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  1. mrsgoggins

    LIVE BLOG! ECLIPSE 11/10 -12/09/18 Med and TA

    Jayne Curry sure puts on a good performance! She was also on board our cruise 2 weeks ago and did an interesting (and funny) Q&A session in Celebrity Central with Alejandro. It was so popular that they had to repeat it the next night because so many people were disappointed at not getting in. Did they do that again? Enjoying following along. Thanks.
  2. mrsgoggins

    Celebrity Specialty Dining

    My experience of the dining package a few weeks ago on Eclipse has put me off having it again, despite enjoying all of the dining. Luckily we like to eat early, but even so had our work cut out getting reservations we wanted when we wanted them - and we went straight to the booking podium before 1 pm on embarkation day. For instance, the only Sea day with any availability at all (and we had 4) was the final night on board. The rest were already fully booked, presumably at full price. In response to Limpit, I do not believe it is possible to pre-book with a package but I’ll be delighted to be wrong. For my future cruises I have booked a speciality restaurant at the discounted first night price and if there are any offers we may book others. However we have always been happy with the food in the MDR - if only it weren’t quite so noisy and tables so close together!
  3. mrsgoggins

    LIVE BLOG! ECLIPSE 11/10 -12/09/18 Med and TA

    I can recommend Gilly and the Girl, the acoustic duo on board - they are excellent. On our cruise a few weeks ago they did a James Taylor/Carole King tribute in Celebrity Central, which was a ‘standing room only show’ and it was wonderful.
  4. mrsgoggins

    LIVE BLOG! ECLIPSE 11/10 -12/09/18 Med and TA

    I loved the picture of the artwork standing en route to the speciality restaurants. I also love the 'flowing fabric' effect at the back of a bench a bit further along and wish I'd taken pictures of them, so thank you.
  5. mrsgoggins

    Current Fee for Tuscan Grille?

    Good to know. I bet if you had Shankar as your waiter you would remember him - he wrote down his name lest we forget 😉. He did know we were returning though, and his service was great so we were happy to give him a mention at the end of the cruise (he did not request this).
  6. mrsgoggins

    Current Fee for Tuscan Grille?

    We were on the Eclipse a few weeks ago and had an 8-dinner package (which I would not do again by the way) and ended up dining four nights in Tuscan. We cancelled one night in Murano (which we did enjoy) for Tuscan. We had outstanding service, good food and a window table for two each time. We have booked the first night in Tuscan at the discounted price for each of our upcoming cruises and may choose to eat in Murano once per cruise - but only if it is offered at a discount, otherwise we won't bother. I don't think I would pay $45 extra (for that is what it is to me) to eat at any of the specialities, and definitely not $60.
  7. mrsgoggins

    LIVE BLOG! ECLIPSE 11/10 -12/09/18 Med and TA

    Thanks for doing this. I’ll definitely be following as we left the lovely Eclipse in Barcelona on 1st November after an excellent 12 night Mediterranean cruise. You will have the hilarious Alejandro as CD with you so I have a bit of envy! Here’s hoping that the weather is kind to you.
  8. mrsgoggins

    Entertainers I Miss

    Jayne and Alejandro did a Q&A session in Celebrity Central (so popular they did it two nights running) and she was asked about the Edge. She gave a very tactful reply along the lines of they are looking for a different type of entertainment on that ship. Make of that what you will!
  9. mrsgoggins

    Entertainers I Miss

    Jayne Curry was on the Eclipse last week - Alejandro was CD and they do appear to be friends - and said that she has a contract to work for Celebrity for the next 12 months. She also said she likes to work 2 weeks and then go home (to Bolton in NW England) for 2 weeks. I haven’t looked at her website but she did mention that you can find out where she’s going to be performing on there.
  10. If it’s correct that some CDs have more say than others, I think Alejandro must have a lot of pull if our recent cruise was anything to go by! It was a 12 night Mediterranean and we had 4 cast performances and 8 guest entertainer nights. Apart from an unfunny comedian and a magician we didn’t go to see, the entertainment was great IMO. Jayne Curry, the Overtures, Stevie Bor etc. Gilly and the Girl were the brilliant acoustic duo on the ship. Definitely my favourite entertainment from all the cruises we have done. So good job Alejandro if he did have a hand in it!
  11. mrsgoggins

    Booking Specialty Restaurants in advance on Eclipse

    I think the above is excellent advice. It is certainly what I have done for my next cruise after our experience with the package, which as phoenix_dream indicated, was good value.
  12. mrsgoggins

    Booking Specialty Restaurants in advance on Eclipse

    I found the whole dining package experience a bit disappointing because of not being able to pre-book. We were just on board the Eclipse for 12 nights and had a package for 8 nights. I went to book what I wanted as soon as we boarded (before noon) and the only one of the four sea days I could get was the final evening in any of the 'big 3' (did not want Sushi). Murano and Tuscan Grill both had private events one evening, thus removing those from the availability pool, although we were offered the opportunity to dine in Murano for an additional $79 when we would also get to see Jayne Curry! We declined. For my next cruise I have just booked Tuscan Grill for the discounted price on the first evening and see how I go after that. I was approached 3 times asking if I had tried (insert name) restaurant, which we had, but I am convinced they were about to make a cut-price offer.
  13. mrsgoggins

    It is getting worst‼️

    Thanks for that tip, it helps.
  14. mrsgoggins

    Country music on balcony anyone?

    Thanks to each of you who took the time to respond. It actually helped writing it down and getting feedback. This is what happened next: I tapped on the glass partition and when I got a response I calmly mentioned that I didn’t care to hear music while on my balcony. A man’s voice said words to the effect of ‘I can have music on my own balcony’. I told him that my taste was not the same as his and I thought that ear buds might be an idea. No more was said. The music was turned even further down - but I could still just about hear it and so decided to leave him/them to it and not to sweat the small stuff. Inconsiderate people will always be with us, and this guy clearly doesn’t see it. Glad I never use the pool and so don’t have to worry about ‘chair hogs’ 😀. On with the great cruise ........
  15. mrsgoggins

    Country music on balcony anyone?

    My thoughts too. Guess I’ve not called Guest Services because I thought it might be seen as unreasonable; it is quiet-ish music, not a boom box (did I just make that up or is there such a thing, ha ha). Not Country now - Rivers of Babylon and before that I have a Dream .... and yes I was very tempted to tell them that my dream was just peace and quiet 😉