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  1. There were some ridiculously cheap cruises out of Southampton on MSC showing on a US TA's website recently. Seven nights on Prezioza from £360 INCLUDING taxes and port fees. Balconies were under £600 with quite good itineraries (France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany, only one sea day). The pricing was a red flag for me. The ship looked good on Youtube but for me I'd have concerns about the number of pax for starters.
  2. I'll definitely leave it! lol Id you can't understand I can't explain things any simpler.....
  3. I think I might have missed this. We have a 'free' beverage pack in October. Does this mean we'll be paying gratuities on drinks or have I misunderstood?
  4. The average age of a Celebrity cruiser is around 60. Do you really think people who have got to that stage in life don't know RCCL is a business created to make money for its shareholders? Really? They're still entitled to express their thoughts and opinion about a product they spend their money on though. Whether fellow board members whinge about them whinging or not!
  5. Congratulation. You just won the Cruise Critic 2019 stating the bleeding obvious award! Cruise Critic members are just a reflection of the cruising community. Long term members may be a bit more clued up if they've read the forum than those who have not, but their thoughts and opinions will be the same. I'm sure you've been disappointed by some company before and expressed your opinion about it too. That's all those who are disappointed about footstools are doing. You need to learn that other cruisers have different needs and expectations from yourself as do a few others on here.
  6. Like make lots of cutbacks to amenities, service and quality?
  7. It is. And the Caribbean of all places too! lol Their marketing department is full of bovine excrement though so would you expect anything else? Still, I suppose they need to be seen doing something due to the current situation.
  8. I can appreciate how much of a challenge posting on Cruise Critic could be for any company. It is a good thing that she engaged the community. I do think it would be a good idea for X pax to have a competent and empowered Celebrity employee post on here though. It wouldn't hurt any company to have one of their head honchos post annually or even twice annually to discuss what they've been up to and what their current plans are whilst listening to suggestions and feedback. All IMHO of course. :)
  9. We'll be in KW in a few days on a land vacation. Love the place. It's a shame they don't overnight there though. It's at it's best at night.
  10. I've been in many as I used to work for Europe's largest bank. The CEO or other very senior directors faced far more challenging questions than those on here face to face. They all did a much better job of responding than LLP. That said I appreciate the reply's were to fellow colleagues and not customers. Brits are often a lot more direct, blunt and to the point than other nationalities at times too. A few more "I'll speak to the relevant people involved and come back to you" would have given the impression at least that she was more engaged. I've not read the laundry thread but I'm unsurprised that got her attention for the reasons given above.
  11. I commented on one of my questions how she clearly misunderstood or more likely didn't read the opening post. She very graciously replied claiming she'll have the relevant people look at it. Will it happen? I doubt it, but I'd be delighted to be proven wrong. :) :) :) I concluded long ago that all of the mass market lines are cost cutting to the point that you won't find a true luxury experience unless booking a true 6* line etc. The Celebrity product is what it is right now. I think her answers kind of confirmed what we already know in the fact that their product won't improve to what it was in days gone by. But if an ship sails has an attractive itinerary at the right price we'll still book, just with the right expectations. I'm more open to sailing other lines than ever though.
  12. Really hope that sailing gets part chartered by a rainbow friendly tour company! lol
  13. Thanks for your reply it is appreciated. Perhaps if a member of your One Touch team could read the Azamara subforum on here they'll get a feel for how the sister line uses social media to reach out to it's customer base through Cruise Critic. Perhaps your employee could even contact Bonnie directly for feedback to see if you think it is a viable idea and how best to implement it. Cruise Critic may have a few keyboard warriors but it also has a large number of experienced cruisers with a positive attitude who are pragmatic, forward thinking and would love the opportunity to engage Celebrity cruises to better their experience. It would be great if you gave the idea a chance. I'm sure the CC management team would welcome the idea too. Thanks for your time yesterday. P.S Until your post I'd not heard of One Touch. Is this available to those of us in the United Kingdom?
  14. We're both 44 and are almost always amongst the very youngest on ships. We do tend to do longer sailings. Having tried RCL last year I felt that they were better suited in some ways to forty somethings. The average age of an X sailing is 60 + so I do honestly think you may be bored by Celebrity entertainment. I'll be as brutally honest as I can be, really isn't known for it's entertainment it's a much more laid back and sedate experience. I haven't read the rest of the thread but age is a topic that crops up fairly regularly on here and I always think that many of the older X cruisers often give a false impression of average ages onboard by giving the impression that there is a younger demographic onboard than there really is. However.... I totally understand how you've grown a little bored with RCL as familiarity does breed contempt. So you could certainly try Edge so that you have a first hand experience of what X is all about. The change of scenery, pace and entertainment might be a good experience for you. I find that when we sail other lines it's like a breath of fresh air having sailed X many times in the last few years after all.
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