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  1. That's what I hope for....an extension. I didn't think the NRD would be refunded.
  2. Thank you for this info, but my FCCs are for Non-Refundable deposits on cruises I cancelled prior to final payment ☹ (so no 125%) I can’t cash those FCC in, can I?
  3. Exactly. I don't mind Celebrity marketing to whomever they would like. I just wish they wouldn't dilute the Captain club loyalty benefits.
  4. What a great thread. Enjoying all these pictures!
  5. I would say that the success of vaccines are related to our ability to get back to cruising. The posts in this thread have contained a wealth of information. I hope the thread keeps going... I support what @REEtired said in the post above #1069.
  6. Good point regarding internet speed...however WiFi on cruise ships has been improving, so we can always hope 😉 Another thought - not all working requires non-stop-connectivity....
  7. Very interesting point I hadn't yet thought of. With more people working remotely, maybe some people will start to consider cruises not only for vacation purposes, but also working with relaxation benefits?
  8. Words to live by..... Thank you @TeeRick for all of your great posts.
  9. Congratulations 👏 Looks like I'll be spending Christmas virtually with you - I hope you'll do another live review 😉
  10. Thanks again @Germancruiser. I think it would be fantastic to be on a ship with only 698 passengers out of 3000! Enjoy.
  11. So happy to be back on board with you @Germancruiser (well, through your live review). I've been looking forward to this second cruise as I really enjoyed your last live review. Wishing you a most enjoyable cruise 🛳! Thank you for taking the time to include us all in your journey.
  12. @Miaminice your photos are spectacular! Post 184 sunrise photo - WOW! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. It must be such a neat feeling to have the ship (almost) to yourselves!
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