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  1. I've not been on an Ambassador cruise yet, but this suggests you will be okay everywhere bar the main dining room. https://www.ambassadorcruiseline.com/faqs/ What is the dress code on board? During the day, we suggest that you wear casual clothing for your comfort. For the evenings on board, every day the Daily Programme suggests, as a guide, a mode of dress for that particular evening’s events. There are generally two ‘formal’ or gala nights planned every 7-12 nights when many gentlemen wear dinner jackets, although a lounge suit is quite acceptable. Ladies on these occasions have a chance to dress up and often opt for evening or cocktail dresses. Please note that jeans, T-Shirts, shorts and open neck shirts are not permitted in the main restaurant on Formal or Gala evenings. On evenings proposed as ‘smart’, a suit or smart jacket and trousers, with or without a tie, for the men is suggested and the ladies have further opportunities to look elegant in cocktail dresses or trouser suits. A ‘casual’ recommendation often covers evenings spent in port or when a special event such as a deck party is scheduled. In these cases, the choice of dress is left entirely to you.
  2. I'm recently back from Ventura's new year cruise. New years eve dinner included an extra couple of courses, and a free glass of wine. I was on Oriana many years ago for Christmas & New Year. Christmas dinner was poor, and have never forgiven them for only one roast potato on the plate. 😡
  3. Only 24 hours to decide whether or not you like cruising with Ambassador.
  4. I'm just wondering how Ambassador will do this on a 45 night cruise. Will they wait until the last day or seek an interim payment during the cruise?
  5. Good read. I seem to remember once upon a time trays were available in the buffet so you could get all your requirements at the same time then sit down.
  6. I am aware of the standard terms and conditions. Although we missed Bruges on our new year cruise on Ventura (5 nights), we all had a lovely time and are keen to do it again in 2025. I called P&O and asked if they would make a concession and move my Oct 2024 cruise deposit to my cabin on the Dec 2025 cruise. The individual cabin cost is less than my Oct 2024 cruise but the deposit paid for the Oct 2024 cruise is less than the total cabin cost on the Dec 2025 cruise (so still a balance to pay). I emphasised I would be looking to book 7 cabins on the Dec 2025 cruise in total, that the children traveling were really disappointed at missing out on the chocolate, and I really needed this deposit to be transferred to make the numbers work. The phone representative was very helpful and sent an email up the chain of command while I was on the phone. We looked at the cabin pricing that would be involved while we waited, a total cost of some £20,000. After a few minutes the reply came back siting standard terms and conditions, so no. Anyone got any thoughts oh how to get them to change their mind please?
  7. I thought all ships cabins creaked to a greater or lesser extent in anything above a slight breeze. 😄
  8. How's the weather today? I was on Venture for the short new year cruise. She handled the storm very well I thought.
  9. It's often cancelled by the port itself closing though, rather than the captain not being prepared to risk it. At sea Captains will usually try to divert around the worst weather if possible. I would rather be heading home as scheduled than hanging around at sea. Ships don't carry unlimited fuel remember.
  10. Ventura was due in Zeebrugge the same day, and ours was cancelled too. Instead we too a little cruise north for 6 hours then turned around and cruised back towards home. Ventura handled the storm quite well I thought, wind was gusting to 80 knots with the ship listing to one side. Apparently there were people in reception demanding a refund of port fees.
  11. Glad you have received the cruise cost back. Stuff like insurance will always take longer as likely Ambassador will want evidence of the expenditure.
  12. Oh, that's not very good It's been the thick end of a month now since they cancelled everyone's cruise.
  13. I'm just back from this cruise. We hated it so much we are planning on doing it again in 2025. 😁
  14. Hopefully there will be no further delays. We are put back to 4.15 pm now and are on 1st sitting at dinner. We have a private coach for the journey to Southampton which is due to get there at about 1.30 pm.
  15. I am due on the cruise. They don't specifically state norovirus, hence the speculation. I didn't expect to be accused of lying about it to be honest.
  16. "We hope you are looking forward to your upcoming holiday on board Ventura. During the last cruise some cases of gastrointestinal illness were reported to the Medical Centre. To control the spread of illness, we have proactively stepped up our already robust disinfection measures. These protocols were developed in conjunction with leading global health authorities and are designed to adapt to changing health situations. As a result of these measures, embarkation will begin later in the afternoon, and we ask that you arrive 2 hours later than the arrival time published on your boarding pass. We thank you for your understanding of this matter."
  17. Exactly what do you expect your travel agent to do? They have no control over the situation. Your anger should be directed at Ambassador.
  18. They may be offering a further discount of 25% of 67% though. So basically half price. It will likely tempt some.
  19. If you haven't told them, they will wait until 5th Jan 2024 and only then assume you do.
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