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  1. You can now book tours ahead of time with local providers who will pick you up (and drop you off) on the pier/ship-side and so you won't have to wait for the shuttle and listen to their sales pitch.
  2. Carnival stops at Progreso so you can have a look at the Mayan culture and/or Merida city. Progreso itself is not worth much of a stop. But the chance to go inland makes it interesting, if that is your thing.
  3. The AutoProgreso shuttle will drop you off at one of TWO places: the bus terminal (their bus terminal) and a market selling junk in a parking lot. At the latter, there are lots of hawkers selling tours. You get what you pay for: some of these are just taxi vans and not in the best condition.
  4. I have found that the kids really enjoy the iguanas at Uxmal, which keeps them entertained while the older people listen to a guide explaining the history of the Mayans. The cenote swim is also always popular.
  5. I would suggest private tour and everyone can go, including the wheelchair! Uxmal is a good choice as it has ramps for wheelchair access around much of the site. Don't waste time in Progreso, get out and see stuff.
  6. You should bring a good camera if you are a photography buff. You will regret not having a camera at the places you will visit, especially the Mayapan archeological site and the cenote. At the cenote, you can swim and leave the camera within site if you are in the water, and take photos from the edge. Definitely bring it.
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