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  1. Count me as one. I didn't read past the subject line, until I saw reference to the PUP offer on cruise critic. Then I had to go back and find the email. Then I registered. Then I asked myself why I registered.
  2. I didn't see any either. Laura, how do you read thru every email. I get 3 per day -way too many! 😁
  3. Oh WOW! I didn't notice that - I didn't read past the subject line ;). @lola2013 you need to UNdelete 😉
  4. I couldn't agree more with you @Denny01. Yes, there can be busy moments on Celebrity, but I've never felt "overcrowded".
  5. Thank you -can't wait to hear about your experience. 🙂
  6. Uhm @TeeRick, if @graphicguy brings his GF next time, he might not have time to do this wonderful kind of live review! 😉
  7. I know this comment doesn't help those of you who were in trials, wanting to cruise, but.... I just want to say thank you to anybody who volunteered for a vaccine trial. You play a large part in vaccination success, which allows others to get vaccinated, and travel. Too bad there isn't a sailing only for people who were in trials!
  8. @EMc&DrS thank you for this review. I love the format, and the photos are stunning.
  9. @Germancruiser Thanks SO MUCH for starting this thread. I am really enjoying the comments. Pre-pandemic, I sailed essentially exclusively Celebrity, but have considered a few times the MSC YC, based on some of the positive feedback I've seen on this board. I think the rising costs of YC, as the secret got out, was one of the reasons I haven't. I'm a creature of habit, so since I love celebrity I stick with them. However, I realize, nothing ventured, nothing gained. So I'm willing to give MSC YC a try in the future, and I look forward to great discussion in this thre
  10. @graphicguy thanks so much for an incredible live review. It was so enjoyable. Hope you and your GF can get back on board another ship together, soon.
  11. Me too, eh? (That's Perfect Canadian)
  12. Does that mean you can unwrap the gift, so we can see, return it, and upgrade to a more expensive gift with the extra Benjamins 😉😉😉😂
  13. Congratulations! Ahhhhh. 2023...do you think we'll be cruising without the words covid, distancing, and masks in our vocabulary by then??🤔
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