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  1. Better in regards to price, performance, economy, desirability, reliability or just plain fun to drive? Yes I get the analogy. Ford and Volvo could be P&O and HAL.
  2. Volvo build quality is every bit as poor as Ford and Chevy IMHO.
  3. Without knowing itinerary, sail date, ship, cabin choice and included perks it's impossible to draw many conclusions from those figures.
  4. I'd certainly expect a charge if your guests were not in suites and this is protocol on other lines. I'd be surprised and disappointed if suite guests were charged for though. Imagine if its your friends nextdoor in a suite who could also order in suite dining from the same restaurant to be served by the same butler... 🙂 I've been watching videos on youtube and can see that a PH table is too small as is though.
  5. We can discuss fundamentals all day long with the armchair experts. But in exceptional times like these market sentiment should never be underestimated. If I paid attention to the doomsday mentalities I wouldn't be up like I am now. Anyway, I certainly didn't believe that cruise line shares would dip by 15% - 20% today. In fact when I looked I was pleasantly surprised. Ignore the UK bank share prices. I've been shopping for those too in recent times. 🙂 I'll be in and out with the cruise lines and airlines as and when I think there's an opportunity. Good luck all. DYOR!
  6. The first ship I ever sailed on was Noordam. The second was Silhouette. We stayed in Aqua Class and although I since sailed in aqua class many times since I do clearly remember thinking that the food was better on HAL when compared to Blu and the MDR. The average passenger age will be younger on Celebrity possibly by ten years or more. But if you're new to Celebrity and are looking for reviews you absolutely have to understand that Celebrity is now very much a two tired line. You have Suite Class and everything else. With Suite Class food, service and accommodations are unsurprisingly a big step up compared to other classes of accommodation. So I'd advise that you pay particular attention to the restaurants and amenities available to you depending upon your cabin choice before reading the reviews. Non suite class travel will be a comparable fit to other mainstream lines such as Princess and HAL. Celebrity is a good line. The Silhouette is a very nice ship so I'm sure you will enjoy your trip regardless.
  7. Thanks for the replies. It all makes sense now. I'll make reservations asap.
  8. Did you by any chance book that trip off the back of a post made elsewhere on this forum? :)
  9. Thanks for the reply. It's a 10 day cruise in a PH. Do you know how many days we're like;y to be allocated specialty dining? We do plan on trying the other venues I'm simply curious hence the questions. I've seen the in room dining option which looks good. In a PH would it be possible to have four diners, the additional two would also be in a PH. But is there sufficient space, I'm guessing not?
  10. Hello all Another question... I know that O include specialty dining as part of your cruise fare. However I've also read that non suite guests may not get to make as many reservations as they like due to suite guests being given priority. My hypothetical question is, as a suite guest will you be able to get a reservation at specialty restaurants ever night if you so wished? I also believe that you can make only one reservation before boarding. Additional reservations have to be made onboard. Is this correct? Thanks in advance.
  11. I think when considering Celebrity you really need to bear in mind that these days it is very much a two tier line. Suite class and none suite class. We've done both and my personal opinion is that non suite class on Celebrity is very similar to any other mainstream line. They have some nice touches but there's not really anything to set it apart from similar lines. Celebrity suite class is a genuine step up in terms of dining and service. The suite restaurant Luminae and the specialty restaurants that top end suites have access too will provide a much better experience to HAL. All IMHO of course. Obviously, room choice, itinerary, price and the actual ship will all affect your enjoyment ultimately though.
  12. Having watched some excellent videos of the ship on youtube I'm also excited about sailing on Riviera! I'm particularly looking forward to the dining options. :)
  13. Thanks for the replies. Both were available for our sailing so I've booked them. 7130 and 7135 both look great but are unavailable otherwise I think I'd have booked those instead.
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