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  1. I'm in the UK but some of our Celebrity cruises are booked in the US where drinks, Wi-fi and tips are definitely NOT always included. People need to pay attention to details particularly if not booking in the UK.
  2. It's all about attention to detail. There are aqua cabins on three different classes of ship these days in different locations. Some are undesirable such as the ones you have mentioned. Others such as those on the aft of M class ships are great. Also pay attention to price differences. It's true you will usually pay a premium, sometimes a large premium too. But you can also find cruises where aqua and concierge pricing differences are minimal when compared to regular cabins. On VERY rare occasions I've even seen regular, concierge and aqua cabins priced the same. Most people
  3. I must be reading a different thread to you because I don't see anyone demanding loyalty club benefits just what they think they should be. When you understand that Celebrity have publicly stated that they are revamping CC membership you'll hopefully get that you're little rant is a moot point.
  4. I'm E+ but I've always thought the CC benefits were of very limited use as we always booked beverage packages or suites etc. What amazes me is why CC benefits don't include cash discounts relating to membership level. It's very difficult to please everybody especially when it comes to drinks and wifi as peoples perceived value will vary dramatically with these things. So offer a cash discount on the cruise fare dependent on the CC level. There isn't a cruiser alive who wouldn't appreciate paying less and it's fair to everyone across the board. Let alone nice and simple.
  5. No I bought cruise line stocks in the three big companies simply because market sentiment pushed prices way too low at that time IMHO. You'll see a lot of this negativity in this very thread at the start. The dividends and stock holder benefits were not a consideration. I was focused purely on growth. Though the OBC will be nice. I doubt we'll see dividends any time soon though.
  6. Well, congratulations to all of those brave enough to take the plunge when RCL stock dipped below $30. You'll have tripled your money now. :)
  7. In all honesty my only surprise about this is that cruise lines have not announced similar much earlier. They have a duty of care to protect their staff and passengers so really should be aiming to ensure all onboard are vaccinated. Though getting younger people from Asia were most of their workforce comes from vaccinated might be a challenge.
  8. Just a quick question. I've booked a Princess cruise for our extended family and a couple of them have a query. I strongly suspect the answer to be a no but thought I'd ask anyway. Do you have tea and coffee making facilities in your cabin onboard on Princess ships sailing from the UK? I ask as I know Celebrity X do on their sailings from Southampton but not from other ports. I know you can order tea and coffee from room service and get them in cafes onboard etc. :)
  9. You do know that before Covid arrived we needed health care workers to treat other conditions right? I'll let you do the rest of the maths.....
  10. For those in the US are you seeing much info of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine? It barely mentioned here in the UK. No ones really reported that it was being administered before the UK started administering the Pfizer vaccine. It all seems very political to me.
  11. I could reply in detail. But I'll simply ask, do we trust the logic of health authorities around the globe who have chosen to vaccinate their front line staff? Or do we choose the word of an armchair expert posting on a cruise forum on the internet who apparently knows better?
  12. This topic is covered in depth by the financial press. You'd be best reading articles by financial analysts rather than asking on here to be brutally honest. But for what it's worth, we have shares in all three of the big companies and don't plan on selling just yet. I monitor the situation regularly though!
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