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  1. The AutoProgreso shuttle will drop you off at one of TWO places: the bus terminal (their bus terminal) and a market selling junk in a parking lot. At the latter, there are lots of hawkers selling tours. You get what you pay for: some of these are just taxi vans and not in the best condition.
  2. I have found that the kids really enjoy the iguanas at Uxmal, which keeps them entertained while the older people listen to a guide explaining the history of the Mayans. The cenote swim is also always popular.
  3. I would suggest private tour and everyone can go, including the wheelchair! Uxmal is a good choice as it has ramps for wheelchair access around much of the site. Don't waste time in Progreso, get out and see stuff.
  4. You should bring a good camera if you are a photography buff. You will regret not having a camera at the places you will visit, especially the Mayapan archeological site and the cenote. At the cenote, you can swim and leave the camera within site if you are in the water, and take photos from the edge. Definitely bring it.
  5. Cinco Soles has good vanilla in Cozumel. Vanilla is not from this area so they bring it in because people associate travel to Mexico with vanilla, still, after all these years. You can get better quality vanilla at any Whole Foods or similar in the US or Canada.
  6. Many restaurants along the beach that also offer service under the beach palapas. Best restaurant in Progreso at the moment is Crabster.
  7. You can grab a cab right off the ship, at the pier and then won't have to take the pesky shuttle into Progreso. Avoid the lineups and the sales pitch. Tell the cab driver you want to go to Dzibilchaltun and that you want him to wait for you there and get the price before hand. He can then take you back to the shuttle drop off point where you can shop a little or see the beach before heading back on to the ship with the free shuttle.
  8. The beaches are never as nice as at Cozumel because Progreso is on the Gulf of Mexico and Coz is in the Caribbean.
  9. There is an excellent liquor store in Merida, La Europea in the City Center mall that specializes in wine and liquor. Not a beer store but an excellent place to buy quality tequilas or mezcal.
  10. Take a tour that combines the ruins with the nearby cenote. Taxi is not recommended.
  11. Not sure which cenote they will take you. There is a group of cenotes called Santa Barbara where there are 3 cenotes and the travel between them is by horse/mule-drawn rail platform.
  12. Dzibilchaltun is a smaller site, but close and not so much driving. Uxmal is the best Mayan site on the peninsula in the opinion of many. Both have accessible area and both have areas where one can hang back.
  13. You will need to take the free shuttle into port (Progreso) and the shuttle company is also AutoProgreso. They will take you to their ticket booth and away you go. Easy peasy.
  14. Merida is a great option and there is lots to see and do there. From a market visit to the historical stuff to the food and drink options. It is a city of almost a million people and the colonial downtown is beautiful. You can go on your own, go with Carnival or take a reputable third party company. For adventure, go further out and visit some cenotes. Incredible!
  15. Yo do NOT have to rent anything, no. You can sit on the beach with your towel, no problem. As others have mentioned, the further away from the pier you walk the better your chances of not being interrupted every five seconds by yet another vendor are.
  16. Keep in mind that on the Chichen Itza tour from Progreso, there is a 2 hour ride on a bus from Progreso to Chichen Itza. You will have an hour or two at the ruins, and that's it. Back on the bus for 2 hours to Progreso. No stops, no time. Uxmal is a FAR better bet, a little closer and a lot of potential stops along the way if you are not on a big bus tour.
  17. AutoProgreso has the concession for the free (for passengers) shuttle that necessarily takes you from the ship to the shore (4 mile long pier). In exchange for this concession, they get first dibs on passengers and pitch them their tours on the trip into Progreso. Once in town, you will be dropped off at a touristy market OR the AutoProgreso bus station. Either way, you can then book a tour with AutoProgreso by letting one of the reps know you are interested in this or that tour. Departure times can be flexible if people are undecided or if there are not enough to make the trip feasible and they want to wait a bit. But, there is a limit to the flexibility as you only have a certain amount of time to reach your destination and if you leave too late, you won't see anything.
  18. A private tour to get out of Progreso is the way to go, for sure. The reason Carnival stops here is not Progreso itself, but the wealth of activities and things to do beyond the port. Food, colonial and Mayan history, cenotes, there really is a lot to see and do. And safe. Most folks who don't like Progreso, haven't looked beyond the port itself.
  19. AutoProgreso bus company runs free shuttles to and from the ship and shore all day long. They don't cost anything. You may also take a cab from the ship to the shore, yes, if you don't want the free shuttle which means listening to a sales pitch for their tours, but is otherwise harmless.
  20. Absolutely not. That's just crazy people giving their uninformed opinions, pay no heed.
  21. ShoreExcursioneer is a reseller of locally based company tours all over the place. Here, you are probably getting the same tour you will get with AutoProgreso so go with AutoProgreso. People feel more confident with the better website and English, but it's the same tour. AutoProgreso won't let you miss the ship either as they have the official concession to run the "free" shuttles.
  22. The shuttles drop people off at the AutoProgreso bus terminal (streets 29 and 82) AND at a makeshift market. So there are two locations. https://www.google.com.mx/maps/place/Autoprogreso+Bus+Station/@21.28591,-89.6640487,18z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x8f55c2d54a577337:0x5deba58513f99add
  23. Rain water? The cenotes are all linked, thousands of them and are access points to the Yucatan peninsula's water table, where the ground has given way and collapsed, exposing the eroded caverns now filled with ground water. These are connected and the water is flowing under the peninsula. If it was rain water these would be slimy green pools full of frogs. http://www.divecenotesmexico.com/cenotes
  24. The crater was formed 65 million years ago so there is nothing to tour or see. If you are in Progreso, you are in the crater.
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