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  1. Heidi13

    Viking Jupiter [VIDEO]

    HaHa, recall one of our Captains at his retirement received a presentation from our local dock rebuilding contractor. It was a wooden board with twisted metal embeded. Fortunately it was taken in the good humour intended.
  2. Heidi13

    Viking Jupiter [VIDEO]

    Thanks Jim - wasn't certain about stern thruster, but with high lift rudders, it isn't required.
  3. Heidi13

    12 suitcases and more....!?

    DW is also a retired RN (ER/Trauma) and for a WC she almost 1/2 fills a suitcase with 1st aid kit, OTC meds & selection of Rx meds. While in many countries you can get Rx meds without prescription, we topped up in Dubai. Our son lived there during our last visit, so took us out for lunch and stopped at a Chemists. DW chatted with the Pharmacist, comparing Canadian/US/UK drug names and refilled our supply of meds. She was very comfortable the medications were genuine and the Pharmacist was most knowledgeable. Might be worth checking it out when you stop in Dubai.
  4. Heidi13


    I also can't help, as it is about 40 years since I docked in Osaka. It was also a cargo ship. All I recall is it's a big port, but where we docked it was a short walk to town. However, don't believe we were close to the main downtown area. Just looked on Google and appears they have a fairly new pax terminal, with residential/commercial just outside the terminal. Looks to be a fair distance from downtown. Might get an answer from the good people at Tellus.
  5. Heidi13

    Just got back from Viking Star Athens to Venice

    On our last trip to Piraeus, we only had about 5 hours, so we walked around Piraeus. However, many years ago, when visiting every couple of weeks, we caught the Metro into town. Recall the station being at the far inshore end of the port, so depending on which berth you dock, it could be a fair walk - 1/2 mile to 1 mile. On the train, I recall changing trains once to get to the Acropolis. You can also catch a taxi or bus, but from those that headed to Athens, they all mentioned traffic was crazy, so suggest the Metro is probably the best bet.
  6. Heidi13

    Viking Jupiter [VIDEO]

    Affirmative, the tug Master should follow the directions provided by the Captain/Pilot. Not sure what they use in Piraeus, but these days we rarely use steel wire, as the synthetic lines are stronger and also float, which puts less risk on fouling the wheels when lines part, or are let go. When making mooring lines we often incorporated a wire snotter at the end, as a weak link. Therefore, in the event of the line parting, the expensive line was saved and we replaced the short wire snotter. The lines have great strength when the weight is taken up gradually, but do not handle dynamic loads that are applied quickly very well. This is the 2nd similar experience with a tug line I have witnessed. Unfortunately the first time I was on the mooring deck when it recoiled above us, a couple feet off the deck. Recoil we witnesses is normal for most lines. Every line I have seen part, recoils with amazing speed. Before the days of pre-formed wires, if a wire broke, it not only recoiled, it also unravelled. Only saw this once on my first trip to sea.
  7. Heidi13

    Renting an RV in Alaska after cruise

    Congratulations, the RV'ing lifestyle is a great experience. Most rentals are fairly small, being about the same size as my F350 Dually. You shouldn't have any issues getting into State Parks and/or rest areas. When we purchased the RV, we have to pass a driving test, so I hired a trainer for a couple of days. First place he took me was Costco parking lot on a Saturday, towing a 41' 5th-wheel. So rent one locally for a couple of days and head to a few parking lots. Great for the confidence. Once you survive Costco on a Saturday, State Parks are easy. Enjoy the camping.
  8. Heidi13

    walkie talkie

    ChEng can better discuss the systems on modern cruise ships, but on my Ro/Pax we installed a toned repeater system, with active repeaters. Repeater system aerials were installed on every deck about 150 to 200 ft apart, depending on amount of steel bulkheads. The Captain and Officers carried high/low power, dual band marine VHF and UHF frequencies. The ratings and hotel staff received low powered UHF radios. All portable radios assigned to a specific ship were toned for that ship's repeater system. When a radio was keyed, it emitted a tone and radio identifier. The tone opened the repeater system, which rebroadcast the transmission ship wide. The Master Receiver on the Bridge also displayed the identifier of each radio transmitting. When using UHF without the repeater system, I believe it is a simplex system, but once we accessed the repeater, it was a duplex system, with separate Rx & Tx frequencies. Without the correct tone, even radios with the correct UHF frequency could not access the repeater system.
  9. Heidi13

    walkie talkie

    HaHa, most definitely, but it is one of the few remaining perks. However it is a perk available to the Captain & Chief Engineer that we kept from the owners.😁
  10. Been to Vietnam a number of times, both flying into Saigon and cruising to Phu My. On all cruise arrivals the ship has arranged the Visa/passport stamps and it was way more than $5.00. From memory it was $25 to $50. On all cruises, this was no surprise, as the cruise documents clearly stated the ship would make the arrangements, with costs billed to our shipboard account.
  11. Heidi13

    Viking Jupiter [VIDEO]

    Watching it full screen, I couldn't see the tug with line attached, but about 4m20s I started seeing something dragging along the wavelets - subsequently saw it was a tug line. The ship then appeared to swing the stern away from the tug. The line went from no weight to bar tight, vibrated briefly then parts. Parted at the tug, so the recoil was back towards the ship. If the weight is taken gradually, they start signing, but in my experience, in these situations, the line goes tight, emits a huge bang as it parts and then recoils at horrendous speed. All the crew can do is hit the deck and hope it hits the shell plate or goes over the top of you. Once the ship is tied up, a small libation is a pleasant relief. Although it is highly unlikely any crew were hit by the line, my hope is that they are all OK, as it is a frightening experience. BTW - great lesson also for passengers, as the line recoiled up to about the Prom Deck. This is why you will never see me standing at the ship's side in the potential recoil zone of a mooring/tug line.
  12. Heidi13

    Viking Star - Current Mechanical Issues

    AIS tracking shows she has departed and is already a couple of miles clear of the harbour entrance. Current speed 12.5 kts.
  13. Heidi13

    Viking Jupiter [VIDEO]

    Totally correct. Some ports will require tugs for all ships, especially when tight manoeuvring, other ports require tugs for specific type of ships (tankers) and also when wind is above a specific speed and/or direction. The other determining factor is how well ships can manoeuvre, with passengers ships normally meeting these requirements, as they frequently dock daily. If memory is correct, Greenwich is mandatory tugs, while Tilbury is optional, subject to tide and wind. I believe Venice is mandatory, as we also had tugs F&A during our last transit in 2015. When not required by the port, it becomes the Captain's decision, based on any mechanical deficiencies, tide/current, wind, etc. When working, I only required tugs going to a shipyard/drydock, or when mechanically challenged. Our local tugs would not secure to us with any line until I shut down the main engines and bow thrusters. They would push, if directed, but never secure. We had so much power we could part lines in a heartbeat, similar to the short film in the OP. Worst case, if the tug was out of position, we could even pull it over. In many cases my bow thrusters had as much, or more power than each of the tugs.
  14. Heidi13

    San Pedro from a San Pedran

    We are staying at the Crowne Plaza pre-cruise for a couple of nights in January. In addition to SPBC we will be sampling some ales at the Whale & Ale on 7th. Has good reviews.
  15. Heidi13

    Vancouver Port to Pacific Central Station

    The train station is about 1.5 miles from Canada Place, with taxi and Skytrain being your best options. Taxis can be in short supply depending on number and size of ships docked. Skytrain is a short walk from Canada Place, getting off at Main Street, which is again a short walk to the train station. If you were one of the first off and had no delays at Customs, you could make the 09:00, but the risks are fairly high. Catching the 11:30 would be more relaxing and stress free.