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  1. Wow, I had no idea that Eurodam, Nieuw Amsterdam, Noordam, Oosterdam, Westerdam, Zuiderdam were smoke free in the casino --- am I correct in that interpretation? This will certainly persuade me to try HAL again!
  2. My first cruise was with HAL (Oosterdam) and I loved it - nothing to compare to at that point, so for me, all was wonderful. Tried other lines, and then landed on X, which is my preferred line. I always think about trying HAL again, but am quite worried about smoking in the casino. I see conflicting comments regarding HALs smoking policy. Are there any HAL ships which ban all smoking inside? I'm very sensitive to smoke... @ghstudio thank you for the great comparison. I'd be interested to hear how the buffet setup compares to S class Oceanview on Celebrity...
  3. I used to go to the Hideaway when al Bacio was busy, but recently, I notice the space is frequently taken over by (noisy) teenagers - not relaxing.
  4. As a regular visitor to Cafe Al Bacio, sometimes for take-away, sometimes for a quick coffee, and other times for a relaxing afternoon reading and sipping coffee, I would be very upset if a crew member indicated to me that I overstayed my welcome. This is a public space, and the lack of available tables does not (for the most part) decrease Celebrity sales, as all items can be purchased to take away. There have been many times that I look for a seat, and cannot find one, so I get my drink to go...
  5. @HlitnerThank you so much Hank, as usual, for the clear and useful information. Your comments about the cruise line transfer are very helpful - especially the part about the 'single' drop off at the airport. I'll take your advice re: the private transfer. I have always used Bob's Limo's and been very happy with them but have seen so many positive comments also about RomeCabs. Tempted to try, but also happy with "tried and true"! Ah, decisions decisions.... Thank you also for the speedy reply!
  6. @Hlitner Hank, notwithstanding the possibility of the ship docking late, could you comment on this scenario: Celebrity Constellation, scheduled to dock at 5:00am, with a same-day flight to Canada at 11:00am. - private transfer or Celebrity Transfer (to 'guarantee' arrival at the airport - the earliest listed air flight time by Celebrity for this cruise is 11:00am). - if private, what would you say is the earliest you have seen people leaving a Celebrity ship - can I arrange a private transfer earlier than 7am do you think? I plan to post on the Celebrity Roll Call, but came across this thread and thought I'd tap into your experience.🙂
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