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  1. This is very interesting. I am currently attempting to book in US $ onboard (awaiting the agency I used in the past to send me details of an Agent who deals with Celebrity) after discovering the significant difference. First I contacted the UK Celebrity Agent I use, who has given excellent service. Bottom line, the difference (at an exchange rate of $1.30) is a staggering £700 on a one week Caribbean cruise on Apex! The price in pounds was numerically greater than the dollar price (marginally) which suggests they may have some pricing at parity £ to dollar!! UK will not be getting this booking.
  2. I asked about the coffee cards and was told they (Celebrity) had tried them out but they were not a success so were discontinued. Pity, if they had included the speciality teas also, they would have been a winner for us when we had them last year.
  3. Sorry, taken no interest in hosts but hope the current Spotlight helps.
  4. I have written before on this forum that I think the ‘other protections’ is a red herring. I’ve been reading these boards for years now and have yet to read of a single instance where a European passenger obtained something that North Americans did not if something went wrong (because of our Consumer Protection Laws). The very idea!
  5. I have booked with a US TA before now it just irks me that I should need to!
  6. A very interesting thread, and thanks to the OP for sharing. I’ve a few cruises in the pipeline, and ‘Caveat Emptor’ is always at the front of my mind when booking, but I’m getting really tired of the work you need to put in to get a price that is going to be ‘fair’ and not subjected to the many price drops (that North Americans still are able to take advantage of, despite being nudged towards making non-refundable deposit bookings) without actually making a booking with a US TA. Dynamic pricing is not a concern for me (the airlines have been at it for years), but treating customers so differently definitely is. Fortunately we only took up cruising seriously five years ago and still enjoy our land-based holidays every bit as much as we used to, which is where I think we’ll be heading increasingly, save for last minute bookings.
  7. I noticed that another poster said they do not have coffee cards. We definitely purchased one on our Silhouette Iceland cruise last August. It was a last minute cruise for us and only the 2nd X cruise we have taken without a drinks package. I also had a card for a certain number of glasses of wine, but don’t remember the details. I do remember that the coffee card was not good for tea (which is often a similar cost) and so was disappointing for us. We get on the Reflection as the OP gets off (10-20 January) and will check on the coffee card situation.
  8. This was my experience also on our October/November Med cruise. We are on her again shortly in the Caribbean and so I am hoping that good weather keeps people out of Cafe Al Bacio during the day 😎.
  9. Mine reinstated for both August out of Venice and January 2021 out of Tampa. However, the X website continues to be a wonder. When searching for cruises from Southampton, I noticed this gem of a cruise title, on Silhouette departing on 1 May 2020: 'Talkeetna Treasures Cruisetour 1B' It is a round trip from Southampton and ports were in Spain and one in France 😁. No Alaska diversions are mentioned!
  10. My sailing out of Venice in August 2020 still showing as Aqua GTY My sailing out of Tampa, January 2021 has now been restored to original cabin It does make you wonder if some changes are afoot with the Venice cruises.
  11. How very frustrating for you, and I’m not at all surprised that you are disinclined to give Celebrity you business in future! I hope the rest of your cruise goes smoothly for you all.
  12. I booked a GTY Concierge on a recent cruise and was pleasantly surprised to be allocated a cabin at the back of the ship - highest tier Concierge, but I booked GTY because it was a late booking and that was all that was available. I was prepared for anything, and like others, I am surprised that the OP was expecting something different. I'm from the UK and had I not been happy, there would have been nothing I could have done about it. No ringing up several times to get a different agent for us, because it wouldn't have made any difference! Just saying ..... that 'level playing field' is missing again .... and no way could THAT be down to different consumer laws which is occasionally mentioned (and is a red herring IMO) when we Brits mention our less favourable treatment.
  13. Thanks for the clarification. I too have received ‘generous’ OBC treatment on the one occasion I was miffed at a price drop, and at other times I have moved an onboard booking to another cruise and paid the ‘new’ reduced cash price - and that can be like trying to catch a falling knife! I doubt this ‘honouring price drops’ in the UK would ever be made official. After all, we can see the moves to try to bring the US more in line with our non-refundable deposits, so they are not going to (officially) do anything for the UK market that hits their bottom line. Understandable, but I’m pretty sure that my bookings with Celebrity (and other lines) will be reduced going forward without me feeling I have value for money/a level playing field, which is very difficult to see with the current UK/European pricing.
  14. Is this an official policy? If so, where have you seen it written down? Thanks.
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