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  1. Can I gently say that I think you are being a tad harsh? I certainly don't think that what Ardennais implied that he/she thought people were at home every evening getting stoned etc.
  2. I was also taking a look at the Celebrity forum last night for the same reason as terrierjohn and I'm not really that surprised that X are looking towards their younger customers; I would think it makes sound business sense - and for many of us older ones, they have us anyhow - although I must confess that some of the electronic techno-type music played around some ships has made me question my preference for them occasionally! The inclusive price will definitely push up the price for many of their loyal customers who benefit from free minutes of wifi and free drinks within a 2 hou
  3. I agree with you totally so a 'like' didn't seem enough ..... even down to the Pinot 😆
  4. I came on here this morning to see if there was any Graham news, but I did have a big joyful grin when I saw Strictly mentioned. It's a programme I can smile almost all the way through, although confess that I do start to watch it when it's recording - 15 minutes after it starts then I can jump through some of the rehearsal chat! Even DH (radio 4, lots of politics, serious newspapers, doesn't read fiction etc ..... get the picture?) joins in with the spirit of the show 😁. I can recommend it to you Harry. It's a true feelgood show right now. And, I should like to nominate Bill Ba
  5. I often check in only a few times a week to see what you are all talking about, and I was taken aback to read that you had contracted Covid Graham, and I wish you all the very best for a speedy recovery. Your positive, supportive posts have been much in evidence over the past 'trying' months and so I hope that you are able to continue the same output as you recover and are back to posting the 'this is where we are now' pictures very soon.
  6. I head some 'expert' on TV over the weekend say that the vaccines about to be rolled out were not a silver bullet (I paraphrase here) but they did know that they were safe. We can but hope.
  7. We watched it last night too and it felt like a little window into another (lost for now) world. I loved it even though I don't want to sail on her.
  8. My condolences also. It must be comforting to know that everything possible was done for your husband, despite your terrible loss.
  9. There is a Waitrose in Formby (which I think of as posh Merseyside!) and they deliver to us in SW Lancashire. We have a great Booths within a few miles and their values make them worth supporting. DH is very fond of Aldi and Lidl having been a very frequent visitor to Germany for most of his life and used them long before they arrived on our shores. When we are anywhere else in Europe we always seek them out.
  10. Celebrity is my favourite cruise line, but for Alaska I'd definitely recommend Princess, and I've been there with both. Glacier Bay is not to be missed for a one-time trip/first visit and Celebrity/RC do not have permits to visit - the numbers of cruise ships allowed into the bay are strictly controlled and Princess and Holland America have a long history with cruises to Alaska. Glacier Bay is the jewel in Alaska's crown IMO. Agree also that the Princess lodges, if you choose to add on a land tour, are very good.
  11. Thanks for that info. We have trouble watching the stuff we have recorded and so I am loathe to sign up to anything but I was tempted by Britbox but only for Spitting Image. I may just sign up on those terms. As you say, the comic opportunities now ............!!
  12. Teen and twenties disc club 😁 For many years I could recite Elvis's membership number too, but it is long lost to my memory I'm afraid. But I can still spell Keynsham 😉
  13. Ha ha ha, but not just any old papers ...... no Daily Mirror/Sun in there!! I too was fascinated by the loos on my visits. We lived in the south east for many years and would occasionally go to the Ritz for Sunday lunch. It was a real bargain compared with the afternoon tea experience IMO and the dining room was wonderful. Don't know if it is still a bargain though and too far away to take advantage in any case.
  14. Absolutely agree that planning for holidays used to take up quite a bit of my time - and oh how I miss it! After breakfast, the first hour of so of most days would be spent at my desktop researching flights, hotels, cruises etc. How lucky was I to have all those holidays; so very different from my own parents' lives. I don't think they went further than the Isle of Man until, in my twenties I took my mother on a Clarksons short holiday to Holland, followed by Germany the next year and then later after I married, I was determined she should see Switzerland and so off we went again, just the
  15. I must be losing the old cells fast because I remember folk answering questions for example, and sticking the word 'Petunia' in a funny voice on the end, but I don't remember the clips at all 🤔
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