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  1. I know. I've sailed in aqua class six times over the last five years. But whilst Blu is very nice for breakfast and I do like the shower I personally don't believe it's worth £240 ($308) per cabin more per day. I mean, what value would you personally put on breakfast in Blu and a shower per day?
  2. Celebrity pricing is now comparable to some Seabourn and on some rare occasions Silversea cruise prices. These are true 6^ luxury lines. It's not common but I've seen the classic verandah suites (376 square feet with 64 square foot balcony) on Silversea with grats, internet all drinks and $1000 OBC go for the same price as some E class aquaclass rooms. I've also noticed that good last minute deals on AZ are slowly starting to increase in availability in recent months.
  3. Some of the new 2021 itineraries had aqua class rooms priced at £120 pppn more than a regular verandah. For that you could buy all four perks, dine in a specialty restaurant nightly and still have money left over. How Celebrity can justify such a premium is beyond me.
  4. Take a look at your cruise planner once you've signed in to the Celebrity website. As Wine-O says it's highly unlikely to be held whilst in port. They want to sell maximum places on it after all. Enjoy it. We did. :)
  5. Hang on as I've not been told which sailing you're on I'll have to go and dig out my crystal ball... In all seriousness you'll need to consult your cruise planner or call Celebrity direct to have a sporting chance of being given a a date and time.
  6. Now that is a shame! They have some really good European beers onboard. He's bound to like some if you can convince him to try them. :)
  7. Not sure if you've seen my thread on Iconic Suite pricing but I think that highlights perfectly how absurd Celebrity pricing can be. I still can't fully understand how the occasional X cruise can be 30% cheaper when booked in the US compared to the UK and vice versa (extreme examples, but they have occured). There's only two classes of stateroom I'm really interested in. I have a perceived value of both with some flexibility for geographical location. As we're relatively young we still have some sailings on our bucket list left and so just wait patiently. When an interesting itine
  8. 327 days. But it's highly likely one or even two more will be booked and taken before then.
  9. So go to the roulette table and bet half on red and half on black then before cashing out? 😁
  10. Same class of ship, same number of nights. But the Iconic suite on Apex on this sailing is around three and a half times as much. If anyone can explain how the Apex sailing is worth £2032 per person per night more please do enlighten me! :) Prices from the same UK based TA. They may be more or less in other countries.
  11. I'd agree that that is the official view. However it's not unheard of for them to have smaller deposits as a further incentive to book onboard. We've paid a $100 deposit for a 14 night AQ sailing when the OBC was more. Last month you could pay a small deposit to secure perks on cruises that were yet to be released! You may have seen the threads discussing this? Nothing is set in stone with X. Then again the same website claims there are two chic nights on 14 night sailings, yet EVERY one I've done has always had three.
  12. You're wrong here. The OBC offered depends on the type of stateroom offered and the length of the cruise booked. It has nothing to do with the size of the deposit you paid. This was the case last month when I was last onboard and every time I've sailed over the last few years. The deposit was non refundable if you cancelled but it could be transferred to a different sailing where you would keep the additional OBC but not necessarily any other perks you were given as that depended entirely on the deal offered on the cruise you were switching to.
  13. The $14 supplement only applies to the classic beverage package. I believe if you are booking the four perk promo then this will include the premium beverage package in which case the supplement does not apply. Your TA should have pointed that out I believe.
  14. Request it at the point of booking. It only applies if there is a suitable room available and there are some restrictions. But if rooms are available you can book an aqua class 1 room for the price of an aqua class 2 room as an example. Or pay for a concierge 3 and get a concierge class 2 room etc. . I hope that makes sense?
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