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  1. Wow what a thing to watch on vacation. Glad to hear Carnival handled it extremely well.
  2. It looks like the Horizon has more for kids to do. Does the Magic have the ropes course and a thrill theater like the Breeze?
  3. OP could also be referring to wine, the list shows some that are only sold in bottles, can't get by the glass. Of course you get 20% off bottle but that could be a deal breaker for some.
  4. Sail away is not what it used to be when I first started cruising.
  5. I would pick a 7 night over a 3 any day. I have cruised Disney but only a 7 day and I have cruised on the Pride. Disney was amazing for my little grandchildren 7,6 and 3. Since you have a 14 year old I can't answer how teenagers like Disney. I still think a 7 day outweighs a 3 day any day.
  6. I did not know that they changed the whole location of the Havana are to the side. What is wrong with the Serenity on the Sunshine, it looks amazing? I chose the Havana area for my next cruise for the pool and bar area. I love the Serenity on the Spirit class ships but do not enjoy the forward facing Serenity areas. I think the Havana area may replicate the Spirit class Serenity areas that I love.
  7. The hotel looks very nice, even the fountain at the entrance very California!
  8. Thanks for the coffee list SNJcruisers
  9. I never read the facts closely, " similar to airlines boarding" .
  10. Congratulations on 25 years! It sure is hard to go back to economy, I can vouch for that. Looking forward this review!
  11. Very sad, just the beginning of the Alaska cruise season.
  12. Looking forward to your thoughts on Cucina
  13. I had a cove balcony on the Dream and loved it. I didn't want to look down at people on the Promenade. If you do book a cove, check what is above you before booking.
  14. I am sure all the issues are why they have raised the cost of FTTF over the years trying to control the number that even want it.
  15. I haven't done much research on the Mardi Gras but that does not sound good for the Havana area but they do have the suite area for those that can afford it.
  16. Awesome pictures. Where is the serenity area located and does it have a hot tub or pool?
  17. Thanks for the detailed information provided.
  18. What type of cabin did you have and was it updated?
  19. Thanks for the review. I think an Eastern cruise should be your next with a stop at half moon cay.
  20. I would think this rule needs an exception on a 14 day cruise.
  21. Great start, looking forward to this review. I have sailed both the Oasis and the Breeze.
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