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  1. Remind to all that the place is called Progreso with one S. Progresso is a soup. May is the hottest time of the year here (temps are currently in high 30's and low 40's (celsius of course) so keep that in mind. A/C and or water are a must as the sun is killer.
  2. Personally 5 hours or more on the bus (there is construction on the highway now because of the Mayan Train being built along the highway) is far too much time getting there and back. I would recommend visiting another site like Uxmal and if Chichen is really on your bucket list, zip down to Merida and stay for a week and spend a goodly amount of time at Chichen to really get what the site is all about.
  3. Just to chime in albeit late, Progreso has the longest pier in the world. It is federal property and no one can walk on it or even drive on it. The Sec of Defense is now charged with supervising access and all traffic on the pier. Shuttle buses and taxis and (some) private tour companies can drive out to where the cruise ships arrive and pick up folks. https://www.amusingplanet.com/2015/10/progreso-pier-worlds-longest.html
  4. The shops on the pier are right there by the ship. Not too much walking, maybe 5 minutes once you are off the ship.
  5. Light-hearted my butt. It was a rude comment and this is so typical: brushing off any offense as something the other person "read" into it. Hopefully you will never leave the ship so those of us who like it don't have to lay eyes on you
  6. Getting a private tour might be an option. Many local operators will customise a trip for you.
  7. If you are talking about Eladio's, the bar with live music right at the end of the street on the water, yes it is open.
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