad month to visit this area. I have experienced some storms in the Adriatic, but they were only Jan/Feb. I would expect temperatures of about 20C/68F. Might be a little lower in Venice and warmer in Athens/Piraeus. If you are late April add a couple of degrees to those average temps. You could get more rain than July/August. I would figure on rain < 20% of the days. Water temps will be cool. Benefit is significantly less crowds than June to Sept.
  13. Unfortunately the size of the ship has little influence on the sea-keeping ability. The cruise ships I worked aboard many years ago were vastly superior than some of the new mega ships. In addition to having a m'ships cabin, you should also be looking for a lower deck. Inside cabins also get less movement than balcony cabins. For seasickness, DW uses seabands and scopolomine patches, which are available OTC in Canada, but prescription only in US. In Alaska, clearance on arrival is normally quick, so you can be going ashore shortly after docking. Check the board at the gangway, but aboard time is usually 30 min before departure. Embarkation port is 2 hrs before departure. Couple of days before disembarkation you should receive a notice regarding groups/times, etc. I would expect disembarkation starts within an hour. From port to Seatac allow 1 hr for traffic.
  14. Heidi13

    Water on the ship

    The regular tap water aboard most cruise ships is probably safer to drink than many city water supplies. As a previous reply mention, suggest bringing a re-fillable bottle.
  15. As mentioned previously, Hurtigruten is probably you best option. As a 2nd option, I would check out some of the Norway cruises from Viking Ocean.