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  1. The percentage of passengers missing the ship and the number of times a ship sails leaving pax ashore are separate metrics, in my opinion. I concur, leaving 1 or 2 from some of the mega ships is a very low percentage. In my experience, the number of pax left ashore varies with demographics and region. I recall that we rarely completed a cruise without leaving somebody. In my opinion that isn't rare.
  2. Balcony fires came to prominence with the 2006 fire aboard Star Princess. The fire started on a balcony and spread across many cabins on a number of decks. Extinguishing the fire proved challenging due to no fixed extinguishing system and access. In addition to extinguishing the fire, they also had difficulty establishing fire boundaries. SOLAS requirements were updated after 2008 to require non-combustible furniture on balconies unless a fixed fire extinguishing and detection system was installed. The cabin dividers are also required to be non-combustible, but unlike the interior doors are not fire screen doors. In the event of another balcony fire, having the dividers closed will somewhat restrict the spread of fire. However, I am not aware of any SOLAS requirement, or requirement in Flag State regs (on ships I sailed on) to have the dividers closed at all times. Since the risk of opening limited balcony dividers is fairly low, as a Captain, I would have balanced the customer service benefit with the low risk. Unfortunately, when you ask the question at a Purser's Desk you receive a standard answer.
  3. Heidi13

    Formal Nights

    Suggesting asking your question on the RCI Board. Here is the link https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/51-royal-caribbean-international/
  4. Heidi13

    things stolen - what would you do?

    JB - totally agree with Cheng, this is so implausible that it is hard to believe it isn't a troll/hoax, or the OP has been provide erroneous/incomplete information. Use of CCTV is governed by Flag State laws and I have only ever sailed on UK or Canadian ships. When I left UK we didn't have CCTV coverage, so don't know those laws. In Canada, we must post signage that areas are covered by CCTV, but we have no restrictions on reviewing/monitoring the recording. In the event of an incident, we got our Security Dept involved and they dealt with the legal issues with the authorities. I see no reason why the Master and/or Security Officer can't view the CCTV, but agree it probably can't be shared with passengers. With man-overboard situations, many that are not witnessed are confirmed by reviewing CCTV footage.
  5. Heidi13

    Non-smoking cruise?

    In addition to Disney, Viking have never had casinos on their Ocean ships
  6. Heidi13

    hot water for tea

    Affirmative - Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows. Will check out our local RCSS, but note Save-on-Foods now has an extensive British aisle and we also head over to the Black Pudding Company in Langley.
  7. Heidi13

    Crew member suicide - a sad story

    Same in Canada. When Seafarer Medicals started any doctor on the approved list could pass us fit and issue a Medical Certificate. However, my last medical before retirement, the doctor was only recording his observations and the final decision came from Transport Canada in Ottawa.
  8. Sorry, having actually worked on cruise ships, it isn't rare for passengers or crew to miss the ship. Certainly not every port, but I wouldn't describe it as rare.
  9. Heidi13

    Muster Stations outside

    The Cruiser was the General Delgrado, which was sunk by the British submarine HMS Conqueror. UK lost two ships to Excocets - HMS Sheffield (destroyer) & MV Atlantic Conveyor (Ro/Ro). The Sheffield was lost due to the Aluminium superstructure burning in the fire started at missile impact. The others were all lost as a result of dumb bombs. Many other ships were also hit by bombs, which failed to explode. This group included SS Canberra, which was in San Carlos Bay off-loading troops. Canberra took a bomb down the funnel, which failed to explode.
  10. Heidi13

    Back to back cruise

    Anytime we have changed cabins on turn around day, the Purser's Desk organised crew members to assist with moving the cases. Anything on hangers was transferred on the hangers. In our experience, UK Immigration depends on the itinerary. On our last Baltic cruise, we had no Immigration, but Trans-Atlantics and the World Cruise, they brought Immigration Officers aboard at a previous port and we were all required to have a face to face meeting. Also included UK passport holders, as I used my UK passport.
  11. Heidi13

    Non-smoking cruise?

    While any cruise line could probably fill a non-smoking ship with passengers, the challenge would be finding officers and crew. Many of the crew work 6- 10 month contracts. With the number of ships being built, the crews have options, so highly unlikely any crew or officers that smoke would sign on. Those that did sign on, would most likely find place to smoke, which increases the fire risk. As an ardent non-smoker, in my opinion while not perfect, the current situation of designated areas is probably the best compromise for safety, customer service and crew welfare.
  12. Heidi13

    Princess or Holland??? Looking for Advice

    Navigator is the Bridge Officers responsible for safely navigating the ship, so we see the entire coast while at work.
  13. Heidi13

    Need an advice

    Great information, but here are a couple of clarifications. While ships traditionally have a lifejacket in the cabin for each passenger, this is not always the case. Changes to SOLAS have required additional Lifejackets at Evacuation Stations, so some ships now have all the lifejackets at the Assembly/Evacuation Stations. All Viking ships use this system. SOLAS requires passenger vessels on International Voyages to have at least 125% lifesaving capacity for the maximum compliment of pax & crew. However, only 75% of the maximum compliment (or 37.5% each side) must be lifeboats, with the remainder canopied & inflatable liferafts. This normally provides sufficient lifeboats for the passengers, with the crew using liferafts. Lifeboat sizes used to be a max of 150, but now are about 370. For liferafts, 25 person davit launched rafts are still in use, but most newer ships use Marine Evacuation Systems from RFD or Viking, which use 100+ person rafts.
  14. Heidi13

    Final payment a year in advance of the trip

    Can't see the point in getting annoyed. Viking are providing a service and this is their current business decision. As customers, we can try to negotiate a more reasonable final payment date, delay booking to an acceptable date or take your business elsewhere. If booking later you may have to accept whatever cabins remain, if any.
  15. Heidi13

    In Search of The Northern Lights

    Here is the link for the Viking Ocean Roll Calls. Select the ship you are on and then scroll down for your cruise. If you can't find your cruise, start a new thread. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/768-viking-ocean-roll-calls/