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  1. we just have to hope our vaccines will really help. It’s foreign travel that worries me, hope we don’t get new variants in!
  2. I’ve just seen there were 14 cases per 100,000 where I live last week, encouraging news .
  3. Yes there was talk that Navy people weren’t happy. It’s a shame the others aren’t in uniform as it does look smart .Quite clever of the Queen just to say no one will then.
  4. I haven’t had an email but I was having a little look at the website (as you do!) and noticed the price was so much lower, but then noticed it was an inside - shame😆 I’ve been in insides lots of times but only in a balcony on Britannia. For these short ones with no stops I’d like a balcony. Also the insides look a bit dreary on Britannia, they don’t have the huge mirror that Azura and Ventura have.
  5. I had Pfizer and felt worse after my second one! Not really bad but definitely worse and my arm hurt for days after.
  6. My son is 30 and has asthma and can’t wait for the jab! He phoned his GP but was told he wasn’t considered a higher risk as he’s ‘never been hospitalised’. However it was worth phoning as they had a completely wrong phone number for him! I encouraged him to phone as in the past they’ve phoned us and John had unplugged our landline for a week while decorating.
  7. John and I love the formal nights, what I couldn’t get on with were the ‘semi formal’ John sat in a bar in the atrium in smart trousers and a smart shirt and the waiter discreetly told ME he needed a jacket!! I’ve no idea why he told me!
  8. Hello all, been a lovely sunny morning here. I met with a friend and we went for a walk. Half way round we had a coffee outside a cafe which we hadn’t planned but was nice. All in all I was out nearly 2 hours so very pleasant.
  9. Evening all, was quite excited watching the news yesterday of people going out and about! However why people went to pubs at midnight I’ll never know! After work yesterday we went to our local shopping centre and everything was calm. But then there isn’t a Primark there and that’s where some madness seems to be! Got a few food bits in M&S and a top in Sainsbury’s! Sounds the wrong way round! Probably there about half an hour! Haven’t left the house today but my hairdresser came round and cut my hair, oh the relief, I think I’ve lost half a stone! 😆
  10. I’d happily do 3 or 4 nights at that time of year! One of the sunniest sailaways we’ve ever had from Southampton was in October!
  11. Blimey, how awful would that be to have to make your own way home, that would be a nightmare! Plus you might have to quarantine in that country before you could travel back.
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