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  1. P&O SUE

    Shuttle in Copenhagen

    Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I don't think the HoHo bus runs after about 6pm and I wanted to visit Tivoli Gardens in the evening! Aah well might have to brace a taxi
  2. P&O SUE

    Shuttle in Copenhagen

    Hello, we’re in Copenhagen in July and it’s our first cruise on Princess. We’re in port until 10pm and I wondered if the Princess shuttle buses run right through the evening? Also does anyone know where the shuttle bus drops off please? Thank you
  3. P&O SUE

    Anytime dining

    Ok, thanks for that. The Princess site gave the impression there were 4. Perhaps I misunderstood.
  4. P&O SUE

    Anytime dining

    Thank you
  5. P&O SUE

    Anytime dining

    Thank you that's great
  6. P&O SUE

    Anytime dining

    Hello all, I've just booked my first Princess cruise for next year and have chosen Anytime dining. I'm sailing on Sapphire Princess and am looking at the FAQ's. There seem to be 4 anytime restaurants. How does it work? Can you choose which one to go to or are you allocated one?
  7. P&O SUE

    Wonderful Copenhagen 2018 edition.

    I was afraid that would be the case, shame I would have liked to have seen Tivoli lit up! Thanks for replying.
  8. P&O SUE

    Black Friday

    Hi, I’m from the Uk so maybe it’s different but I’ve just booked a ‘Black Friday ‘ deal on a Princess Cruise I’ve been following for a while. The cheapest cabins were £699 for a few weeks and for this weekend it’s £549 so I’m happy! This is for a 7 night cruise.
  9. P&O SUE


    Hi, don’t wish to worry you but Oceana has ‘fixed’ twins that can’t be moved in some cabins. We had one last February (was an inside cabin) but we knew that when we booked it and it was fine.
  10. P&O SUE

    Wonderful Copenhagen 2018 edition.

    Hi I’m going to be in Copenhagen in early July next year. I was interested in Tivoli at night. Our ship leaves at 10pm, will it be dark by 8-9pm or not in July? Sorry if that sounds a silly question!
  11. P&O SUE

    Thinking of trying Britannia

    When we went on Britannia in 2017 it was £22 for the Limelight club. We really enjoyed the fact that you kept your table for the act, made for a nice evening. I was worried about the food because I wasn’t keen on the menu looking at it but it was lovely. We saw the Eric and little Ern act and a good time was had by all.
  12. On the phone it’s the full screen, I can see me using this site on my phone now more than my laptop.
  13. I’m starting to get used to this now. I was annoyed at first as I couldn’t use the app but now I’ve found I can just use the forum via my phone browser and it’s mobile friendly whereas it wasn’t before. i like the fact if you click on the blue dot to the left of the thread title it takes you to the last post you read. Also the heart just gives a ‘like’ to the poster.
  14. P&O SUE


    I think it depends on your length of cruise and if you want a specific night. The shorter the cruise the more likely it is you need to book. Having said that we were on for 6 nights and there always seemed to be offers on for Sindhu and the Epicurean. We went to the Beach house and you didn’t have to book but we were given a buzzer and had to wait!
  15. P&O SUE

    Thinking of trying Britannia

    I’ve only been on one cruise on Britannia in July last year, and loved it! We were forward on E deck in a standard balcony. Great location, hardly felt any movement. I did feel if we weren’t in a balcony would I have enjoyed it as much as the open decks were very busy. We tended to chill on our balcony for a couple of hours late afternoon. Because of the no stairs midships I choose forward but as least forward as it could be! If you do go for G deck my friend was above the Crystal room and wasn’t disturbed at all. The live lounge got very busy in the evening so if you want to see something specific get there early. The Crows Nest was nice and quiet during the day. No one has mentioned the Limelight Club yet. No other ship has one yet, like a supper club. We really enjoyed the evening. Dinner and an act that you watch from the table you eat at. Extra charge of course! Hope you enjoy if you do go.